What… No…! I did it first. It was me. It was me! Let me look at this… One day ago… five days ago It was me. I’m the original Rose gold like the iPhone hair, not her. Not her. Hey, what’s up guys? It’s Taylor and yeah, I don’t know if ya’ll saw but yeah, Kylie Jenner got Rose gold hair and you know she’s being credited for creating it when it was me. I created it. I am the sole creator. I invented the haircolor It did not exist before me. I really hope my sarcasm translates well with ya’ll. Yeah, know I did not invent this hair color. Actually when I got it done the lady who was doing my hair, my stylist, she told me she saw it at Fashion week And that it’s going to blow up in a month or so and be the next new color So I was like getting ahead of the trend and boy was she right because four days later, Kylie Jenner Invented the hair color that I had. So yeah, Kylie Jenner copied me. I’m sure, I’m positive she saw my picture And she took it to her hairstylist and said she wanted it. It’s not like she would be at Fashion week or anything like that It’s not like she has those kinds of connections. It’s not like she’s into fashion. She’s just really into animal care and saw my rose gold hair and wanted it. That’s actually what it was. Anyway, so today I’m going to be talking about praying mantis care actually. I’m obviously not in my room. I just wanted a table I just really wanted a table to put my stuff on for this video because Trying to do it on my bed would just be really difficult. So today we’re going to be talking about praying Mantis’s and how to take care of them. So mainly today We’re going to be talking about how to set up a praying mantis Terrarium. Setting up a praying mantis terrarium is actually one of the easiest things ever in the world because as you know They’re not very big and they don’t need a lot of room. Basically you want it to be taller than it is wide You really want the enclosure to be at least two times as big as they are wide in about three times as big as they are tall. The best and easiest way I can explain it. For example if you have a hatchling or a young praying mantis any kind of Juvenile. They can fit in a little cup like this. This is a very simple cup. All you need is some substrate which um, Eco Earth really does the best the coconut fiber… Eco Earth. and then you need some sticks for them to be able to climb and perches for them to hang upside down when they are ready To molt. very simple setup you want it to be somewhat ventilated so they can get some air flow and circulation In their tank, and it won’t be completely stiff and still they do fine with room temperature you don’t need to you know give them a heater or anything like that and as long as they get some sort of light even if its just your bedroom light they’re going to be fine You definitely don’t need a lamp on them or anything like that, one of the best things you can do for your praying Mantises cage is just to recreate their environment that they live in Suburbs and cities you will find praying mantis’ in gardens because that’s where they like to live. For this video I have a Budwing mantis, which is one of the more common species of mantises, and I’m pretty sure it is a male I’m not positive yet. I’m not positive yet you cannot successfully keep a male and female together their whole life if they choose to mate the female will eat the male when they Decide to mate so that’s fun It’s really best to just limit it to one mantis per enclosure So they don’t fight or get territorial or anything like that, [so] like I said as a juvenile mantis. This is a perfectly fine Setup and for smaller species of mantis. This is actually going to be fine their whole life They won’t require an upgrade, but I actually am going to be giving my praying mantis an upgrade. For today I’m actually out of Eco Earth I need to go buy some more, so I will not have enough substrate to really make it thick in this container I’m only going to be using what I already had in this container in here So this is how you set up a praying mantis container. I wouldn’t really use a rounded fishbowl because they like to climb and if it’s all rounded they’re not going to be able to grip on the sides I really like the like octagon hexagon Those kind of shapes or the cylinder shapes where they have the top and bottom to grasp onto? When you’re setting up their habitat the first thing you want to do is put the substrate in. I might have some fruit flies in here, so I hope they don’t fall out. So on a stick I have Moriarty, here he is. I call him Mo or Mori But his name is moriarty comes from Sherlock holmes. The name comes from the villain in Sherlock holmes I named him that because my tarantula is named Cerise Which is what I would like to call the villain in game of thrones And because of that I kind of wanted to keep the trend going and give my other “creepy crawly” animal another villain name. I’m going to put him already in the container because I don’t want to lose him while I’m setting this up Or he doesn’t want to be in the container He wants to hold on to me, okay then. So when a praying mantis molts here’s what a praying mantis’ molt looks like. It literally just looks like a floppy version of their their own selves. Sorry about my really dirty nails That’s really disgusting but I didn’t realize it was like that until this moment that was from digging around in my cages I really have to do a lot of nail care to keep my nails clean I’m just going to go ahead and pour all of this into the container Here’s the container so far with the eco Earth on the bottom next you just want to decorate it and recreate their natural Habitat basically. I really wouldn’t recommend getting your Your decorations from Your own backyard because you don’t know what has been you know you have any kind of bug treatments on the or pesticides Or most people really don’t know what is on their plants and their backyard and things like that So it’s best to, I get fake stuff I mean it still looks cute, and I don’t have to worry about it dying off. Anyway, we’re just going to decorate it now and Yeah, I got some cool leaves here Just going to put some things around in there And you just want to make it where he can have lots of opportunities to climb around Some places he can hide. Things like that. Kind of hard to see but he is now in there He’s on this side now when it comes to lids for the tank you have a few options I have all three right here with me. First, you could just do a regular Lid like this. Big issue with this is that you’re not going to get circulation I really would recommend cutting little tiny holes into something like this if you’re going to use just a regular lid The next options are these there actually is a difference between these two things this right here is a lid like this one, but this center right here is covered in wire as you can see, you can like, see through. but it has holes cut in it, so you could do something like this But if you’re going to be feeding them things like fruit flies, which you will that’s what they eat There’s a chance of them getting out So if you’re going to do this during feeding, I would put the regular lid on top like this to prevent the fruit flies from getting out and this is the one I use which is a regular Lid instead of Mesh We’re using a cloth almost paper towel material and this one is my favorite because even during feeding it could just always stay on and The fruit flies can’t get out But the cloth material allows for ventilation to go through and that is how you make a praying mantis enclosure That’s really all you have to do for enclosures if you don’t want to look for all these Materials at like Walmart and Target and things like that you can always go on to websites and get them there I got these fake flowers from I want to say it was like called that mantis place or something like that But I’ll put it right here and put it in the description and they also sell preying mantises themselves So if you don’t know where to get one. I’ve never ordered a praying mantis from them or any website So I’m not saying that I personally know how it goes when you do that I just know it’s available there it comes to feeding as Juveniles to young adults they can eat fruit flies, and that could be their staple diet, and they will be okay You can also feed them treats like honey And things like that which are also things that they enjoy eating. When they’re older they can eat Dubia roaches I would stay away from crickets, crickets can actually kill preying mantises because they can’t digest them properly And it’s just not fun. instead, I’d stick to Dubia roaches larger species of flies Things like that. so yeah, you really have a few options when it comes to feeding. fruit flies has been the easiest for me I’ve seen a tremendous amount of growth in my praying mantis every single day He molts wonderfully, he does all of that great and all he eats are fruit flies They do not live that long when it comes to lifespans they live anywhere from like four to nine months And that is about it. I believe only a few species live to nine months, and that’s like at most So you’re not really going to see that too often but I do mist my mantis cage down so lightly about Three times a week, I just do like one tiny little squirt and that helps him get water other than that He’s gonna get all of his water around eating his fruit flies about every two weeks Just freshen up the cage give them some new Eco Earth Just make it a little brighter and cleaner, and that’s really all you have to do You know when they’re going to molt because they will hang upside down from normally the top of their enclosure Just don’t feed them during this time. They’re going to reject the food and you [don’t] want a lot of fruit flies Just hanging around in there while they’re molting that will stress them out. Thank you all guys for [watching] I hope you guys enjoyed how y’all likin’ this new light though. My new lighting is so nice. [oh] my strap is twisted Oh, I hope it wasn’t like that the whole video. No, no, no, she’s, girl! Kylie Jenner stole my hair. This is happening.


