Keith Eats Everything At Olive Garden

– On December 13th, in 1982 in Orlando, Florida, the
Olive Garden opened its doors, eventually it would
become the largest chain of Italian themed restaurants
in the United States. Today, I’m eating
everything at Olive Garden. When you’re there, you’re family. I’m in a truck, we’re gonna be parked in their parking lot getting
food every thirty minutes, it’s gonna be weird but
we’re doing it baby. U-Haul for the win. (rhythmic rock music) – I’m going to call them and
set different pick-up orders of about 10 items at a time, that way there’s just constantly, like, a long noodle going into my body. – [Phone Operator] Thanks
for calling Olive Garden… – The lasagna dip, dip, duo. Tour of Italy. Bread sticks. Seafood Alfredo. Chicken Alfredo. Black Thai mousse cake. Kid’s gluten sensitive,
grilled chicken with rotini. I’ll take a gallon of peach tea. This is gonna be the greatest
Eat The Menu of all time. I love the Garden. I don’t know how you even got this thing to fit in that driveway. You’re great, keep cutting. Yes, here we go Miles, got our wine glasses. – Eat the menu baby! (cheering) – It’s a little bit of secrecy going on, I’m very excited about it. I’m worried if it gets too hot, we’ll melt in the back. – There’s always stories of people dying in the backs of trucks like this. – The shrimp? Smells very garlicy and
very lemony, very good. Smells very good. Buttery, a little bland, a little under seasoned, but not bad. Spinach and artichoke dip. I’m gonna need what Italians make best. Tortilla chips. This one’s extra sexy. This is kinda like the try guys right, bunch of bland chips
and one really hot one. I love spinach and artichoke dip, but I’m lactose intolerance
so I can’t normally eat it, but since my body is not
gonna handle any of this food, well who cares. (crunching) the chips are amazing. Very buttery, very salty,. There is no spinach flavor. These are mozzarella sticks
but they are like square. It tastes like the breading has Parmesan. They breaded this cheese with cheese, but it was really salty and good. Just because Italy is not Mexico
doesn’t mean it can’t try. These are the loaded pasta chips. They smell awesome. (metal rattling) Oh my God, are they carrying
cows around out there? What kind of trailer is that? I’m eating in this truck! Yes, they nailed it. The bolognese, the
mozzarella, the maybe Alfredo. It’s really rich, delicious. Its kinda like tomato
cream sauce meat pasta, but with the crunch of
chips, that’s kinda awesome. Oh, fuck yeah! Oh, this is the other
shrimp scampi fritta. Wow, there’s something else in this one. It’s getting warm in here very quick. I’m opening up steaming
boxes in an insulated truck. Bland, boring! Calamari. Did you know that a lot
of vendors sell pig anus in place of squid for calamari. I’m not saying this is pig anus, I’m just saying I don’t
know that it isn’t. Delicious. Actually no it was really bland, it had no flavor and it was
the hardest thing to chew, in a long time for me. Lasagna dip! So I love this idea of
eating pasta with chips. Home fucking run! This doesn’t fit anymore. Oh! Yeah okay. Lasagna fritta! These are like lasagna mozzarella sticks. Whoa! Wholly fuck! We need to bust out the madanara. Its soggy, the flavor is pretty good, but its not worth the second bite. The happytisers. Has any restaurant ever thought of that? TGI Friday’s should do that. This is the Spicy Alfredo Chicken. This does not look great. Flavors nothing but chardonnay. I get no Alfredo off of
that, I think that heat. I think that this is a
great buffalo wing flavor. Buffalo Wild Wings should
call Olive Garden be like “yo, we wanna buy your sauce.” this is an Alfredo Monte Cristo Stanwich. Whoa, things are already
going downhill for me. It’s hot in here. Whoa, it smells awesome! It smells like they filled
funnel cake with chicken Alfredo. I’m not lying, it smells like a doughnut. Maybe these weren’t meat to be together. I don’t think its good. Look at this tower. Oh, yes, yes, yes. I’ve been waiting for this. Seafood Stuffed Mushroom. That smells very mushroomy. What was that? Seafood flavor is very
shrimp and crab dominant. It reminds me of the first
time I ever had seafood. This must be the Dip Duo. It smells like sausage pizza. (crunch) it tastes like microwave pizza. I think they just gave us an extra spinach and artichoke dip,
so I guess I have to eat it. Oh you know what it was? I just ate the lasagna dip twice. The dip duo is certainly just both of the dips I already ate. There’s two of them, the dip duo. That’s why I couldn’t figure
out which one I like better, the lasagna dip, they were the same. Well. (crunching) You got me! – Please welcome to the truck
stage, Becky Habersberger! She’s my wife and she’s in my truck. How you doing? – Good.
