Keith Eats Everything At Arby’s

(dramatic music)
– In 1964, in Boardman, Ohio, the Raffel brothers realized there was a fast food franchise opportunity based on something other than hamburgers. They chose roast beef and they launched the restaurant that would be known as Big Tex! Except Big Tex was already taken, so they went with Arby’s. For Raffel brothers, RB, not roast beef, how about that? I’m sure they realized it were excited. I’m gonna eat everything from Arby’s! It’s eat the menu, baby! This is gonna be awesome. – How are you doing? – Ooh, not great. (rock music) (horse whinnies) Arby’s used to be,
like, the road trip food of the Habersberger family. I think it was because they
had the five for five deal, five roast beef sandwiches
for five dollars. I was a family of five, that means for $10, each of us could get two roast beef sandwiches. Look at the price, five for
five is now three for nine, that’s tough. Times, they are a changing. I’m about to order a lot of food, so I wonder if you want to
like have a second register so I don’t delay your line. – Don’t worry.
– I’ll take care of anybody that gives you attitude. – Wow, great. So, I’m gonna get the King’s Hawaiian, the sweet and spicy luau chicken, the double stack Reuben, the roast beef gyro, and then there’s a buttermilk
chicken cordon bleu sandwich. – [Cashier] There’s
four chicken sandwiches. – I’ll take all four of those. I do a series where I eat everything at fast food restaurants.
– Oh really? – Yeah. – [Cashier] Luckily, the
fish is gone for you. (laughing) (cash register dings)
– Here we go! Wow, it’s so heavy! This must be 50 pounds. I’m excited, I loved Arby’s growing up, so this is gonna be awesome. There’s an item called the Meat Mountain! It’s all the meat they
serve in one sandwich. But we got a lot of foothills
to get through first. Let’s dive in, let’s start eatin’, huh? The menu’s not gonna eat itself. (metallic clash) Now, I know what you’re thinkin’, you’re thinkin’, Keith, are you gonna start with curly fries? Well, they forgot the curly fries somehow, I don’t blame ’em, it was a lot of things. So, Sam is out to get the curly fries. We’re gonna start with
some of these sides. Mozzarella sticks. Comes with Arby’s marinara. (sniffing) Oh, I never get to eat
mozzarella sticks anymore ’cause they’re really bad for me. Mm, whoa, look at how thick
the cheese is in there. It’s not as hot as it needs to be, ’cause it sat for a second, but I bet it’s stringy. Yeah, see, oh, well. Onion rings, yee-haw! They look really good. (crunches) Listen to that crunch. Hell yeah! These are really good onion rings. They’re as good as Sonic’s used to be. Okay, so this is Bronco Berry Sauce, but I have no idea what it’s for. It’s pretty weird. Bronco Berry also sounds like
a bad guy at the wild west. Oh fuck, watch out,
here comes Bronco Berry. Jalapeno poppers! I never have Jalapeno poppers ’cause they’re too spicy for me. Oh, it’s so goopy. I get what all the hype is
about, these are delicious. Potato triangles! Whoa! They look like hash browns, but I believe there’s
something weird going on. I believe they have, like, a filling. I was wrong. But I’m into it. Now, we didn’t get the normal curly fries, but they did give us
the loaded curly fries, so we’re gonna start, and I know, I know, we’re gonna start with the extreme version of a simple classic. Whoa, fuck!
(laughing) That was an intense smell. Loaded Curly Fries! This is Arby’s answer
to the KFC Famous Bowl. (brass band music) (lips smacking) (somber music) Oh, it’s a lot. This alone lowered the
register of my voice. Yee-haw, cowboy. They don’t need to be loaded. They’re already the best thing you have, don’t fuck ’em up. And all the other sides are good. (laughing) Oh. I always do that! I don’t get Tupperware. Salads! We got the fried chicken and bacon salad! I got this one with ranch (laughing) My hands are so slippery. Oh, you don’t, they didn’t
give me my side salad, so I didn’t get ranch. I only got honey mustard and balsamic. Nobody wants to eat fried
chicken without ranch. I’m gonna do honey mustard. Good honey mustard. Maybe it’s just the
dressing, but I like it. That’s the first salad that I’ve given the yeah, all right,
all right, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Good job, Arby’s! Turkey salad! It’s just dirty on it! (laughs) Gonna go with the balsamic gluten free. Of course it is. It smells good, smells very fruity. I don’t like this dressing as much. I still think that the salad
itself has a nice crunch. Even the healthy cowboy has an option. Let’s get into those sliders!
