Keeping your pet safe

the do’s and don’ts of feeding your pet mom aunt Gayle dad I hope you’re listening to this right now I hate to call you out but it’s very important I know they’re probably at home yelling at the TV that they’re doing way better with what they feed the dogs but dr. Christian Broadhurst with Clay County Humane is back and we got Clifford Clifford he he is a happy boy so we want to talk about this is so important first of all with Valentine’s Day coming up there’s gonna be a lot of chocolate and candies around the house what do we need to know when it comes to that and keeping that away from your pets well absolutely it’s it’s not a myth chocolate is bad for your dogs cats – it’s all dose-dependent so I mean if Clifford ate a Hershey’s kiss he’d be fine if your Chihuahua eats a bag of dark chocolate you will not be fine it will not be fine so it’s there’s a saw just three ounces of baking chocolate can kill a 15 pound dog three ounces it’s not very much at all should the dark baker’s chocolate yeah and we know that they can scarf that stuff yeah were you know quick he’ll be happy – oh yeah I’m sure so – some other stuff – garlic onions avocado which is kind of surprising given that you know abakada toast is all the thing you know again dose-dependent but keep things like that away from your dogs raisins and grapes are also not well raisins particularly so I knew about raisins and grapes the avocado thing I mean in a lot of times – with even onions and garlic you know if you feed them something like a piece of chicken that you’ve cooked and it has that in it so you’ve got to really think ahead – just if you’re feeding them chicken or you know carrots and things like that it’s got to be plain plain and bland is you know we like seasonings dogs not necessarily so much okay this one surprised to me when I was looking at these bullet points a lot of times things get dropped on the floor you know there could be medicines dogs get a hold of it when it comes to an aspirin I didn’t know it could be so dangerous for cats absolutely aspirin could be bad Aleve naproxen I had a patient last week who the owner and advertently gave him a naproxen a single naproxen put the dog in the hospital for three days no so do not give your pets so it’s dogs and cats don’t react that way absolutely pain medications are the worst all right so I want to talk about you know there’s a whole list here of things and we’ll look at this on our website of everything that you need to keep away from your dogs and can cut raw salmon mm-hmm there are parasites parasitic diseases it can be in raw salmon certain types of tapeworms it can crop up like that so another reason you know you should try to eat your salmon cooked as well okay and you know I want to talk about pesticides for a moment you know as many of you know we have this a little Pomeranian Chloe who died it’s almost been two years it whenever we let her outside she would run straight for the grass she would eat the grass and then she would get sick and this was very common no matter how many times we tried to stop it turns out she died of leukemia and the connection is as you know you know being a veterinary and it’s really hard to make that connection but to me I felt in my heart that that was probably a factor keeping pets away from eating all those things outside eating the grass hugely important absolutely there is you know correlation does not necessarily equal causation but there is something there there’s a lot more cancer showing up in our dogs these days is it because they’re living longer is it because there are things in the environment that didn’t used to be yeah we really don’t know but be careful what are some of the other surprising things on here on this Oh potato leaves and stems potato leaves a lot of ornamental plants oleander you hibiscus things like that all can be moderately toxic to dogs as well and and cats you know everyone loves to put the lilies in their house and cats will go chew on the leaves very very bad idea alright and you got it so there again this list has everything from household cleaners to pennies glue I mean things that can really cause issues you know and then you wind up spending thousands of dollars to save your pet absolutely it’d be better just to pet proof your house the way you would childproof your house and avoid avoid ingestion in the first place and you know puppies are into everything so puppies yes absolutely all right thank you dr. Bronner’s we appreciate it Clifford you did a great job good job okay Vick back to you I got a job over here real quick

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