– So good to see you. – Yeah, nice to see you too.
– I brought us digestives. – Oh thank you. – Digestive enzymes, Becky and I take healthy digestive enzymes
and we hope that they work. This is Bellini Peach-Raspberry Iced Tea. Cheers I love you – I love ya. – A lot of sugar. – It’s like a melted candy. – Candy’s good. – The Olive Garden’s salad. – Kinda think its so good. – It is very good. I mean the dressing has
just got so much sugar and like delicious oil in it. Lets get a bread stick in here. – How many are in here?
– It is dense. – There are 20– (laughter) – Dana nana nana… – Wow! – Let me just get the
thumbnail for the video. They are like little greasy babies. They are among the top of
the free restaurant bread. Lets open into these dips. – This one looks like Alfredo. (cheering) – Honey, I’ve never seen you so alive. Lets do the Alfredo. I know I’ve had this one some appetizers, lets see if its better by itself. – That’s so good. – So luxurious. She’s dancing for the right reasons. Meat sauce. I got classic simple bolognese. This is a five cheese marinara. – Lets go. – Like kinda tastes like
something I make at home. This is I think just plane marinara. Too boring. True story from my childhood. I use to get chicken fettuccine Alfredo, every time we went to
an Italian restaurant and then on the drive home within an hour, I would need to shit my brains out. And I’d never put it together. We’ll see how I fare today. Alright soup time. Oh its so hot, oh its so hot, oh my gosh. – I feel like we’re
gonna have saggy noodes. – This looks like a (mumbles) – [Man Off camera] The ceiling fell down. – Oh no! I thought he’s laughing at my joke! – Is the shot okay? We’ll put a olive branch over
it or something in post right? – [Man Off camera] Okay – And make it a vignette. – I don’t know which one is which. – This is the pasta pasta fazool. – Oh its hot and there’s meant in it. I think they just took the
meat sauce and added water. – Yeah this is gnocchi – This is so white. Are you sure this is not Alfredo soup? I like it. Its like a stew. This must be the Toscana. It smells like Pizza Hut sausage. – It tastes like water sausage. Wausage! Isn’t that a strange thing
to put in your mouth, here have some of this
instead, cleanse your palate. – Truly the worse thing I’ve had so far. This must be the pasta
fagioli ’cause it’s got beans. Its refreshing. – Especially over that monstrosity. – No I like this, I think this is the most balanced, healthy soup. Alright we’re moving onto main courses. Thanks for being here sweetie. Ladies and gentlemen please
welcome to the truck, my best bros Marc
Muszynski and Brian Wohl! (cheering) – Hello
– Hey You gotta start every
meal with a bread stick. Oh this is ketchup. – That is ketchup! The shrimp fettuccine Alfredo. – Alfredo sauce, is that
an American invention or is that actually an Italian thing? – There’s a reason I use to order these kind of food every
time when I was a kid. It’s really rich, very delicious. It could use a little pepper. – This I can actually
eat and entire plate of, and still go and do something. I would probably go see a movie. – So what I would always do,
is I would be with my parents shopping, we would eat this,
then we go to a book store, and I would go poop in the
bookstore bathroom for an hour. (laughing) – Seafood Alfredo. Well there’s shrimp too– (screaming) My shirt has been Alfredoded! Aww its all over my brand new try guys squad ringer sweat shirt, which you can but on I haven’t tried this tea here. – Oh my God! – Good consistency , very
similar to the previous dish. – I would definitely recommend
this over the shrimp only. – If you guys had to describe the seafood Alfredo in one word, what would it be? – Butter – Creamy – Butter creamy. Chicken fettuccine alfredo. This looks perfectly like
the Tyson pre brown chicken that you get in the freezer
section, which I like. I like it. Chicken has a great chicken flavor, still could use some lemons
or peppers or something right? – A little zazz. – It’s a bread bowl full of pizza. Oh! Olive Garden is the new taco bell. – It’s like a boat. – It’s like a stupidly
shaped meatball sub. If you had to describe
this dish in three words? – Damn, sauce, pocket! Damn Can we get some bread sticks to go? – You sure can, you can
take a whole bag full. (laughter) – Yeah!