(horse whinnying) Did you know they had sliders? Me neither. Not only do they have sliders, they’ve got eight sliders. Every sandwich they have
comes in a little form. Gonna have a guest come
halfway with sliders, I’m gonna save some of the
more fun sliders for them. But let’s start with this, this is gonna be the first
roast beef sandwich of the day. I’m gonna take a bite
of it without the sauce and then I’ll take a bite
of it with the sauce. It’s not bad, but it definitely
needs to be hooked up with some flavor. Arby’s sauce is sort of
a tangy barbecue sauce. Oh yeah. And this is what I ate on every road trip. I bet there is like a five
for five deal for the sliders, and that’s like a good thing for a family. The chicken slider. Oh damn, that’s a good chicken tender! Well, hot dicks! I know that you guys were assuming I’d have a bucket for this episode, but actually, they have a various menu, so I didn’t think it would
actually be that bucket-worthy. Turkey and Swiss! I don’t know if it’s Swiss. Turkey and cheese! Mm, decent turkey. Man, I’m impressed with
this quality of meat. Ham slider! I think this would be
be better on a biscuit. I’m gettin’ very biscuit
vibes from this meat. All right, to help me get through
the next round of sliders, please welcome to the
set my friend and yours, Jared Popkin! (scatting) (claps)
– Hello! – You may remember Jared Popkin from Eat the Menu: Olive Garden. Jared and I are food buddies off camera, and also Jared works on
Chris Reinacher’s channel for all the amazing content
that’s been comin’ out on I feel like I’ve, my
hat is putting a shadow. – [Producer] Keep going
like that, don’t do that. – I feel like, when I do this– What’s your experience with Arby’s? – I don’t like the word roast beef. – It’s two words. Well, you’ve only got
one roast beef item here. Maybe it can redeem whatever
past life you had with it. So, this is the special
Jalapeno Roast Beef Slider. – Ooh, spicy. – I’m gonna want you to try
a bite without any stuff and then I’m gonna make you a bite that I think you’ll like more. – It tastes like you’re on
a field trip in fifth grade at the museum and they
gave you that box lunch. – Mm!
– It’s like a better museum than the lunch, but
you’re okay with the lunch because the museum is fun. – Do you like horseradish? – No. – M’kay, we’re gonna
give you a little bit. – As a Jew, my parents, that’s
why I don’t like horseradish. – That’s crazy that you
don’t like horseradish. – I know. – [Keith] Okay, we’re gonna get some Arby’s sauce on here too. – [Jared] Okay. – Arby’s and Horsey, so it’s a sort of tart barbecue sauce and a
very mild horseradish sauce. – [Jared] Okay. Oh my goodness, God. – [Keith] Isn’t that good? – That was good! I don’t even like horseradish,
and that was good! Mm! – Oh, and there’s no
thousand island on here. This is a child’s approach to a Reuben. – If I’m takin’ my kid
after soccer and they lost, he gets a Reuben. – They win, we go to Pizza Hut. ‘Cause that’s what you do. – This is gonna be great for Arby’s. (laughing) – Well, speakin’ of pizza!
– Pizza! – The Pizza Slider! They don’t have any other pizza items at this restaurant except for
the mozzarella sicks, maybe. (laughing)
Fatty. That’s a lot of pizza flavor. So, I think that bite alone
is giving me heartburn. – This is like a pizza on steroids! – Yeah, it is!
(laughing) – Hi, I’m Jared, and
I’m reading for the role of person eating the
Buffalo Chicken Slider. I’m willing to shave. (laughing) Okay, let’s do it, let’s do it! – [Keith] How spicy do you
think this is gonna be? – This is spicy. – It is? – [Jared] Yeah. Hmm, I don’t like the buffalo flavor. (laughing) Very cheap buffalo flavor. This is my first hella negative review. I hate it when buffalo flavor is shitty! – Look, the sheriff’s comin’ to town. The flavor sheriff.
(whip cracks) – Try this turkey. I had it before you, but I think this turkey’s
actually quite a good turkey. – The turkey’s the best
thing we’ve just tried. – Right, the turkey’s actually quite good. And the chicken strip,
you’re not gonna be here for the chicken strip, so
try a chicken strip bite. – I’m double fistin’, baby.
