how you doing buddy how you doing you just came home let's catch him all with catch him all fishing with zach ketchup well hello guys I got a story for you but first let me put on my reel let it never die merch put it just like that we got the merch on it's time to tell you the story so what's a long time ago I had three red-tailed catfish Joey slam brought me and I raised those catfish when there were two inches just two inches long here's a video of me hand feeding the babies in the bottom pond that I also found on my Instagram oh my gosh oh and there's Tigers too hey big girl that's in predatory Spinz now or she is look see in the bottom pond always hand feeding oh there was so little oh my god as you can see behind me over here this pond was actually created for those three red tails I made this pond as a temporary enclosure as they grew bigger and bigger so these red tails were growing super fast I was feeding them raw meat that I was catching on my own because you know back in the day I couldn't afford to buy all these fish tilapia but I really had a passion for fish and I raised in my whole life so I grew I made a new enclosure with every dollar that I could put together then they got even bigger hence the pool pond here's my babies on my Instagram a while back look at them look at them these are my babies guys my babies I raised and look how small they were oh my I raised these guys from two inches two inches and trained the entire time I used to pet these guys as you can see they're freaking ravenous yes guys the pool pond was created once again for the red-tailed catfish but one day I made a big mistake by putting a wild clown knife fish in this pond everything got stick and I had to release them happy guy bye little guy where you going there you go have fun the wonderful lives see you later gone the wrong way that's terrible yes I released him right here in my own backyard it was was a shameful sad sad day full of regrets but uh I did what I had to do so I really don't regret anything you know you got to make sure your fish safe and do your best form this lake is isolated meaning it has no way to get to another larger body of water these fish are gonna stand there if they survive that girl ammonia burn whatever they had going on on them I thought those pretty red tails were goners until today since they say oh my god oh my god oh my god guys guys no way no way no way that's one of my old red tails yes yes relax relax buddy oh my God look how big he is oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my God look how big you got oh my god you're a legend you're all lanten oh you're a legend you're a legend oh my god oh my god dude dude dude what's your name bro Gabriel but I released three redtail catfish in here yes I have it on video I'm in my stocks just destroying myself dude dude dude this is the thing dude that's insane that's insane that's insane what contest is this like 1513 boom boom look how big you got how you doing buddy how doing who just came home you just came oh we gotta see if he's okay with the with the all the hook is right here oh my god you're famous you're famous you're famous broke your honey but still famous I swear boy favors bro you just caught the red-tailed catfish that I released I thought they died bro I released them because I was afraid that they were gonna get too sick because one of these clown knife fish real clown knife fish wild ones or get really sick and they like get everything oh my god they get everything disgusting you're a legend bro you're a freakin legend dude you just try and catch bass with a cichlid and then all of a sudden you're just Rogers goes flying and you recta me oh my gosh I bet I was looking I was like what the heck you had a turtle bro bro I just ran out here I was eating Chinese food you know you know oh my god Wow dude okay I'm gonna have you hold him up we're gonna be really careful with this fish though okay because we're gonna keep them inside the pond with the other red-tailed catfish you got oh my gosh let's get them right here perfect and whatever you do you cannot drop them but don't be afraid because they're really Hardy fish honestly even if you slammed into the ground he'd be fine but but I just wanted to get you a great picture this is going up on YouTube this whole thing this is insane this is insane okay this is what you're gonna do you're gonna just go ahead put your rod on the grass so it doesn't get all sandy open the bail up and then and then we'll do the rest we'll do it all together okay yeah right there go ahead I'm gonna gonna don't be afraid you guys are good okay so I'm just gonna grab what you need to do are you afraid you want me to take them out you get you're gonna take another net okay you grab them right here nice and solid don't not too hard with just nice and solid and then you're gonna go ahead and lift them as a net yeah lift them perfect the perfect teamwork guys make sure that spine this is what we'll get you okay now lay them down