Keeping your pets safe |Tracking the Tropics Quick Tip

it's hurricane season are you ready prepare now with these tracking the tropics quick tips hi I'm ABC Action News chief meteorologist Dennis Phillips hurricanes impact all of us here in the state of Florida but what about our pets for many they're part of the family and it's important to have a plan for them in case of a hurricane the first thing to do is remember never leave your pets behind if you evacuate if it isn't safe for you it's not safe for your pets number two make sure your pets have collars and tags with up-to-date information this includes your pet's name your phone number and any urgent medical needs your pet may have and you can also microchip your pet for more permanent ID it's also a good idea to create a pet emergency kit this can include three to seven days worth of canned or dry food feeding dishes and water bowls disposable litter trays and garbage bags for clean up an extra collar or leash any medicine that they need toys extra cage liners and a pet first aid kit and finally if you can't bring your pets with you have a plan where they can go call in advance to find local shelters or boarding kennels that accept pets during emergencies or find a friend or relative to look after them until they come back get me on tracking the tropics quick tips at ABC Action News daaaaamn slash hurricane or download our free app

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