– Yeah, different birds. – What, what, what?! Oh my God!
– I know! – Oh my God! – I’ve been coverin’ that
shitty buffalo sauce! I’m turning into Seinfeld! – I’m currently based in
Los Angeles, gotta work. (laughing) That’s my only toast. – All right, it was Jared Popkin, he’s currently based in Los Angeles. – And I am willing to shave. Thanks so much, everybody!
– Bye, Jared! – You guys are the best! I love your sheriff hat!
(laughing) – All right, we got some sandwiches here. And we’re gonna start with
this one, labeled special. Oh boy. It’s wet. (crunching) I don’t taste the chicken at all. Look at how much chicken
there is compared to ham. I tasted no chicken. I don’t know what that was. One of the chicken with hams. This looks exactly the same! If this tastes the swame– If this twastes the swame– I think it’s just the
spicy version of that. What did it say it was? It said special. This one said special. I think they’re the same. I like this one more. (laughing) Hold on. I gotta look this one up. Oh, you know what it is? It’s the King’s Hawaiian sandwiches! Which are mostly the same. One was the Luau Chicken,
one was was the Big Kahuna, both I didn’t like. (laughing) Let’s move on, shall we? This is the Smokehouse Brisket Sandwich. So much better than the
previous sandwiches. The brisket flavor is decidedly different than the roast beef flavors, so that’s good because both are beef. The bun has a nice
crunchy toastness to it. The cheese is subtle but present, the mayo’s nice, the crispy
onions add some good flavor, I think this is very good. I think it would be better
with some Arby’s sauce. There we go. Mmhmm. It’s everything you like about Arby’s, but a little bit more flirty. So this must just be the
normal Smokehouse Brisket. Oh! (sighs) (lips smacking) Gotta remember, breathe. (clears throat) Okay, we got the ooh! Becky Habersberger’s favorite! But she ate it when she was Becky Miller! Look at this. Ah, oh, it’s dripping water? Water?! (laughing) It’s dripping water! But look at that lettuce! Does this not look like a commercial? Look at this! Look at that! This is what Becky loved, she ate it all the time in high school, so now I’m gonna know what it’s like to be friends with Becky in high school. I think this is a nice, fun sandwich. I get why Becky liked it. It seems like you’re
eating healthier, right? ‘Cause look how much fuckin’
green is stickin’ out of this. It’s soaking wet. Out of those five sandwiches, I think I liked the
Smokehouse Brisket first and then this, and then the
next Smokehouse Brisket third, and then the chicken
sandwiches are tied for last, with one of them being worse. I’m not sure which one,
they’re too similar. (horse whinnies)
Let’s eat some more sandwiches! All right, this has the
same Big Kahuna bun style, but it’s different. It’s different, ooh, whoa.
(belches) I mean, a lot of burps. There’s a lot of that, I like
to call it Taco Bell lettuce, where the lettuce is like shredded iceberg and it’s just, ugh. Like, I think the lettuce
is ruining this sandwich. But it’s so sogged with
the low quality lettuce and tomato on the bottom that it’s ruining the low quality meat on top. It looks the same. I don’t wanna eat this
lettuce and tomato at all. It’s a decent fried chicken sandwich. If you like fried chicken
sandwiches, this’ll do. (laughing) Oh, this is another one with ham on it! God, I hate the ham here. So I’m glad they’ve
made a lot of their menu surround the ham. Look at the ham and
cheese have become one. And the less hungry I get, the more I don’t like the ham. The ham overpowers everything, why even put another meat on it if you’re gonna put the ham on it? The ham is having its way
with these sandwiches. I’m the ham. I’m Jon Hamm on this sandwich. Poor Jon Hamm, that must
have been a tough childhood. I’m a Habersberger, so
I know what it’s like to have a last name that has food in it. You think they didn’t
call him l’il pig boy? (laughing) But now he’s rich and famous, so his bullies, well they got– Oh yeah, here we go, guys! It’s something that doesn’t have ham! You know, earlier, I didn’t
like the buffalo sandwich, but I’m just so happy to not have ham. Oh, but it’s covered in Taco Bell lettuce. Look at it, they’re