– Yeah! – Party favor! Thanks for stopping by. Its the chicken parmigiana
served with fettuccine Alfredo! I love, I love… – [Man Off camera] You okay? – I think there’s probably better stuff, but I do like it better than just the Alfredo things on their own. Probably eggplant parmigiana,
but fuck, look at it. Oh its goopy. The egg plant parmigiana is not very good, but its not very bad. Okay the security is putting the pressure on us ’cause were in the truck. Five Cheese Ziti Al Forno. It taste kinda like Chef Boyardee. Egg plant sandwich, I don’t want it. Its made out of bread
sticks, that’s really funny. The sandwich is better than by itself. Lets try that lasagna. Its pretty good lasagna. It tastes like Stouffers frozen lasagna. Even cheap lasagna is complex. There’s ricotta just above my throat and I’m trying to talk and not die. Well, we’re halfway through the menu which means its time to move the truck. – The spaghetti is, the spaghetti… – [Man Off camera] How’s the spaghetti? – Perfectly Al Dente. – Please welcome my chicken bros, Chris Reinacher and Jared Popkin. – Yeah, some familiar faces. – Wow, that was good. – Thanks dude. – You guys know that Chris
and I are food partners, but you don’t know that Jared and I are off camera food partners. We do a lot of food
searching in the cities. – I’d say you and I are brothers or Eskimo brothers in the food world. – We’ve had sex with the same lasagna
– Wrong channel, wrong channel – The chicken shrimp carbonara. – Oh it’s not bad. – Feels a little manufactured to me. – The pasta with chicken got me snapping, snapping, snapping. – Oh, its that good! This is a whole new
environment, I kinda like it. This is like late night
at the Olive Garden. – This is chicken and zucchini. – This zucchini looks
like, it was almost ready to throw in the trash and they were like, na lets just cook it up. – Halfway through the chicken was dry, but everything else was so wet. It looks like the pan where all the fried chicken crumbs fall off. – Look at that. – Yeah, yours is worse. Lets keep moving our way
through chicken island. Maybe its the margherita. Its got capers, its got
little red peppers– – Like the green peas. – Its got– – that’s capers, yeah you’re right. – This time we’re gonna take a bite, were gonna think for a moment. And you’re just gonna say two
word to describe how we feel. – That will do. – Much salt. – Fishy tangy. – This one smells like Chinese food. – This is like ruining my childhood. – I haven’t been here
since I was about 12. – Kids are stupid. These noodles are so tiny. Strong pepper flavor. – I actually like those peppers. – Mm hmm
– This is the best one so far. I like their Chinese food,
I think the Olive Garden is best at making Chinese food. – This is great Chinese food.
