King Corbin, Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode add “The Big Dog” to the pack: SmackDown, Nov. 15, 201..

100 thoughts on “King Corbin, Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode add “The Big Dog” to the pack: SmackDown, Nov. 15, 201..

  1. It's so bad it's good. Not gonna lie, it made me crack a smile. It's rare that a Baron Corbin segment can get a reaction out of me

  2. How does the WWE think this is quality content? Keep this up and AEW will move to Fridays and put this show out of it's misery.

  3. Ah man, if I saw that thing runnin' around my back yard, I'd get out the compound bow. And then I'd tell it to take those Kleenex boxes off its feet.

  4. Ziggler might be the best performer among the three but he shouldn't be handed any mike since he just can't cut that
    And that's the fakest laugh from commentator Corey Gay

  5. This is like a bad version of everything Chris Daniels and Kaz were doing in 2012-2013 in TNA. Big difference, they were actually funny.

  6. I love the rude Corbin dolph era I love my dude in the gray I hope I pronounced their names right . I will requote. Live and love the glorious,Barron,Ziggler era

  7. I don't know what's worse: This cringe of a segment, or Ziggler and Roode being forced to laugh and sell, about how ''funny'' this was.

  8. King Corbin is not A Pumpkin he is Pumpking
    Wich mean The King of Pump (pumping)

    DANGER !
    Don't Fight King Corbin he press 440 lbs Benchpress.

  9. I wish everybody stop bitching saying all these things
    1.THIS SMACKDOWN TEAM SUCKS?like people shut up y’all keep saying how bad it is only cause shorty g and Ali and Corbin like y’all loved them when they was on raw
    2.Yall crying over a lil dog coming out for Roman y’all must have no sense of humor cause that was funny stop bitching over one lil insult to Roman y’all act like he can’t take it

  10. So we went from Stone cold fighting Booker T in a supermarket on Smackdown to this? No wonder nobody cares about wrestling like they did back when I was a kid

  11. Antes transmitias temor y respeto, cuando te veia en NXT veia en ti una futura promesa, ahora solo das cringe jajaja que te hicieorn baron corbin?

  12. You call your self king brug you ran off when the big dog throw baby dolf in to the announce table shut up yall ar weak shut up its not your Kingdom its the big dogs kingdom

  13. Wow they literally act like toddlers fighting for a kingdom!?
    And literally acting like Corbin is a king
    Lol Ziegler even said your Hines

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