like a barrel of monkeys holdin’ on to this sandwich. God, I hate shitty lettuce. Very spicy. No flavor. Ugh. Why not just have a good buffalo sauce? Frank’s Red Hot is so cheap. It’s great, this is bad. (stutters) Man, so disappointed! I’m disappointed in the ham, I’m disappointed in some of the chicken, maybe Arby’s shouldn’t have branched out outside of roast beef. Except for the turkey,
the turkey’s been good. All right, those are
some of those sandwiches, we got some more sandwiches, let’s keep on eatin’ sandwiches! Or maybe we take a fry break. Everybody, welcome to the Eat
the Menu: Arby’s stage, Sam! You remember Sam from Eat
the Menu: Olive Garden, he picked up all of the Olive Garden. How was that experience? – It was fine, I, like,
made up a bunch of stories for what we were doing with it. Yeah, they thought that we were doing, that we worked out of a small office who was doing a “Tour of Italy,” yeah. – We just created an equally ridiculous– – Oh yeah, like, I could
have easily told them– – Yeah, just told them, oh,
we’re in a U-Haul out back. I had you go get the curly fries. What did you learn on your adventure? – Lo and behold, Arby’s
has multiple french fries, but one of them is secretive, and so since this is one
of the original Arby’s, today, not only do we have curly fries, we’ve got steak fries that are
a secret limited menu item. – Wow, steak fries. (singing) And not many curly fries at all. – Well–
– What happened to the curly fries, Sam? There’s a half of a
curly fry bucket in here. Is this what Zach was doin’? – That’s, yeah, we made a boo boo. – Zach ate my food before I got to it. – It was an accident.
– An accident? You saw a full cup of
curly fries and thought, oh, I must have eaten those already? You knew Sam went to pick up curly fries! – [Zach] My bad. (laughing)
– Yeah. Curly fries are the best, they have an amazing little crunch, the seasoning is so nice. I also love eating them
with the Arby’s sauce. – Oh fun. – And the Horsey Sauce
is also amazing on it. – I just honestly eat fries plain. – Oh, but how are these steak fries? – Honestly, not bad. I mean, the curly fries are like top tier. – Yeah. – And these are like right behind. – We’re very lucky to have an
original Arby’s in our town. – [Sam] Thank you. – Well, bye, Sam!
– Bye! – All right, cowboys, I bet you’re ready for the next round of
sandwiches, aren’t you? Yee-haw, you are!
(whip cracks) Let’s start with the
roast turkey and Swiss. Wow, guys, look at this! Oh, I think this is like a
rather healthy fast food choice. Look at this! ‘Cause it looks beautiful! Reuben! Whoa, guys! Look at the marble rye! Marvel at the marble! (crunching)
(fanfare) For a fast food Reuben,
damn, that’s close. I’m goin’ for a second
bite, and I feel terrible. (clapping) This one is the roast
turkey ranch and bacon. Whoo, it’s good! Guys, these sandwiches are
better than everything else! Whose marg– (laughing) Am I gettin’ it? Now, what is this? Holy fuck! What the fuck?! Look at all the bacon! Just bending around like a
toenail that’s grown too long! (laughing) So much bacon. And that’s just the way
the cookie crumbles. We’ve got more sandwiches,
don’t you get up, just, you stay at that
computer or on your phone, there’s more sandwiches comin’ up! (whip cracks)
All right, next sandwiches. This must be the roast turkey Swiss wrap. Look at that turkey! It’s good! And we got the roast
turkey ranch bacon wrap. Mm, the wrap’s actually,
they’re equally good. But it’s not as beautiful as the sandwich. It’s time for another guest and gyro, you know–
(laughs) Welcome Izzy! Yayy, Izzy!
(clapping) – Woo!
– Woo! Come on in!
– Thank you, Keith! (whip cracks)
– We’ve got three gyros, there’s a traditional
gyro, road beef gyro, and a turkey gyro. And the turkey here has been mwah. – I love turkey meat and
I used to date a Greek, so I know a lot about
gyros, let me tell ya! – Wow, wow, okay, well don’t– – Ahh!
– Ahh, ahh, one at a time, Izzy.
– Sorry, I’m sorry! – Oh my God.
– I got overzealous, I’m sorry. – This actually looks pretty okay. Traditional gyro. – Do I wait? (laughing)
Or do I eat the other end? – I was gonna see how you responded. – Mm! – Which I think is good.