– What the fuck? – My sister’s a huge scampi girl. She loves, she loves scampi and I think my sister is rolling
over in her grave right now. My sister is still alive. – Alright we got more stuff that I can’t possibly guess what it is. I’ve never seen these noodles. – Is Olive Garden ordering
take out from other places? – We’re trying to be
positive, I loved the nachos. – Oh, that’s good, that’s
way better chicken. That’s way less dry. – This is very good. – Yeah. We got mash potatoes up in this shit. And it’s the stuffed chicken masala. – Oh!
– Oh! – That is like a double down. – You’ve given me huge portions. You’re treating me like your Italia son and you’re my Italian mother– – You need more, you gotta
put some meat on your bone. – Yeah, I love the tatoes,
I love the chicky chick. I’m feeling good. – Do you think that’s the best one so far? – Yeah
– Yes (cheering) – Oh this is the chicken
carbonara, you’ve already had the chicken and shrimp carbonara so this is gonna taste the same, but you
gotta eat it that’s the rule. – This looks like sketchy boneless ribs, but the wrong color. – Yeah. I do like the carbonara. – It makes your entire
mouth stick together. – It’s kinda like, if
white out was delicious. As they use to say in
the 80s where’s the beef? Right here and helping me eat
the beef are the people who helped produce this series
Miles Bonsignore and Nick Rufca. (cheering) Welcome, welcome. – Happy to be here.
– Thank you – So glad you’re here. Miles has been helping
me produce this entire eat the menu month and Nick also is our main producer right now,
and you are a food critic. – Yes, I do food writing on the side. – Well we’re trying the beef. We got three beefs to beef out on. The braised beef bolognese. I like the word bolognese because it sound like a bowl of mayonnaise. Okay lets try it. It is sopping wet. – It is wet, the mouth feel is fair. – Its a little bit goopy
but the flavors okay. The flavors great– – I’m actually really
into, I would eat this at like a potluck. I feel like this would be a prize winner. – It screams like a week night dinner– – It does!
– In front of the TV. – Very comfort food. This is the Braised Beef Gorgonzola baby. Lets show you those chunks. – Wow – It looks like brownies in pasta. – Wow, those are dark. – It’s so soft, it’s like pudding. It tastes like red wine. – I touch it and it cuts in two. – It splinters. – You’re in luck because
you’re the first people on the eat the menu to ever experience a stake. We have a Sirloin with Fettuccine Alfredo. That’s pretty medium, maybe a
medium well, but that’s okay. Now that’s a low quality steak. Now our next guest, we got the try guys, actually just Ned– – Just me! – Because the other guys are busy! – Yeah, when you’re me, you’re family. – We’re gonna go through
the kids menu with you. So you can try–
– This is exciting. – What west would try when
he goes to Olive Garden. The kids spaghetti. – That’s great – A little ketchupy. – The red sauce is a little buttery. – Babies would eat this shit up. – Alright what’s next? – Fries. – Doesn’t feel very Olive Garden. – They’re not good. Can’t open it. – Okay let me help you,
your fingers are too greasy. There you go. – I’m a baby. – Wow, this is just grilled chicken. A little breading here maybe? You know this is pretty great. – I can’t open anything anymore. – No Keith, no. – These are either chicken
strips or chicken tenders. – Dip it in the mash potatoes. – That was my number one move as a child. I can’t open this, I keep
forgetting I can’t open the bin. – I think this is why my mom did not wanna bring me here as a kid. It does feel all very processed. – Mac and cheese!
– Mac and cheese! Interesting, sort of like sour. The mouth feel is there. – Mm hmm – My mouth feels velvety,
luxurious and then I taste it, I’m like ugh not what I was expecting. – It doesn’t taste like cheese. – Now lets say little Wesley grows up and he’s got a gluten intolerance. – Whoa that tea is crazy, hold on! – I’ve grown to love it. – The gluten-free rotini with red sauce. – It’s a little chalkier, a little stiff. You don’t get the pliability of the glutenmatricies in your pasta. You guys don’t know about glutenmatricies? I fucking love gluten, – We got pizza! – Yeah!
– Pretty good! – Yeah!
– Pretty good! – Yes!
