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I’m a little nervous because I have to
go somewhere for about 40 minutes and I’ve been trying really hard to not even
leave the property so hopefully she doesn’t decide to just lay down and have
this baby in the 40 minutes that I’m gone but we’ll see so and I’ll be able
to watch her from the arena windows that’s a nice thing with my I’ll show
you my arena has windows in it and so as I’m riding or teaching usually I’m
riding a horse while I’m teaching but I can see everything that’s going on in
the pasture while I’m riding so that’s super nice to be able to have
a good lookout over everything but anyway so she waits till I get home at
least Nico was waxed up a few days ago and it fell off so I’m gonna show you
what it looks like today she loves it well there shouldn’t be a kick there oh
there’s another one and she’s so itchy she loves to be scratched though she
thinks it’s amazing to be and he just sat there until I window says great
lighting right here too Nelly loves things yeah like she’s always like
look at that belly kick in oh my gosh you know we’re all she loves it Tovar I
remember on the back leg go out go and scratch her on that back leg and see
what she does yep watch your face get back a little
further toe yep there look at oh she’s like oh that’s yeah that’s the spot
really dig in there Toph get closer to her she loves it so much there oh she’s
like yeah that’s amazing scratching good you can feel her belly there you go right there Reece oh look
at her face she says that’s amazing look at her she’s like were you going it’s
just thank you poor Nika she just wants to be by me
every time I move she comes with me watching kids run around in the pasture
oh she’s like please scratch my butt probably so uncomfortable she’s like please scratch it some more Oh Bodi found it itchy spot oh look at
how much she loves that buddy that’s perfect keep scratching no she
likes that one spot on her leg keep scratching it keep scratching it you made her the happiest horse ever
honey I’m how you’re gonna pick at her tail she says but I want you scratch
this is oh that feels so good look at Boni she’s following you around because she wants you to scratch the
other side she likes the other side yep she likes
that she likes that a lot honey look at here she comes again she’s like
come on Bodie hey please scratch me some more she’s so itchy
nikka still has not had her baby I think that she’s dragging this out because of
all the attention that she’s getting that she’s genuinely loving every second
of so I had been leaving her in this paddock she’s been out here all day and
I’ll show you how her udder looks she’s got some wax on there and this isn’t
yellow it’s like a clearish kind of color so that’s so only only thing
that’s going on she really does look she looks a lot fuller like towards the back
there actually yeah that’s a lot fuller so that’s good oh she is really really
soft right there so having a little nipple so I’ve been I’ve been keeping
such a close eye on her cuz I really don’t want her having her baby out this
muddy poopy yucky paddock I can’t wait to get the tractor out here clean this
stuff up Sonique is gonna be here for a couple
hours yet and then i’ll bring her in and put her in her stall for the night and
we’re just gonna keep repeating cycle so she’s not been laying down like she was
gosh Saturday and Sunday or Friday and
Saturday a week ago she was laying down out here and just acting completely
miserable and I almost wonder if the baby was turning and getting into
position during that time maybe that’s what was causing that with her but she
really acted like she was gonna have that baby now it’s snowing great but I
know you know as far as like pregnancies ghosts I know with my pregnancy it is
snowing I know I know with my pregnancy I ended up going to the hospital early
because I was having Braxton Hicks contractions and that was causing me to
think that I was going into labor so maybe horses closely the same thing I
don’t know if you know if horses have breasts and Hicks contractions leave me
a comment below I’d love to hear your thoughts so the nice thing about having
well one of the many nice reasons about having windows in my arena is I can see
the horses and Nika is laying flat so I’m gonna keep a very close eye on her
and Nicki’s out there too so she’ll be watching her but she’s probably the poor
girl’s probably just exhausted she’s tired well I’m putting Mika away for the
night she’s been out in her paddock all day and the big thing I’m noticing with
her right now is she’s extremely calm she is laying down but she’s not not
doing it as much as she was before and she’s just really quiet and not even
talking to the other horses so she’s gonna go away for the night and I will
be back a little while baby Oh baby Iike you need to have a baby
super labor late right now nikka it would be helpful so for the
record kids wanted to buy cat toys at Petsmart and it was a stick with a
string and some feathers for like nine bucks just DQ and I had this wooden
dowel in baler twine and some turkey feathers when Jason was hunting last
year and the cats love it yeah and for the record this guy right here says he
doesn’t like hang usually kids don’t like them it’s the fact that when they
touch them I go to the emergency room seriously though you’re gonna drag it dog interception

49 thoughts on “Kids Loving On Our Pregnant Horse // Versatile Horsemanship

  1. Hello from the UK. I only found your channel a few days ago, but already look forward to your updates on how your beautiful horse is progressing. Wishing you all and the gorgeous Nika the very best for an easy delivery of a healthy foal.