– Mmhmm. – The gyro meat is a little less flavorful than most gyro meat would be. If it were a man, what
would you say about it? – Hmm, he has all the right ingredients, but he’s a little bland. Like, we want a little
freaky sex seed in there. And it’s just not quite there. – Freaky sex seed? (laughs)
Did you say freaky sex seed? – I was hoping you wouldn’t notice! – All right, well, that’s all we eat. – Yeah, okay. (laughing) – You’re welcome to have more! Oh, this one’s wet. Turkey gyro! (laughing) This is the saltiest thing. How would you describe him? – Like a surprise lover. You think that he’s
bland ’cause he’s turkey, but then he has an edge. Super good in bed, maybe a little shady. – Wow!
(laughs) – No? – Well, I liked it, I was gonna leave it at the innuendo, but I’m glad you took
it all the way there. Fuck yeah!
– Wow! – Well, this is just
traditional roast beef. I’m gonna watch you eat it first. – Okay, okay, okay. (laughing) – We’re gonna Arby’s this up for you. How do you feel about horseradish? – I don’t feel great.
(laughing) – No?
– But, for you, and for Arby’s, I’ll do it. Mm!
– Isn’t that better? – Mmhmm! I don’t think it’s great
that we had to add sauce in order to make him edible. (laughing) – All right, well thanks
droppin’ by, Izzy! – Well, bye!
– It was great havin’ ya. – Thanks for having me!
(slaps) – Well, we’ve made it
to the almost the end. We’re at the end of the sandwiches. Let’s start with this double Reuben, which I ordered for some reason. I’m just so, oh my God. Now, that’s a cat’s delicatessen sandwich. If I close my eyes, I feel
like I’m in New York City. So, these are the french dip sandos. Which one will I get? Which one will we start with? Wow, look at the amount of
different breads they have here. I think that this sandwich is fine. This one looks ridiculous. What the hell is hap, where, I have never seen banana
peppers at Arby’s, do they only have it for this sandwich? There’s not been a single
other banana pepper, I’ve ever seen a banana pepper at Arby’s! I mean, what is this, Quiznos? It’s not that it smells bad, it’s just that it smells
heavy and I’m so full. Do I dip this?
– I think so! – But it’s in the dipping box! – [Zach] It’s an Italian sub! – I won’t dip it, you’re right. (laughing) We’re tiptoein’ closer and
closer to that nauseous place. And I hope Arby’s isn’t the
one that makes me vomit, ’cause I’ve eaten all of Olive Garden. And if this one is the one that does it, that’s not gonna be good PR for them. I bet this is better just
with the Horsey sauce. A classic beef ‘n cheddar. Look at this wacky tacky bun. (angelic singing) Two special sandwiches left and both of them are upsetting. Oh fine, what is the easiest of entry? This is a Big Kahuna. You know how I know it’s a Big Kahuna? It’s got that sauce in it. I hate that sauce. This whole series has taught me that fast food restaurants keep trying to make new sandwiches by just putting all the meat on them, and
that’s never the answer. Stop it. Stop this. Maybe this one’ll be better. You know what? The Meat Mountain is better
than the Big Kahuna Mountain. Oh. Chicken strips. Oh, this one is tough, this is one of the toughest, this is almost as tough as Olive Garden. As we got later in the video, it just became more and
more of the same meat. Maybe I should’ve had a bucket. So that’s all the dishes at Arby’s except for the desserts.
(fanfare) So, now I’m going to be
joined by resident sweetie Korn Diddy! Yeah, what’s up, Korndag? – Thanks for havin’ me, man. – Oh, it’s so good to see you. – How are you doin’? – Ooh, not great. – Hey, I’m sorry about
those fries, by the way. – Oh, you know, I can’t blame you. – They were really good. – Curly fries are tempting. – They were fucking good. I mean this looks, this is what we want. – That looks like the most cookie. – Oh, it’s warm. How do you guys keep it warm up? (ringtone)
– Miles! – Are you kidding me?! You think this is easy?! You think what we’re
doing is easy, Miles?! – Shh, shh, shh– – To eat the– I’m sorry.
– Shh, shh, shh, shh. – I’m sorry.
– I have a headache from the food today.
(laughing) – I’ve gotten high with you several times and I’ve never seen you this debilitated. So, wait, this is a chocolate
chip caramel cookie, and I want you to zoom in there, there is noticeable salt.
– Yeah. – Protip: Salt your cookies. That is a pretty fuckin’ good cookie. – Pretty good, it’s got a quite to chew. Whoa.
