Kitten Close Up 2018-08-09

hey everybody so I've got all seven of the breakfast kittens on my lap which is really nice considering they're all getting adopted on Saturday I'm gonna miss them I think bear is trying to nurse on egg era let's not do that buddy where's even eggs head I guess she's just parried now bigger still trying to nurse on egg and it's not gonna work it's not gonna work right and every time I take my hand off of Barry goes right back you see that oh you too chai come on now it's trying to get eggy to turn over so it wouldn't be his easy she she didn't turn over eggy are you right I was calling that bear-bear is buried over here that's muffin that's trying to nurse that's bear that's muffin I know these kittens are I swear this is bear hide there this is muffin my muffin this is chai chai alright let's stop nursing on egg speaking of bears legs laying it's like I get a good angle on that sorry too late now now bears up so assistant chai egg doesn't care at all she's just sleeping doesn't care now muffin and chai are fighting over egg that I mean there's not even it's not even anything there for them it's ridiculous let's see if I can switch to the rear camera so I can do this from another angle for you guys there we go nothin I'm going to take Saturday and Sunday to clean and sterilize this room and then we are gonna move fable and her kids in here probably on May either late Sunday or Monday we'll move fable and her kids in and then we are going to sterilize the annex and have that ready for a new mom cat we might possibly have a mom cat lined up at all angels fling but it's not certain so you know don't hold your breath or anything we'll find out about that that's that's basically the plan though is clean this room move the annex kids in here easily there we go welcome left to eat some food but now she's back anyway thanks for tuning in to this little close up I just thought it would be fun for you all and if you want to keep watching these kittens that camera up there is actually zoomed in on what's going on right here right now and it's on the regular kitten Academy livestream so feel free to tune in to the regular kitten Academy livestream right here on YouTube you can watch these kittens and you can see Fable and her kids that are also on the kitten Academy livestream right now even though they're in the other room and you can watch them all 24 hours a day and I hope you do so again thanks thanks for the chat thanks for being who you are thanks to the mods thanks to everybody you're just you're wonderful people and I can't ever say it enough all right I'm gonna take a page from from Jimmy's book from Wednesday's with Winnie and Gary last night and we are going to fade to toast

21 thoughts on “Kitten Close Up 2018-08-09

  1. Another sweet batch of kittehs raised with so much love and now at their furrever homes… ♥ :') =^.^=

  2. Mr A living a cat/kitten lovers dream. It's what I imagined the American Beauty cover to look like except the human isn't covered by rose petals but rather sleepy, purring kittens

  3. I'm gonna miss the breakfast kitties! 🙁 But it's soooo sweet seeing them!!! <3 <3 <3 Soooo cute! Ack!!! You're all adorable!!!

  4. So many little motors going! Funny how Muffin and Chai are trying to nurse on their sister Egg, all they will get is fur, LOL! I'm sure going to miss these kitten kids watching them grow from little tiny babies to spunky kids. But glad they are going to loving homes. Good luck breakfast kitties! ❤❤

  5. I love the start so cute can you find the Mr A in the pile of kittens? Absolutely adorable how they love their foster daddy it's going to be bitter sweet seeing them going to there new forever homes tomrow. I will differently miss them but they have a ton of new adventures to look forward too.

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