Kira the Husky Puppy Helps Make Dog Treats

well good wonderful beautiful mornin audience chubby your tongue sticking out look up here right there there it is there's your tongue is sticking out we are getting ready to do something for the first time with Kyra Kyra Kyra are you ready to make treats you guys want to make a video where we make treats what do you think what do you think it's gonna be your first treat video I think she's gonna love it so I've been wanting to do a series on the dogs YouTube channel where we do some new training videos I haven't done training videos for a long time because we haven't had a puppy in a really long time so I wanted to do a video like showing you guys how to use the Bell how we've been working with crate training how we're going to teach her to sit and do all these things and she's very food motivated as most Huskies are so I thought the first thing we should do is make dog treats so we're actually going to make and this is going to go up on our main channel which is slash gone to the snow dogs the guys aren't over there yet go over there and check it out it's videos of just the dogs pretty much um we're gonna make training treats so we're gonna make little tiny treats so that we can use them for training with MS Kyra I thought it would be fun and I don't even think I really did a good training treat video when Memphis was a puppy so this would be a nice one to have in our huge collection of treats over on the guard to the snow dogs Channel so we're prepping it I think and most of you guys have seen the behind the scenes stuff when we do the treat videos I have to lay the chairs down so the dogs don't get under the table and want them to be out in this area it's gonna be interesting but Kyra because she's so short so I'm actually gonna try to set a camera right there and hope she doesn't eat it so I can kind of get her perspective while we make some treats that's the tentative plan are you eating Memphis's bowl you can't eat that can I have that here how about you give me this I give you this deal no I really wanted that bowl well tube it also I don't know if we updated you on the rocks but that's how many are left my mom and dad came and took some as well and you can see all the way around the back part of the fence is now finished as well so now we have rocks that line the entire yard and wow that's a big robbing that's a huge robbing anyway as we said we do that because if the dogs do try to dig at the fence the rocks fall in the hole and it gives us more time to do our perimeter check you know if you stayed right there during the treat video it wouldn't be bad because everybody be able to see you but I don't think that's gonna happen as soon as I start working on the table Oh big yawn puppy yawns well these girls know what's going on you know what's up don't you you're like I don't know what's going on and why we're all in the kitchen right here but I'm gonna nap right here don't worry you're gonna figure this out real quick we got all the ingredients here like I said this is gonna go up at slash gone to the snow dogs if I remember Oh put a link to it up in the cards above we're gonna make some treats what do you think yeah you ready you ready all right let's do it oh my goodness what do you think huh what do you think it's mixing together and then we're gonna cook it in the oven now you're fully paying attention Memphis is like this is what we do little sister I'm gonna show you how to be professional and making the dog treats and then Shelby's over there yeah you kill her oh you tell her you kiss is so funny like I have the coach advantage you keep that puppy Memphis new gear Oh Shelby's coming to get both you we're waiting for some treats to cool so we can try out yeah are we waiting for some treats to cool yeah Memphis doesn't want to get off the couch you figured out how to get up here just jump up here and your honor look at all the treats we ended up with I've let them cool quite a bit already let's see who gets the first one oh look conveniently here right there crunchy we'll get the next one no man you gonna take that nice know when you're gonna flip nice not nice their old has very much much more gentle alright let's go take one to the Deva well look here she is take one you know they're good if Shelby eats it without dip trees turned out good it was pretty fun treats turned out pretty good now I have a messy kitchen but it's okay that's what happens when you cook I think they wanna go for a walk that were singing for are we singing to go for a walk go for a walk sing sing sing [Applause] [Applause] hi will you trying to tell me I'll go for a walk I'll go for a walk never you try and tell me you're trying to tell me – yeah we're trying ok ok we'll go for a walk we'll go we'll go for a walk right now deals what about you I'll go to be white in her tail all right let's go ok I'm not teasing yeah we're really gonna go for a walk she just saw the neighbor lady walked by with her two dogs and like you had a way to half an hour before we can go for a walk it's been a half an hour after you ate now we can go for a walk so yeah I know this I know this is how tug of war works Memphis come on let's try I want to play tug of war here put this in your mouth Memphis is like I have never understood the point of this game even when I was a little I didn't get it this puppy gets it you know wanna play tug of war nope nope you don't want to play tug of war do ya like no thank you we were literally just doing zoomies out in the backyard and then we came in the house and did zoomies in the house so everybody's tired now she still wants play with you maybe she's not tired okay go play it was here get her you did puppy he's a puppy I know we were outside zooming in and I didn't have my camera it was super cute there you go get her get her get her yeah you're gonna get her debit those other public honest we went for a waa okay I went for about a mile yeah we did didn't we we did you get her get her get her she but bumping you see bump up in you that's pretty good it's pretty good conversation get her my fist get their Memphis let those to play Shelby you always got to get in the middle of it and then you're gonna pick up Memphis that's not very fair yeah you get her Kira get her Kira's gonna protect you Memphis yeah and we go from what wrassles to zoomies whoa we just did these outside we're doing them again inside this is like this is my spot I gotta tear up this bed and I'm gonna go lay right here I'm gonna show you how to fluff it hi Shelby get all the toys off of it fluff it you get in Memphis I got it I'm good back to the couch hope she goes again oh she's playing in the water dish Memphis is like okay I'm gonna wait for her hi now your face is all wet yeah so this has been every nice thing for a good couple of hours you're gonna fluff it now get it get it fluff it fluff to bed yeah get it love it what are you doing you're crazy oh and yes she figured that out she can get up on the couch on her own now hey there you go yeah I know those two are looking outside it's something hi how's it going Oh puppies Oh puppies apparently we're not done with the outside zoomies we gotta go do more outside zoomies outside jimmy's ready she's fast talk there she goes she's zooming around the tree bag there ya go Joe Nova's got her how are you faster than she'll be she's pretty fast how she'll be super fast zoom ease so now they'll run around out here for a while and then we'll go back inside again yeah your girls are great you're great so seriously it's like play play play play play play play play play collapse and fall asleep are you still happy that we brought you home a puppy just like you guys I really like having a snuggle buddy is pretty great so Jamie and I are getting ready to watch some episodes of the letter Kenny go ahead and turn on the Roku was that what what is it every time we turn the TV on in the Roku she's like noise maybe it sounds like her little red ball you like that huh she's like yeah but I am too tired to get up um we're all on the couch could actually leave this on to be next to Memphis we're all on the couch we forgot to say good night last night so this is our ending clip we kind of just hung out and watch some TV for a little bit last night and chilled out it was nice I'm sorry good night cliff yeah morning Shelby has her tongue sticking out Kyra's right there oh we get upside down Kyra taking her morning nap alright you guys we hope you enjoyed today's video as always thanks so much for watching thanks for subscribing stay positive dream big we will see you again soon good night audience if you love our Huskies come along for the ride all you have to do is hit subscribe follow as we share our lives with their dogs and join our adventures on snow dog loves

