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I have to have it set up I can't see her we need to get more on the fire she watch a class with her hey guys I got a cat she's four weeks old she was abandoned by her mother outside I rescued her and then I came home from start acting like a sweetheart you want to tell him nothing her name is Rosalyn Mitchell Roslyn we don't want to test hm-hm she's already a star oh thank you we both got her hair dyed Oh brings back people ready what are you doing rustling rustling passing she's still wobbly on her feet right here my other phone I'm Julie camera your eyes baby I think she's just really really confused right uh-huh she sees herself in the camera I think that's what's going on Carolyn oh the bt 21 shirt i got it for your mom I also got a young horse go how late did he text you that too this is a stomach we were having a conversation that I was not fat 1:17 am sorry my boyfriend was being an ass what are we gonna do doing music um yeah I guess who can I Aspen do gets copyright I really don't care you went down hey go hey you not let's just show you guys how little disk at is she is not supposed to be away from mama at all he's four weeks oh but no she's five weeks today yeah because she was she wouldn't she's not taking mom she's not taking anymore anymore she refuses the milk and Jesse it's the black cat food so we're kind of just leaving um what her body's telling her that makes sense Roslin hey Google what day was three five weeks yes what day was five weeks ago are you staying hi Oh feisty time really okay so what's today not mine my jakszyk decay I said we're turning on lose it it's the night right okay nine and yeah she is cute I agree with all the comments out home get thirty five days so I'm go to my calendar oh no she was born on what I said the 21st Tuesday mm-hmm wait look up her so yeah hey guys oh she is a little to the point where she's not supposed to be away from mama she is five weeks I need to go downstairs real quick I'm gonna turn on music okay what song do you guys want to listen to you're okay I know so anybody so on I know I'm gonna be feisty yeah there you go thank you thank you Roslyn thank you Roslyn I'll browse one last one yeah she was abandoned by mama we found her well let's pound her in a bush and brought her inside and now she's her cat so are you talking three comrades what I heard that so either I've over to your house or I stay here for the week your mom just texted mine not another I didn't say we were keeping she's just gonna be she's your catalyst mine so I had to be responsible stay here Roslyn lastly making video chat yeah why do you have your sory right when is anybody here yeah do you learn much let's watch it let's watch let's see how we lookin on a TV hey oh this James little behind funny to watch I'm so bad I'm ugly I'm so ugly soft candy 1 2 3 I'm the fat one you're actually good wait what was your only $105 no you're not you're 13 you wanna stop I want stop watching me I can't with you sperm bank babies we're right there how does it look watching a fans are gonna TV weren't you my first subscriber mm-hmm [Applause] he's crying cries documents German right here like he doesn't though I wish he was not in that way I wish you wouldn't like let it out because obviously he struggles hey baby come and lay down like the Sun oh alright guys well that's really all we went live cool it again alright well that's really all we went live for so we're gonna leave

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