Kids Pick the President: Kids' Q&A | Nick

I'll be pregnant one day yeah I'll become Fessenden my last test was pretty good I think I can be President I'm president of my school I would run for president because I like parties I think the coolest thing about being president would be taking care of the country a huge yard probably makes a lot of folk are wearing a suit no homework you get to do it ever you want and you live in a big house making walk you get to boss people around picking someone that you like you get to choose who you feel to leave see what president will actually be in the present for the country super delegate um ah mm-hmm I do not love you I can't pronounce that a superhero that's runs for president I get super powers right best birthday party you ever have big birthday presents are like really really fun to play with I didn't go seeking the White House my advice to president is the state pass and it makes foolish order to end homework make sure you have a key to the White House in all of the rooms have fun when do you want to leave is your legacy what will you change what is your stance on recess why are you qualified what were you like when you are Ken are you bright or watching Jen cakes our walk you have any nicknames do you play video game on Air Force One want more videos subscribe to the Nickelodeon YouTube channel now you

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