49 thoughts on “Kira the Husky Puppy Helps Make Dog Treats

  1. I love that Kira tries to sing like both her sisters at the same time so she does this scream and howl thing, switching from one to the other. That’s totally adorable.

  2. Tiring out Kira seems like a challenge. So cute when she jumped on Memphis and rolled down her back.
    So all five of you fit on the couch? Cuddle alert! Could get a little tight when Kira is all grown up.

  3. Nite nite to all the cute snuggle creatures everywhere who just like to have some good food for their tummy, a nice place to snuggle AND someone to snuggle with.

  4. Does Kira like to hang out with Memphis and follow her around? It seems that way… I seem to see them together a lot more that Kira and Shelby. It’s so cute how they all play together, but watching Memphis with Kira just melts my heart at how sweet it is.

  5. Shelby:Hey be careful
    Memphis:Come on we where just having fun
    Shelby:You will get hurt…oh no… I’ve become Shiloh

  6. So i have a husky mixed with a rottweiler and she looks more like a German husky and she dose ZOOMIES in her cage and then she found a way out and we had the door open and she ZOOM out like a raccoon running in to the neighbors yards and on the road for a good half hour then i snatched her and put her in her in my room and not even a full minute she is fast asleep. my dog is fast and so weird…

  7. It will not be long in still Kira puts two of her paws on the table just Memphis does. Kira will learn it from Memphis

  8. Kira saying Memphis go down and play with me , you are my beautiful sister memphis ,shelby diva
    Saying okey kira grow up taller you are beautiful when you
    Grow up like Oakley
    Is beautiful patient dog and very loving to mama and daddy

  9. Kira saying Memphis
    Can i stayed beside you are loving sister shelby is senior i have to repect. My sister say kira i love My sister mama they are
    Big and beautiful sister when i grow up
    Taller i will be beautiful kira

  10. Shelby’s blep in the start was sooooooooo cute! And it was adorable when Kira was trying to howl with the big girls❤️bless your beautiful family❤️

  11. What's the dimensions on the backyard???  We are looking at fencing in larger area for our pups!  Also, we used to breed and show huskies back in the 80s (retired from that) and we would use lemon juice on our hands, etc… to discourage puppy teeth.  It works wonders with the replacement method.  We also use rocks around fencing but we bury poop in holes around edging to encourage digging out.  Huskies generally don't like digging in poop.  It's not their thing.

  12. Hysterical, Kira just pouncing on top of Memphis then attacking her legs, I thought she was going to go through the wall with that big flying leap to the sofa. Kira is funny. Memphis & Shelby's reactions are priceless.

  13. Its like seeing shleby in memphis when she was playing with kira there :). That was fun to see kira using the sit attack on memphis on the floor there 😀 that was cute. You guys gonna need a bigger couch lol.

    Thanks for a cute video. Stay Frosty, Stay Positive. The Danish Viking.

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