100 thoughts on “Kick the Buddy: Animals #2 [Annoying Orange Plays]

  1. I’m bored so fun fact time if you are scared of spiders well they can kill the deadliest animal in the world which is….. mosquitoes!

  2. Thoes were eggselent puns! XD Ya suprized ya didn't make a yoke about how eggselent the chicken blaster is I was hopeing you woulda did that one it's a classic no yokes about it it really ruffles ones feathers to hear that I always say that when cracking a few eggselent egg puns. XD

  3. Penut butter jellyfish time penut butter jellyfish time where you at where you where you go where you go penut butter jellyfish penut butter jellyfish penut butter jellyfish with a baseball bat

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