Kill Fleas on Rabbits

Welcome back to another episode of Home and
Garden Innovations with Russel Smith. I’m here today with a rabbit that we’re going
to treat for fleas using diatomaceous earth DE-sect
PET insecticide. So what you do is apply it to the rabbit in the powder form and then you just work it in so it gets down
to the base of the hair follicles where the bugs are walking and moving around. So what will happen is that the bugs get into the diatomaceous earth, it will get on
their waxy exoskeleton and it will dry them out, killing
them by dehydration. So we got it there. Now whenever you treat an animal for fleas
or lice or mites or ticks, you want to make sure you treat the area where they sleep. So this is where the rabbit sleeps so we’re just going to treat the diatomaceous
earth inside there. And if you are trying to kill any of these
bugs you need to do it for 30-45 days to kill them
through their whole life cycle. And the other thing is when you have bad smell in the pens, you can treat the pen and the porous properties of the diatomaceous
earth soak up those fungus and different things
trying to grow and they stop the smell and stop the bad bacteria
that’s growing. I hope to see you next time on another episode of Home and Garden Innovations with Russel

11 thoughts on “Kill Fleas on Rabbits

  1. One precaution when applying Diatomaceous Earth is to avoid inhalation or contact with the eyes. It is an irritant.

  2. I bought a jug like the one in the video, but it says for cats and dogs only. But it is obviously safe for rabbits?

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