Kira Husky Puppy Meets MORE Husky Friends

good wonderful beautiful morning audience all the dogs got a Kong this morning Kira actually spent a little bit of time in the kennel about 20 minutes we gave her a Kong to help her through it so everybody had to get one and she actually did pretty good she didn't get her stuff out of her Kong though you didn't get your stuff out your Kong you haven't really figured that out yet she's like everybody else is doing something I want to do whatever they're doing this is what they're doing they were doing zoomies in the house oh my camera's got dog you know spit all over it and I really hope Canon releases the g7x mark 3 sometime soon because both of my cameras have spots on the lenses but they want so much money to fix them it's stupid nope Toby's back to digging in her hole you goofy dog yeah they're all gonna play out here for a little bit so I'm just gonna sit out of your watch so today is actually my mom and dad's wedding anniversary they've been married I don't know how many years I should know but I don't but anyway we're going out to dinner with them tonight so it's kind of funny if you guys didn't know my brother and his wife actually bought a house just up the road from us so because they're gonna have the baby and because we have the puppy we picked a place to go to dinner with mom and dad that's only like five minutes from the house because this little girl is gonna spend her first time in the kennel with both of us gone but the nice thing is is we have a camera so we can kind of watch her and see what's going on and if anything Jamie and Jamie or I can just head back here and make sure she's okay what'd you think about that huh any think about that she's like I don't know how I feel about that I have a plan and we'll see if it works we are going to exhaust her before we put her in there Kira are you making friends got a gray but yeah I know it's just like I don't know what to I don't know what to think they're all back there but I think I'm gonna wait looks like he ducked her tail and I love those she's got the white tip my guess is like as long as everybody doesn't forget me I like the puffy hope there she goes how gutsy is she there there's a little run it's there like we just got here we have to sniff everything and check everything out we think but it's delicious they're all running yes come here come here I know they're bigger than you but so are your sisters yep I'm up what do you think Kira I don't know maybe Oh twenty kids she's like uh maybe maybe yep maybe play let's move here he'll play with you nope see you later bye she's like and I got my safe spot they're not gonna hurt ya yeah come here it's funny cuz you can tell she wants to play I want to play but I'm not sure I just met these dogs I got to make sure they're not gonna eat me hey really Shelby was right under shall we yeah we should have had the pool out they had a good time yeah you'd have been all wet we'd had wet dogs all right no napping I know you've been napping for like a half an hour I had to let you nap after playing with excellent burger for a little bit did you have fun playing the x1 remember we haven't seen them in a long time huh she'd been a long time since we've seen them we've all been busy and they've had stuff going on in their lives and it's been a little crazy but she had fun I let her net I let her eat and then she napped for a little bit and now she's still tired now we're gonna go for a wal okay a good one probably about 20 to 30 minutes and then you should still be tired we're gonna try to leave you in the kennel what do you think only for like an hour we're gonna go out to dinner you got to learn to love it so that's that's the plan sound good to you all right let's go outside so we can wear you out all right shades drawn they got their Kong Kira is in her eighth year Kong what are you doing Kira's in her box she doesn't even care what's going on I'm gonna turn the radio on and we're leaving look that's where we won't be going long so we just got back from dinner where I didn't film anything because the entire time we were there we watched Kira on the camera she did okay sort of let me show ya [Applause] so she knew okay there was a couple times where she didn't scream her head off but most the time she screamed to have that I don't know if she's gonna be able to be a kennel dog she doesn't seem to like it Memphis had a really hard time with it but she caught on real quick where Kira's just not catching on so might have to try the puppy pen route or I don't know she might just be a in one room dog some some dogs need that in one room thing so I thought maybe with the other two kind of peeking through and helping her out that's what helped Memphis but now with Kira Kira hated it she hated it and a good note she's not afraid of it she picked up that Kong and went right back in there and they're still stuffing it for her she just didn't want it anymore after a while what's up Poochie I think everybody went to bed come on let's go to bed come on come on go to bed you'll learn it eventually let's go see where everybody went Shelby has decided the floors super comfy so since we got the puppy she starts off here and then ended up on the bed yeah so she'll usually start off here and then she'll eventually end up on the bed and of course Memphis still takes her favorite spot on the bed are you excited like oh you're gonna pet me yeah we're gonna put me we still make sure each dog gets lots of attention right she's like you can't stop we do this every night couldn't stop no and no so anyway oh I know I know she's pushing at me and I know I'll put you more so they put the camera down deal deal are you doing shorty you got a yeah get up here it's like I'm going don't I gotta check everything out first just let everybody out and now we're gonna head to bed time for bed so we're gonna go ahead and call a night we hope you guys enjoyed today's video yeah I know I know all right I'm helping you ready 1 2 3 there you go how's that better she's like that is so much better left left us right here go fluff it go fluff she's fluffing it making sure she's flat she fluffed it good and she's down well that's kind of my spot all right back to bed missus I talked to Ken steep from McCann professional dog trainers if you guys don't know who they are and you're looking for somebody to help you with training your dogs they Ken and kale from McCann dog training awesome people awesome Channel we're gonna work on a plan of action for working on mascara in her kennel every dog is different and this is the first dog we haven't been able to really nail that kennel training with you picked it up real quick yeah shall we picked it up real quick too and Shelby's pretty stubborn you're really smart you're not that stubborn and everything else you're picking up pretty quick but she just don't like the kennel so we're gonna work on that yeah we're gonna work on that a little bit Oh stretch right out okay but I'm gonna come steal that spot back all right you guys we hope you enjoyed today's video as always thanks so much for watching Thanks all right there right there's the spot thanks for subscribing stay positive dream big and we will see you again soon get your nightly pets in like I would take it I would take these pets good night audience if you love our husky come along for the ride all you have to do is hit subscribe follow as we share our lives with their dogs and join our adventures on snow dogs laws

