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baby bus click here to subscribe be right back can you be little doctors and take care of mom I'm a doctor here's a cooling catch I'll take care of your mommy you will be alright I'm a doctor here's a bandage I'll take care of you I'll be alright mom you'll get well soon there's a fairy sticker you will be alright mommy is sick she needs to rest mommy is sick she needs to rest I love you too I feel much better now thank you kids stop eating so much ice cream you might catch a cold are you sick let me take a look the heart the heart is right here honey Nene has to get her vaccines shot today Vimy vaccines can help you stay healthy if you get sick how can you be a doctor and help others okay let's go daddy is it my turn yet it'll be your turn soon [Laughter] thank you oh are you a doctor yes I am do you get hurt where did you go Mimi where are you it's time for you to get your shot Mimi don't worry I'll go talk to the doctor wait out here is your trust Burt let me help you I'm good at bandaging your chakra doctor thank you so much no problem oh I know you probably I don't want to take a shot what and make you feel better you've got to be brave just like me I'm not scared all great then you must be very brave when you take your time didn't you say you weren't scared at all oh yes you're really brave right doctor doctor yes I am doctor Mimi are you going to get your shot you're very brave the candy is stuck in my teeth then let's go brush your teeth let's go I keyonna haha hee-hee haha let's go down the slide how can I be lie down not the slide sliding like my man watch me go shoo shoo shoo it's not fun enough what should I do let's go down the slide let's go [Applause] be careful when you go down do you like gingerbread men yes shall we build a gingerbread house sweetie sweetie did you eat candy telling lies open your mouth sweetie sweetie did you eat chocolate yes sweetie didn't eat strawberry no sweetie no sweetie [Applause] yes sweetie no sweetie no sweetie sweetie sweetie bitch takes something telling lies where's the gingerbread man gingerbread man wants to go back home okay I promise we are we are we don't worry I'll take you to the hospital where the ambulance arrived so fast that's great please call for amulets for me we will with people monster ambulance get my big wheel screwed me running running go what should I do I feel sick what should I do oh I have a good idea please call the ambulance please please call pond sir ambulance for me I won't be fooled anymore we will be reboot I am monster ambulance they get my big wheels rolling rolling rolling running go go we sorry I promise not to fool around anymore remember kids call the ambulance only when there is a real emergency yes a boo-boo Wow there is a playground in a swimming pool over there it looks like so much fun okay we'll be taking off soon with [Applause] our tools the plastic bags on your head it's so dangerous they are not toys don't play with them your toys are right here you

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  4. 0:18 The Loud House reference: Clyde fainting around Lori
    (NOTE: if you like this reference about The Loud House, feel free to give this comment a like!)

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