– This is a, I’m guessing the double
chocolate chocolate chip? – I’m never attracted
to this kind of cookie. – Me either.
– It looks one note. – I feel like this is a child’s cookie. – Daddy, I want chocolate on my chocolate. – Cheers. – A little dry. – It’s very dry. It’s kind of like a boring brownie. If you’re really cravin’
brownies and have low standards, this is for you. Let’s do these together, ’cause, like, we ain’t got time for this. – Well, each one gets its own– – Oh yeah? – That’s how the video works. – I’ve never quite understood– – You gotta hold it next to your face and say apple turnover. – Apple turnover.
– Damn it. – I’ve never quite understood
the appeal of turnovers. – Oh, I love turnovers. They’re flaky, they’re
like dessert croissants with fruit inside. – G’ssert g’ssants.
– Dessert croissants. Mmhmm.
– Not bad. – Tastes like Christmas, doesn’t it? Know what I’m sayin’?
– I couldn’t tell ya. – It’s like too much cinnamon spice. My stomach hurts.
(laughing) That bite, I don’t know what it was, but on the previous two bites, but it is pushing the limit. I’m still holding a little
bit of the earliest cookie. (laughing) It stuck to my hat! It got stuck to my hat! You know, it might be
peach, it might be cherry. – Red turnover! – Oh, it’s cherry then. (groans) (laughing)
– Did you hear that? (groaning) He just went, hoo.
(laughing) – Try that turnover, eat it! – All right, but let’s do this right, let’s do this Arby’s style. – Mhmm, put it all, put
everything together, put it in another one, both turnovers. And some ham. – Don’t you fuckin’ dare. – [Keith] This is called dessert mountain. – [Zach] That’s really good. – That’s pretty good. All right, thanks for
droppin’ by, Korndag. – Thank you! – Always good to have ya on the menu show. – You gonna be okay? – Did you guys know that
Arby’s has milkshakes? Me neither! But they do, they have four. Let’s do it, let’s start
with vanilla, baby. This is it, we’re almost there, just four more–
(squeaking) Oh.
(squeaking) (laughs)
(squeaking) A little Jingle Bells for ya. I love vanilla milkshakes,
I think they’re perfect. I know it’s vanilla, but
I do think this is bland. But if you want something
cold and not too flavorful, this is your guy. All right, let’s try the chocolate. Whoo! The fudge is fucking great. Limited edition orange cream shake. Ohh, tastes 100% like a creamsicle. The mocha choco cafo! Oh, what a world, okay. Go out with a bang, Keith. Oh, it’s so cold. Mmhmm. Yeah, that’s the best one. It feels more grounded. ‘Cause like, you could have a nice business meeting over this. The first cookie was the
best dessert overall. We did it! Pew pew pew pew pew. (whip cracks) I would say that the worst thing that I had today was the chicken
and ham Big Kahuna thing. The sauce was bad, the ham was too much. Good thing is, it’s a special, so it won’t be around forever. The worst regular menu item,
probably the Meat Mountains. Just too much. It’s just a spectacle, it’s just there to trick you. Special shout out to the pizza slider, that was confusing as fuck, nobody saw that coming. Boo to the buffalo chicken, that’s another one that wasn’t good. The best items were those
signature sandwiches. I think the sandwiches were phenomenal, they were exactly what
you wanted them to be. You look at ’em, they’re beautiful, they almost look unreal. The turkey was super
great in those sandwiches, I think that just the
turkey market fresh sandwich is the best thing they have at Arby’s. I think that was pretty good time. Lemme know if you had fun. Lemme know in the comments where else I should eat the menu. You can buy this hat through
the link in the comments. (laughing) Maybe. (energetic rock music) ♪ Chocolate coffee chocolate coffee ♪ ♪ Coffee and chocolate
coffee and chocolate ♪ ♪ Chocolate coffee ♪ ♪ Coffee and chocolate ♪

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  9. If you eat arby's you just asking for stomach problems those fucking things make me wanna throw up just passing by one and smelling that fucking sauce they put on everything ???

  10. This video gave me a headache and a stomachache like no bullshit I feel like I eat that crap( and if you're asking yourself than why the fuck did you watch all of it well sir i have nothing going on in my life rn because its 1 am)

  11. As an ex-meat eater, I forgot how much I used to enjoy Arby's beef'n'cheddar. Shoot now i have to find a good replacement version.

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