Kitten Lady and Jackson Galaxy Talk About Singing to Cats (and Dogs)

allow me to explain so if we sing to our cats do you guys think to your cat so and our sing to our cats we have a cat named Eloise which is obviously cheese Wilson right so let me walk you through this Eloise easy cheesy wheezy cheese the cheese woman so you know you do this with everybody doesn't you start with a name and then you might have been a totally different easily so chizel meant she likes this spot on her porch should we like go out on the porch with her supervised and there's a broom in the corner and she likes to hang out by this room and we decided that it's a job called chisel Men's Wearhouse that she works at this warehouse rank is Elvis broom but nobody's died next to the broom and it has a jingle so the reason that this question has been asked is because we sing the song a lot in our Instagram story and the song goes like this come on down we were crazy enough to share it but I know you guys do this stuff you do this that do you do anything like this Jackson come on it was like we were sitting there knows and you're like everybody sings to their cats the cats have a weird thing with like every time I pick a smartass together listen I haven't we haven't sung that we sing – every night with our dogs Mushka goes into the kitchen to get medication with peanut butter in it solution needs to go into the kitchen to get one two three we were in the car with all those kids [Applause] plus we were going like 75 miles an hour nothing

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  1. my cats favourite song is Boney M’s daddy cool, but i replace daddy with her name, so it’s Jazzy cool instead ? she absolutely adores it!

  2. Kitten lady I need help I really do idk what to do with this baby kitten this little guy is so tiny he has an eye infection and is drinking diluted milk it's so sad I need help

  3. We had a song for our god-dog, Moon. It went "Moon, the blanket-hogging blanket hog/Moon, the blanket-hogging blanket hog…" (repeat twice).
    Each of our cats, except our youngest and most recent adoptee, has a theme song I sing just for them.

  4. I really need help! I'm fostering my first kitten and he is about 3 or 4 weeks old and he wont poop, when I "clean" his butt he only pees and I'm worried because I have had him for 3 days!! Plz help!!

  5. Me and my friend once made a theme song for her cat, Sissy was her name, but the funny thing was it was a parody of one of the Pokemon openings and everytime I remember it I giggle to myself cause it was so silly.

  6. When my daughter sings, the cats cry. If the crying doesn't get her to stop, the calico goes up and pats her leg with a paw. If that still doesn't stop the singing, the cat bites her.

  7. Sing to cats – of course! and the morphing of their names – also of course! Kitties personalities change over time, why not their names. I love singing to my kitties.

  8. The cats called Eloise, that’s my name! But also you could have done the song called Eloise by The Damned it’s a good tune hahaha

  9. This was AWESOME! ? I not only sing to my cat I play African djembe to her! Her name is Bloom and I play a softer repetitive beat that goes…Bloom boom boom ba boom. She actually loves it! Once I recorded it on my phone with her purring along.❤?

  10. I don't like to make my cats to suffer so I don't sing to them. Instead, they like to listen to my Sarah Brightman CD's.

  11. Haha! One of my cats hates guitars too! I leaned this when I got a mini one and everytime I picked it up he ran. Works great if I need him to leave the room.

  12. Can't Take My Eyes off You – Frankie Valli and The 4 Seasons is my cat's jam. "You're just to good to be true, can't take my eyes off of you…You feel like heaven to touch, I want to hold you so much!"… It's kind of a classic oldies cuddle theme song lol.

  13. My I sing to my cat Butch (named after Bruce Willis' character in Pulp Fiction). He has so many nicknames one of which is Bitty. So I sing "kitty kitty bo bitty banana fana fo fitty me my mo mitty BITTY!" Oh, and he always answers at the end of the song with a squinty eye meow. He's 12 so we've been doing this for a while. LOL!

  14. We have to sing to our kitty so he would eat his food. And the song is very very simple, it is just few tones of "eat your fooood, eat your fooood, it is what ya gonna get". 😀 Also, we like to just improvise all his nicknames to different melodies and it varies pretty much on what we are currently listening to. But yeah, we have to sing and pet him so he would eat his food and he also demands that we do that with eternal meows, slow blinks and nudging.

  15. My cat doesn't like it when I sing, but he likes it when I hum. specifically, I hum the song "once upon a dream" from the movie sleeping beauty.

  16. I sing a song to my cat who use to be a feral kitten and it goes like this. "I got a kitty cat, his name is Bodhai (Boy-dye)
    A-Ash, he's my pussy cat and I love him to the moon and back, cause he's my Bodhai A-Ash."

  17. I sing to my kitties a lot.^^ They even have their own original silly songs made by me on a whim, sometimes dorky ones like the one for my coworker’s cat, Buddy. He’s all black from nose to tail, except for a white spot on his “pubic” and white shaggy strands under his armpits, no joke! I (carefully!) lift him under his arms to make him “stand” and “dance” to: “

    I gots crotch hair
    I gots armpit hair
    I don’t wear no underwear
    cuz I’m da Buddy cat!
    Woo hoo!

    I have a fat cat named Ozzy, but I often call him Captain Porker. While “dancing” the same way as Buddy, he sometimes gets the Lollipop song by the Chordettes with the word “lollipop” replaced with “belly cat.” If he lies on his back, sometimes he gets the Head Shoulders Knees and Toes song while I point to each body part. Kitties are fun!

  18. Before my rabbit Fiver passed away I use to sing my own rewrites of lines from Kiss From A Rose by Seal and Roxanne by The Police to him.

    Kiss From A Rose was like;
    "Now that your nose is to boop

    A light hits the gloom on the snoot"

    Roaxnne was like:
    "Fiverrrrrr, you don't have to be so stinkin' cuteee
    Fiverrrrr, let me boop that snoot!"

    They sound stupid when I type them out but he seemed to like it XD

  19. Well, Jackson, maybe the cats will be more interested in you playing the guitar if you learned a song other than Wonderwall

  20. Both my cats have nicknames
    Tucker = NugNug or boodaboo
    Olive = squishee or the squish
    I also sing to them all the time, mainly L-O-V-E by Frank Sinatra!

  21. I have one for our cat Pippin, Who we also call Pip-squeak since he had a sqeaaky little kitten meow, and it goes to “Toot-Sweet” From “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”.
    Pip-squeak, Pip-squeak
    The cute little kitten who just wants to play
    Pip-squeak, Pip-squeak
    We’re so glad you came here to stay.

  22. i sing 'you are my sunshine' to my pet rabbit buttons, but i also sing a song to the tune of lollypop-
    Bunny butts! Bunny butts, oh bunny bunny, bunny butts!

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