– Pretty good! – A 100% – Uh ha
– Mm hmm – You got the cheese,
you got the sauce right, all that sugary sauce makes me feel good. – Go to bed. – I’m toe tapping. – Fucking go to bed. (burping) – The children five
cheese marinara spaghetti. – This sauce tastes too much
like Chef Boyardee to me. – You say that like it’s a bad thing. – This is their gluten-free
pasta with meat sauce. – Oh saving the best for last. – Yeah, yes. That meat sauce is way better. – That’s good meat sauce. – (together) put that sauce on the pizza. – Its a meatball pizza bowl. (cheering) – A side of grapes. Oh my God, these are so good. – God, I’m so sweaty.
– You’ve been in here all day? – It’s hot in here. Thanks for dropping by Ned,
I’ll see you back at the office. – Yeah, see ya. – Okay, I might not come back. – Who better to enjoy
the flavors of the ocean, then my best musical pals Lewburger. Please welcome Hughie
Stone Fish and Alex Lewis. – Yay!
– Hey! – Shrimp carbonara. This is the first time
its got asparagus in it. – When you’re here, you’re asparagus. – We are asparagus. Kiss. – Oh, I’m already going. – Kiss. That’s great. – Buttery, light, strong, think, zesty, mouth feel, tongue feel, good– – Yeah, very mouth fell I agree with that. Mouth feel all the way. – Oh, the smell really hits you. – Salmon Picatta. – You are incredibly aware
that you are eating fish, – Its fishy.
– when you eat that. – It’s time for salmon! (burping) – Jesus Keith. – Insane in the membrane. – Whoa, this broccoli tastes like lobster. – What? (laughter) – When you’re here– – You’re family.
– You’re breadstick – You’re family breadstick. – I do not like, oh you know what, that one was good. – Shrimp scampi. – I feel like the whole vicinity
of this van is just like perspirating and its really making it hard to enjoy the smell of seafood. – Its like we’re on the sexy,
sexy model T on the titanic. And we’re fucking hard, fucking so hard. – We’re fucking hard
or we’re fucking hard. – We’re both. Putting our hand in the
window and everybody’s like, I wish I were in love like they were. – But the pasta itself, a cool, wet slime. (laughter) – I feel disgusting. – Okay get out. I’ve only got two main courses to finish so I’m gonna eat them alone because sometimes you go out to eat alone. (burps) My body is like a little
ticking time bomb. Its just cheese and tomato sauce, I think its not bad at all. The mushroom ravioli. (deep breath) I want you to look at what it looks like. Its pure mushrooms and cheese. I don’t like it. She was outside in the parking lot and we gave her a bread
stick, please welcome Abbey. – Hello! – Hey Abbey! – How’s it going? – Good, how are you? – I am good. – So did you know that
Olive Garden has smoothies. – No. – Me neither, they do. We’ll spoon together,
not we’ll spoon together, we’ll eat with spoons. I barely know you Abbey. – This is why you don’t get
in trucks with strangers. – That’s exactly why you
don’t do what Abbey’s doing. – Lets go with strawberry and banana. – Beep.
– Beep. – I got an ice chunk. – Oh, its terrible. – Why are you going in again?
