Keeping Your Cat Fit & Healthy : Getting a Harness on Your Cat

Hi! I am Dr. Adrienne Mulligan on behalf of and I want to show you how to fit a proper harness and leash to a cat.
There is only one harness really made for a cat that I know of and it comes in two sizes.
The sad part is that it goes up to 16 pounds and this guy weighs 22. He is a Maine coon
so this is a little tight on him, but I haven’t been able to find a bigger one, so but it
does fit and we are going to show you how to fit it properly and basically it is like
a harness for a dog and the leash generally needs to be a small, light leash, that is
about the same width as the harness. So I am just going to show you, it goes on pretty
much just like a dogs’ harness and the part where you are going to hook the lead to is
the silver ring and the silver ring should be on the back of a cat. So first we are going
to put it over his head and you know he is going to need it to his size because it was
on a smaller cat before and so we just do that real quick, okay, so first we put this
over his head and then when we have on his back where we are going to hook the leash
then we are going to put his left leg through the one little hole that it provides and then
we are going to make it a little bigger for him, and so that adjusts that out and then
under his arm comes the other piece to go behind his elbow, so he stepped through one
side but the other side you have to bring around behind his elbow and attach it up close
to where the lead is going to attach. So now you have a harness on your kitty. Then you
are going to take your little leash and you are going to hook it on there and now you
got your cat under control and he pretty much can’t go anywhere without your okay.

27 thoughts on “Keeping Your Cat Fit & Healthy : Getting a Harness on Your Cat

  1. The Kitty Holster is MUCH better than this spaghetti -strap thing and, with four sizes, there's one that would fit any cat – including this big guy! Check out its YouTube video. :@3

  2. I'm embarrassed at how simple this is and how many times I read the directions and just couldn't figure this out! Thanks so much, From a visual learner!

  3. the dr. held the harness in a ball in her hand til she put it on. I did not see what part she put over the head. If I could do it myself I would not be looking for a video showing how, but this did not help

  4. wow i did it all wrong on my kitty! i put the harness on the middle part of her boddy and not her neck and body! oops. good thing i found out before i ever took her to a walk. (usually she lies down and and won't budge when i put the harness on her -.-*)

  5. my cat just falls over when i put a harness on it and goes limp! I put it back on it's feet and it falls over again! what should i do?

  6. This video is essentially a lady holding a cat and some random thing getting clicked together. It really doesn't show at all how to fit it to the cat properly. How tight should it be around the head? The arms? Why did you use a cat the harness isn't made for to demonstrate?

  7. Got one for my kitten so I practiced on my older cat and and done it in the first try, thanks for the video.

  8. I took kitteh out of the apartment as a favour,because he'd been trying to get out, but when I put him outside with the leash he stood there for a bit, then when he heard someone coming, he went totally bonkers, hissing at me and flipping all over the place like a demonic ferret. I am NOT trying this again.

  9. as far as INSTRUCTIONAL videos go…this is terrible, lol.  I mean, could the videographer have gotten further away? Why even show us the harness as briefly as she did? lol

  10. Thank you so much! I could not find another video with as clear instructions as this. So excited to take my girl on a walk!

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