Kids threw rocks at the dog and rescuers… it's time to teach compassion in schools.

you know my dog is about and that's a puppy that yours so most dogs are these so the lady can feed them but she can't feed her Hey come here dude hi honey – an XP girl Oh God whose I haven't get in the car okay good good girl I love your such a pretty color you're so mean oh you like Lisa the car it is trying you okay there we go this is risky sir I know hon I love oh my god I'm sorry I scared it's gonna be okay okay laughs it's gonna be okay

44 thoughts on “Kids threw rocks at the dog and rescuers… it's time to teach compassion in schools.

  1. Cruel owners they should at least give their pets to an adoption place so the pets can get a better home and owner at least

  2. Hunt and locate those little assholes and throw rocks right back at them, you must counter the pettiness with more pettiness young grasshopper lol.

  3. So throwing rocks is okay at animals ! Next it's people…just so annoying people's excuses ! So glad they both are in better situations without indifferent people around them. Thanks ?

  4. Lol fuuuuck that’s when you pull out your handgun and start shooting them, “I was scared your honor, I was just trying to save a poor homeless dog and then a mob came up and started throwing rocks at me, I was scared for my life”

  5. Schools can teach compassion, but it's really parents who should teach their kids first and then the schools can reinforce it.

  6. I really want to donate some money but on every single video of hope of paws they say " you can donate in this country yet" 🙁

  7. Throw rocks the the little jerks parents then have the little darlings go do public service work at a shelter

  8. When the woman are involved, it is mostly chaos. Terrible.
    You also have to learn how to pick up a larger dog.
    I wrote it before, only good intensions are not enough.

  9. if i saw someone doing that too a dog i would Say wth is wrong with u and push them and throw a rock at them and then beat them up cuz i dont care

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