Kelly Clarkson Plays With Puppies While Answering Fan Questions

I love you you're so sweet this is horrible to do to a person who loves animals I do not need more animals oh my god but there to tell adorable if you all get these puppies and you separate these sisters I will haunt you when I'm dead hey what's up yo I'm Kelly Clarkson and I am hanging out with puppies so I'll answering y'all's questions so it's basically the best afternoon ever okay here we go let's start you want it you want this one if something went down and you had one phone call to get someone to help you out who do you call Blake Shelton's Adam Levine or Alicia Keys oh it depends on the scenario I mean I think I'd call Blake we've I know him a little better than the others but I don't know I feel like Adam could charm my way out of a situation and Alicia Keys has this weird gravitational pull to like humans so she could help me out too I don't know people fall for this southern charm I'd probably call Blake call him have you heard from any of the people who influenced meaning of life Toni Braxton Bonnie Raitt Michelle Obama right sorry it's so weird that you say this because I did get a handwritten letter from Michelle Obama about go high which I obviously wrote inspired by the message you know she gave it to Democratic convention that's why I said it to her um they like to tickle your toes okay let's um he likes my rainbow nails um you've got a subsequent legend it's an emergency and you need a babysitter's Simon Cowell koalas do love Justin Guarini I like a person that can discipline so I'm probably gonna pick a diamond and here's a kid oh now so he knows how to lay down the law watch him actually be a softie with kids though hey you want to play what did you do to Julie's name a Disney character you'd love to sing a duet with that's hard I actually really dig Pocahontas the voice of Pocahontas I think her voice is amazing she was just we had you know I feel like a lot of the princesses are like damsels and she was like I got this John Smith follow me like I loved her my daughter loves Pocahontas to tickle you like pantyhose my man what is one you learned from the artists on your team on the voice um I get I think you attacked no no I guess I'd say I don't really get nervous so it's been kind of a thing to help people with nervous energy I don't actually know that I'm helpful cuz I'm like just get over it you might suck you might regret hate your fun you know but probably just how to really be a coach and you know instead of me just doing I have to kind of help like mold and teach they're everywhere out of it I mean does he love me or what like he has not left me I love you let me answer another one wouldn't you want to help me what's the first thing you do when you find yourself home alone oh I cry of happiness um you I I don't know I guess I grab a glass of wine y'all that's not that's few and far between we have four kids so and oh oh my gosh okay so in 2012 you said you had a killer song that you wanted paint Gaga and Jesse J to sing with you what happened to that well no one answered no one answered my call I didn't actually call him I just sent it on Twitter cuz I'm gonna be awkward if they didn't wanna do it so um but I did it was the song that was actually ended up on my album piece by piece and it was called dance with me come on and dance with me it's like this like Bowie kind of Abba vibe and I loved it and like literally you're so beautiful and you will not leave me and I love him what song would you really like to cover as a fan request on your next tour anything from the Harry Styles album I love it or evolve imagine dragons that's good I love I love both those albums right now they're pretty rad or kardi because I just think it'd be fun to watch me sing like red bottoms shoot those budgets would be bad red bottom heels no way that's that wrong feet already I'm not it's not a fit I've grown up listening to so many of your songs which one is your favorite to perform whoo my favorite old-school song like from the beginning is miss independent still live it's so much better than on record my favorite new song ever to perform like above all it's a whole lot of woman off this new album meaning of life it is it gives me life on so many levels oh my god on my I can this is the worst situation for me I'm gonna buy all these dogs or take them Paul what is the silliest gift you have ever received what it was at a show and a girl threw me her Brawl and it was supposed to be funny like we support you get it but I was like this is not an Aerosmith concert lose it Kelly Clarkson concert like but it was funny so points were being clever I would have a beer at you I would have some wine with you I don't really enjoy beer too much if you can seem up with four other badass women to form a girl band who would you pick oh I'd probably pick who I said earlier that I wanted to sing I'd I pick pink and Jesse J I mean I love so many of doubt at least Keys like this I pick a bunch of just like soulful singer there's a lot of women I love Demi I love Sammy what was it like to finally meet Steve Carell in person and how did you feel about that it was awesome you know I was awesome because he was actually really cool sometimes you meet people and that doesn't happen exactly they know what I'm talking about exactly that's what you want to do to him okay one more did you ever vote for anyone else while you were on American Idol did you ever vote for yourself I never never voted on my season not even for myself which is dumb like I should have I really don't need a dog like but somebody does you need to love you need this love and like why would you not want this look at this this is loyalty this is you're just like it's storytime Oh your eyes I'm getting sucked into the vortex my husband will kill me y'all so if you wanted even come on they're so cute we got leo Thelma Louise got copper and look at they want a home they need a home and you can do it puppies are so much cooler than humans like come on alright so if you want one of y'all gotta look up North Shore Animal League America you gotta find them you got it you got to make a little friend for life and don't separate the sisters please come on get film elites together they could be buddies he's taking it down I love these dogs

43 thoughts on “Kelly Clarkson Plays With Puppies While Answering Fan Questions

  1. I love this, Kelly Clarkson is one of my favorite people that I'd really like to meet someday, her and Ellen Degeneres would be awesome to hang out with as I'm in between both of them age-wise. 😀

  2. North Shore won’t allow you to take two dogs at a time! We tired to take a brother and sister and they said no.

  3. Omg those dogs ! – Kelly I have to tell you when I adopted my dog from a breeder I separated him from his sister – it was hard but he loves us ! – I guess you’ll be haunting me when I am dead. ?☠️?

  4. ”If you all get these puppies & separate their sisters… I’m gonna haunt you when I’m dead…”


  5. I adore her! She is so CUTE and genuine. I hated when people were hateful about her weight-she was so strong! She is the best 🙂 She looks great right now(this was 8 months ago)!

  6. While she was talking about nervous energy, there was one dog that was just running around in circles

  7. Gracious! If Kelly Clarkson tweeted me and mentioned doing a duet I'd be on that so fast, lol! "Hey girl… I'll see you at the studio in 10." ?

  8. 0:10 “If y’all get these puppies and you Separate these sisters I will haunt you when I’m dead” ???????

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