perfect perfect and now you want to unhook them come over here for me buddy what are your names again so the world knows Justin and Gabriel okay and you're the one who caught it and you guys caught together Justin Gabriel you have an Instagram or something yeah what is it Gabriel for reals bro bro you're gonna be I'm following you back today and you're subscribe to YouTube that's what bro what I'm so proud I'm surprised don't be afraid pushed it down really hard you don't even have to open his mouth just push down really hard he's not gonna hurt you I got you let me do for you circle hook dude sir that's my boy your circle bro not hurting the fish look at the size of this guy he's gotten so big I raised this from it was this big this big it took this is my second year of life this little this it's a two year old fish this is insane I am so proud of you I am so happy I am freaking out okay so I want you to hold this fish up for sure for sure um let's get this line wait watch out because if he thrashes this is yeah this spine is what will get you so okay we're clear of that we're good um you can throw that down too I'm gonna get one picture of you by yourself and then I want a picture of you two together okay just don't put your hand in his mouth let's just secure him right under there perfect perfect perfect yep yeah and just take your time don't lift them high though because if he does thrash we don't want him to have a four-four drop dude that is absolutely insane that you caught this guy way to go I am so proud of you I am so proud I'll get in there bro get in there bro get in there bro team catch them all bro team catch them all it's my boys doing it right with the circle hook Oh Mike I'm so proud I'm so proud okay so what we're gonna do now you can you guys you want me to carry him to the pond or you guys want to do it because I want to let you guys do it if you can but but whatever you do don't drop him okay so secure him he seems secure he hasn't been grunting yet he's pretty good he should be tired because I was a long fight I saw you guys out here for a while okay take your time if he does start to thrash I want you to just just pop a squat like don't let him drop okay just slowly drop and then place them on the ground okay okay keep going you got this you got this your stuff is good you got this guys take your time look at the size of this monster oh my god oh my god I'm so proud of you guys okay so keep on coming keep on coming right over here headfirst headfirst right into here go ahead watch out for the other monsters go ahead hold the tail hold the tail and give it a little revival you shouldn't need much because it's obviously the same water yep it's all right it's all right go ahead yep you're good oh my gosh he is so big he's this biggest he might be even bigger than the one we have now oh my god you got your legend you got your legend you guys are insane you guys I'm so impressed I cannot believe that I have not I cannot believe that you got him dude dude guys so now we have three red tails here this is the new one I think that's the new one let's see that's the new one because my red tails come up to my hand now now that everybody's freaking out this has been in the same water so this has there's no acclamation no no needed there's no nothing we're all good we have three red tails in here good thing I'm upgrading this pawn system because because now we're like so crowded dude I'm freaking out I'm freaking out guys I'm freaking out what a way to end my day guys I needed that I needed that sorry you guys probably won't be able to see anything cuz I literally just fed them like an hourglass hour ago guys you are so big anyway guys I hope you enjoyed this episode I certainly did I'm freaking out I am like so so freaking out that you guys caught big fish that I released in here like literally a year ago Instagram at versatile J okay okay number four all right all right I'll follow you both okay because you both helped me out big-time this is insane guys I hope you enjoyed this episode III don't know what else to say but get jamol hit him up get him up

30 thoughts on “KID CAUGHT My PET!!! MISSING 1 YEAR Ago RELEASED to the WILD!

  1. Would of been messed up if they gave him some fried fish sticks. Then after he ate it they tell him it was his pet. Lol

  2. Damn those kids fought that fish for god knows how long and dude comes over and just takes there fish. I’d be pist af if some random dude came over trying to say the fish I’m fighting with for a while tries taking my fish saying it was his when it’s in a pond that anyone who lives there can fish. Fk that. Idc if dude can prove those are his fish, once u release them it’s fair game for anyone.

  3. This is how much times he said OMG,LEGENDS,BIG,GUYS,DUDE,RED TAIL and FISH

  4. I just started watching your vids like a week ago. I know im not anyone special but you just got my sub. love your passion for fish man! you are awesome

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