50 thoughts on “Kira Husky Puppy Meets MORE Husky Friends

  1. Kira Memphis and shelby is like lets make a song before mom and dad gets back and call it howling :p

  2. Leave her alone in the crate and sit in the garden fore 5 min and build it up 5 minutes at a time maby that whil help

  3. Looks like Shelby and Memphis kept Miss Kira company while she was in the kennel, they laid down right next to her, which is very sweet! ?

  4. I was writing a comment and then my phone got discharged but lots of love to u and your family?❤️❤️

  5. I would love to meet you guys. Y’all seem really fun to hang out with. I wish I could travel to the other side of the states to petcon. 🙁

  6. Wow, sound proofing might have to happen if the intrepid Kira can get her sisters to howl every time she’s in her kennel. They look like they’re singing the jailhouse blues. ?

  7. Jess I went to the Angell Memorial Animal Behaviorist in Boston. I was COS at their former location in western Mass. I had 2 adult dogs and a pup I tried to crate train, and a nanny can. It was shear torture for the pup and me. This was the second puppy I tried to train at two separate times. The behaviorist said don't do it both times especially when there are other dogs who have freedom. The videos ripped my heart out. The behaviorist said ”dont bother. Neither pup had any accidents and no destruction. I should have followed my gut instincts.

  8. When Jess said "my mom and dad are married for so many years …I don't know how many years"..???..that's so relatable. ..?.

  9. Its so cute how Shelby & Memphis stay right in front of the kennel so Kira knew that she wasn't alone?

  10. It's so sweet of Shelby and Memphis to lay close of Kira's kennel and to sing, while Kira is actually complaining (divert tactic of Shelby). Kruger is so big now… Trying to remember when he was still a puppy too. Nice to see his brother Axel also.

  11. Snow Dogs Vlogs did u keep the contact of the breeder and/or Kira siblings owners so that they can meet up in the future

  12. Would having a old live stream running on the TV while your out help Kira. I kind of can see what Shelby would do watch it maybe could play with Memphis too sing along when she sings to n the live stream.

  13. I tried crate training my husky he wouldn't have it. Felt bad that the other two dogs were outside and he'd get stuck inside so I took a chance a few times to leave him alone. He didn't do too bad besides getting into the trash which was my bad and is always my bad when I forget to put it up or take it out lol. He's gotten better through the years but he still has seperation anxiety when I go away even with other dogs and people around. He howls and acts like a butt for 30 minutes then acts normal LOL

  14. Thought it was sweet the way Shelby & Memphis stayed where Kira could see them when she,was in the kennel.

  15. They're so cute. Kira will figure it out. She's a smart puppy. And Shelby looks like a wolf to me, which is awesome because I love wolves. <3

  16. Just a thought…perhaps Kira doesn't like closed in areas of any kind. My dog always wants to be in a room with the door open. Even when she is in my bedroom, she wants me to keep the door open.

  17. I'm cat-sitting and the poor kitty was so confused by the howling, kept looking outside, there are coyotes in the area so I think she thought they were close by, or maybe she knew they were dogs? Either way, she was confused ?

  18. Holy moly, Ruger got big! I still remember when he was an itty bitty puppy. I guess that's what puppies do, though, they grow up into beautiful dogs! I hope Kira will learn to like the kennel. It makes things sooo much easier. Hugs and love from California!

  19. May be she has separation anxiety she has to be with someone or the girls to make her feel safe or something idk it’s an idea

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