  2. Meanwhile….
    Baby is tucked away snoring and being the lazy tenant that he or she is. And… will not abide by the eviction notice to vacate now.

  3. Wow, baby is kicking hard today! She sure loves the scratching, the look on her face is priceless! ?

  4. Should be anytime now girl!!! Let's cross our fingers!!! ?❤?? sending love from southwest michigan!

  5. Hello,,great,,to,,hear,,from,,uou,,,mom,,looks,,great,,,,feel,,sorry,,for,,,her,,she,,id,,going,,to,,be,,a,,great,,mommy,,,c ant,,,,wait,,to,,see,,hr,..sweet,,baby.,,i,,bet,,i,,will,,cry,,,its,,going,,to,,be,,great,,when.,,,she,,has,,baby,,i,,wonder,,is,,baby,,will,,have,,pretty,.tail,,ike,,mom,i,,think,,isr,,going,,to,,be,,today i,,will,,keep,,mom,,and,,babu,,im,,my,players,,,,i,,can't,,wait…love,,snd,,peace ????????

  6. To pregnant horse mom.. please turn up all your volume controls..can't hear you….hope all birthing goes well….

  7. I'm going with my youngest boys birthday May 12th…….MOTHERS DAY! I'm calling it a boy and he's gonna color up like his daddy. That's what happened with me anyway…..not even sure why I had to be the one that was pregnant! LOL

  8. So many memories. My mare used to LOVE butt scratches above tail, sides and even under tail. Her name was Ima. We had many foal watches with her. I used to sleep in her stall and she just loved the company. Great Mom.

  9. Nieke (is that the correct spelling?) is looking very beautiful. These late stages of pregnancy are making her look so gorgeous! I hope to see a foal with her same coloring. Brandi have you made up a bed for Jason in the birthing stable yet to keep his night watch? Remind him that all of his viewers from around the world are counting on him! ?? very best of luck ? Cathie from Oz ?

  10. It is SO cute the gentle way she seeks scratches from the little one. She would never hurt on his head, – especially when he is such a good little scratcher.

  11. Love how Nika followed the young lad and perfectly positioned herself so he could continue to scratch her!!! The lick and chews and the look of bliss on Nika was priceless!! I think youll have your foal sometime. Over the next 48 to 72 hrs, with her being so soft. They do. After doing foal watch over the last 4 yrs. The softer the tail bed the sooner the foal comes. And yes they do have Braxton Hicks, and usually it is when the foal is turning into position. Best Regards from Ottawa, Ontario, Jenn.

  12. I don’t believe that Mares have what be would call Braxton-Hicks contractions, but many have a False Labor where the uterus contracts and assists with the foal getting into the correct position. Personally, I have experienced maiden Mares experiencing false labors most often. Perhaps because with each foaling, the uterus stretches a bit, making it easier and not as uncomfortable for the mare when the foals do position themselves. Eagerly waiting with you.. can’t wait to see a strong and healthy baby.

  13. Dont know about the feather stick keeping the cats amused but it certainly amused me to see the man getting more exercise than the cat!!! Lol

  14. What a sweetie Nika is!! It appears she loves children. I appreciate you showing us the close-up pics of her belly and her bag. I'm new to horses and I want to learn everything I can. Thank you!

  15. geez the little bugger is taking its sweet time keeping my fingers crossed that she foals soon

  16. very lovely vid! I love watching the kids intract with her, watching the boy kiss her belly~ as soon as she steps he moves away to give her some space, very smart kids! I love how she moves her butt to him to be like " I didn't say stop scratching"

  17. I am so anxious about Nika and her baby.  Special thoughts and prayers that baby is here safely soon and Nika I am sure is a wonderful Mama.

  18. How about an update on Neakka (spelling?) How is she doing? Love your channel, you give a lot of good no nonsense information.

  19. I love these videos. I would give her a week longer to be honest lol
    Usually the bump kinda shifts back and up more when baby is due. I see it in cows all the time and I can see which of my girls are gonna calve. I'm not always right though haha. Lovely video!

  20. I'm laying here with pregnancy insomnia, it's 3:30 am, feeling as though I can relate to Nika. I'm not a few days from foaling, I've still got about 15 weeks to go. But as I watched the foal was kicking in Nika's belly, my unborn filly was doing the exact same thing in mine!! ?? New subscriber here, love the matter of fact, non-floofy atmosphere on your channel!! No magic or swirls of pink confetti falling from the sky, just real stuff. God bless you and your family, including Nika and her foal! Happy foaling!!

  21. I dont mean to seem stupid, but i dont know anything really.. About mares foaling or what certain terms mean… So i was wondering if you could tell me what "waxing" means? You said it fell off and showed her utter so i wasnt sure what it is or if you put actual wax on them? Lol is it something that happens to the mares during being close to labor?

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