Kitten Eats Dry Food For First Time!

you were trying to get cat litter once you try it some of this food look I know why that new kittens always try to get the corners of it I'm gonna put on my formula thank you yeah yes yeah yeah that's a very good sign that's so funny though I've been keep their first on dry kibble she oh my gosh sorry guys it's a girl her name is pinky some reason I miss a thing hi mama I was like what's a great love that I eat all the time and you don't that's so cool that's like the tiniest little kittens we've ever seen my mother and baby yeah you don't eat off the floor do they – I like sleep their teeth are corrupted as much as keys was that yummy chuckles baby girl

29 thoughts on “Kitten Eats Dry Food For First Time!

  1. My nine week old kitten still won't touch dry food ?. He's still insisting on baby food mixed with soft cat food. Hope that preference breaks pretty soon

  2. Good job little you can show your other siblings how to eat that dry food.yum yum good stuff

  3. She is growing by leaps and bounds!! One day the litter box, next day dry food, before long she’ll be facing down the doggie!!

  4. Listen to her hardy little purr.
    Pinky is "ahead of the class." ?
    Eating food, & using the "big girl potty. " ??

  5. Thank you human this has a much better flavor than that other hard stuff. ? ? Now if we could get Archie to try some. ?

  6. Aww Pinky still figuring out her balance, thought she was going to go head first into the food there for a minute? That's so great that she's trying dry food, give Mammy Cricket a bit of a break maybe x

  7. yesss…gobblin down dry food now..this is assuming they are improving still? nothing has gotten any worse? To me, they look much better, or i might just be seeing things.

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