Kitten Love ?

so let us have to come in here and mama pops up right away and then pinkie and even Archie will come out and I'm like and Bertie will still be sleeping like pretty are you okay and then um today I was thinking I was like could she be deaf because she was literally like twitching in her sleep and sometimes white cats are deaf but I like I woke her up and then I did like this and her ear moved and then her other ear moved make sure this like the deepest sleeper ever a package um we don't know here so we got a package from the witch of white teal Hollow she sent us a message and she was like next week but it came already says hi must enjoy your gift from Glynnis Mary the witch of white tail hollow on YouTube thank you so much she got us foster care feeling like a loser you are using my and then this is really important we got my tea first it's purified water I wash solution it can't just white birdies all right out with water because it could you know like I guess well I didn't know but um my fiance is a vet tech told me in that um it should be sterile solution but that the saline that we have will probably burn and they're using a litter box I just I just saw clean it out so another can you go to oh look at her she's a little belly how cute can you go that way there you go aren't you like behind everybody else all right so we got those I don't know this is sudden I think you notice my approach should check it out one time oh here go that does the same thing so thank you Glennis so much follow your go it's those hi must endure your gift thank you for everything you were doing for these babies from Glynnis Merc the witch of white tell Paula so thank you so much they are taking everything you guys got them and getting healthier so actually before we got these kittens okay hi mommy yeah I looks terrible because I want to wipe it but you won't let me so everyone think I'm not taking care of you but I am I'm just getting rising more now cuz I'm able to sneak it in the baby food hey um so before I got this litter there's actually another litter in this group that was going to me euthanized that one of our other Fosters rescued and we named him Dobby so he actually might be coming back to us I was only who you know that these guys aren't contagious so I'm really excited about that Dobby looks like birdy but doggies bigger like pinkie and so hope it goes okay push she gonna have a nice little buddy to run around and play with I think you thought she does he just used a litter box it's so good

38 thoughts on “Kitten Love ?

  1. These solid colored babies rare totally kissable. I just cannot help myself when it comes to kittens (cats are ok too but KITTENS!) yes thank you for being mommy to the momma and boo baby butts.

  2. Thanks for taking care of them. They are all so cute. I think momma cat is getting use to getting gifts. ???

  3. Beautiful kittens!!! How do I go about sending a gift to these sweet,lovable kitties? Do they have a wish list? I’d love to help these babies!! Are there any links ? Thank you .❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️?????????????????????

  4. Even Archie is getting the hang of the litterbox! "It's so convenient, this is where we can do (our)business!"

  5. Mama and kittens are so cute.Thanks for all you are doing for them.Animal lover especially cats and kittens ❤❤

  6. They are so cute. Still small but it looks like they are thriving under your care. Mama Cricket looks so much better. Her neck looks like it is healing nicely.

  7. Love the babies and the mama, thank you for loving them so much?????????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  8. awwww thank you for given them what you give them amazing that you did that they looks great today ? ? ?

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