– Is there banana? I wanna find a banana flavor. – Its not good. – Tastes like cough syrup. – Wait can we do that like cheesy one. – Oh yeah, wow. – That one’s not as bad
as the strawberry banana. – If this was a Popsicle and
it was a really hot summer day, it would be kinda good. – I mean, but who has time to go and get a smoothie from Olive Garden. – Why would you get? Yeah is it suppose to be an impulse buy? Can we get a mango peach smoothie. This is a pretty fun surprise. – Yeah! – Yeah, thanks for
joining us you were great. – Thanks for having me. – Yeah. – That was great. – Yeah, you were great. (laughing) – Our production manager and editor Alexandria Herring and YB Chang. Better known as the left over ladies, slash the dubster divas
slash the food babies. Get on in here. (cheering) – I was almost not gonna come out when I heard our first introduction. – But then you heard the slash. – Yeah – And then we realized
we’re locked in this truck, we can’t get out. This is the s’mores layer cake. S’mores. – That’s pretty good. – Kind of like a layer of
pudding, with an invisible layer of cake with some cream cheese
frosting, some candy on top. – It is like a lot of
white, little bit of cake, a lot of chocolate, a little bit of cake. This is the seasonal Sicilian cheese cake. Its gotta be covered in gloobies. – Strawberries are really good. – The strawberries are good. – Yeah but like… The cheese cake is very
lackluster in flavor. Its not a New York cheese cake. – Well the strawberry is so good. – Yeah, I just don’t get
enough cheese cake flavor. I’m just tasting the berries. – Hey you, it’s a lemon cream cake. – [YB] Oh its lemon? I’m gonna let it touch my face. – No! – That’s good, very light. A little bit artificial lemon tasting. – But I don’t mind it. – No its pretty good. – Oh my God the planes. – Maybe they’re like looking
for us, like a helicopter circling around, like this is a suspicious van in the parking lot. – We think its a meth
lab, it smells crazy, when they get out they
keep gasping for air. We know you’re in a U-Haul. Get out with your pasta in your hands. This is the chocolate
black tie mousse cake. Okay, everybody take a– – Oh my God, that kinda looks like… Balls. – Okay, YB
– It does. – It looks like balls. – It looks like balls. – Now I feel weird, like cutting it off. – You should take a bite of the balls. I’ll take a little bit of the
balls, just because its there. Okay, cheers. – Cheers.
– Cheers. – Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep. – That’s so sweet. – It’s all topping. – I need a glass of steaming hot milk. Warm apple crostata, al limone. – That actually looks pretty good. – Looks like a eggs benedict. – Yeah, looks like a little poached egg. – Okay now its gross. – Now its gross, but just
take a little spoony. I’m into it, the apples
are very cinnamon sweet. – I’d order this one. – Alright bye girls. – Bye!
– Bye! – Make sure you subscribe to
our Patreon to watch them. I guess they’re gonna eat all this too. – All of the pastas mixed together. (laughing) – I think that’s a good idea. We got this dolcini, its got
chocolate flakes and a mousse. I’ve no idea what that should taste like. We got this dolcini, It tastes like cherries,
I don’t see any cherries. Alright we got this dolchini, Mm hmm, strawberries. This dolcini, Mm hmm peach or orange? Chocolate! Too bitter. Oh boy! Are these the zeppoli? They’re like beignets. (mumbles) so tough. Maybe you’re suppose
to dip it in the sauce. Okay. Its jelly doughnut. They should put something
in there like pennies. That’s the sound of police.. (laughter) I didn’t try the zepolli
with the chocolate. (groaning) Raspberry was better. I love tiramisu. Think I could eat it up my nose? If I just shoved it into my nose. I need to chew much, mask pony. Have you seen a cake roll like that? Wee! Ladies and gentleman its
time for the coveted, the incredible, chocolate lasagna. Chocsagna. (burps) Look guys its cake flavor. Its got chocolate cake flavors. It tastes nothing like lasagna. But it has the spirit of lasagna. It’s good. There’s so many items, I’m gonna give three best and three worst. Number one best, those
sexy Italian nachos. The second best of the
day, the chocosagna. And the other one that
was the best of the day (burps) The chicken masala solid
double down with mash potatoes. The worst of the day, the
calamari who’s chew refused to do. The second bad one of the day, the soup. Oh that kale, sausage soup. What a nightmare. And then the third worst of
the day, the mushroom ravioli. Thanks for watching, this has been eat the menu Olive Garden. I’m in a truck in a parking
lot, its been a great day. We ate it all, we did it,
we’ll see you next time on EAT THE MENU! I’m Keith blah, blah, blah, Goodnight! (upbeat music) – (sing together) When
a moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, Olive Garden!

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