  1. So if you know they hang upside down from the top of their enclosure why have you shown an enclosure that has an opening basically on the side now the mantis would have a really bad moult in that enclosure you made

  2. Gee…I was looking for praying mantis Kung fu and I came across your video. I didn’t know you can keep one as your pet. I am going to get one and learn fighting from my pet. Lol

  3. Anyone an Orchid mantis breeder? I've been looking for someone who I can buy one from. Can anyone help me out and either link the website to someone who breeds. I live in Canada so someone who lives in Canada or the United States help me out please

  4. Mort is super cute, the only reason we started keeping mantis is our house was becoming infested with fruit flies due to our daughters sugar gliders. I make fruit fly traps (really effective) and it seemed such a waste just to bin them.

  5. you can actually use stuff from your back yard if you are sure that you and your neighbors didn't use pesticides (even organic ones) in the time since it last rained. even then, you can rinse and rinse and most pesticides for domestic use are meant to be washable I think. but you can also get plants and sticks from a nature reserve or park and probably there's no pesticide there. then just bring them home and bake them or steam them in the oven. you can also order leaves from places like india or small island nations and they don't usually use pesticides in rural places like that. or you can get stuff from bugsincyberspace or thebiodude and they bake that stuff FOR you (but it costs more)

    you can make your own fruit-fly proof lids, too. Tulle is a fabric used to make tutus. get some from the fabric store by the yard. you can double it up and glue it to any lid your container came with. or you can just use paper towel.

  6. I'm not trying to watch a make up video. I just need to figure out a good system to provide water but keeping humidity low

  7. I'm allergic to coconut, do you have any other recomendations for ground cover? I would love a prayingmantis and some male wasps with one or two queens. Do you have any suggestions for wasp habitat? I would like mine big enough for possible foraging when I give them meat in protien seasons. Also, do you suggest a heating lamp for the wasps? I know they have a hard time in winter

  8. Did u know that some prey mantis have a worm in there hed and if you spry them with water it will come out

  9. One year, I picked up a praying mantis from a bush in front of my house. She seemed curious and friendly, so I brought her inside and put her in a bowl full of fake grass for the night. There was no cover on the bowl, but she settled into the fake grass and I went to sleep. In the morning, I put her back on the bush and left her there thinking I'd never see her again. But that evening, she was in the same place like she was waiting for me. I took her back inside and she went right back to the fake grass in the bowl. This pattern repeated itself for a couple of months, as she got bigger and bigger. Then one day I put her out and never saw her again. Maybe it was time for her to mate, maybe a bird ate her. That's how you keep a praying mantis as a pet, not caged up like a fucking chicken.

  10. You are the only gorgeous woman who have praying mantis pet. The only one I see. We have something in common. Im from the Philippines. Hope I can meet you.

    By the way, where did you buy the container?

  11. Here’s my story:
    My grandma was like separating these curry leaves from the sticks. And there was this mantis and everyone freaked out. I saw this dude and I was like he’s so cool. I handled him for like 15 minutes then I had to was my hands for food. I set him somewhere and I never saw him again ?

  12. Kylie Jenner really hot and has a billion dollars. Taylor Nicole Dean really hot and has a ton of pets. Advantage Taylor.

  13. I actually have a big tank, for mine. I’m going to order one tomorrow. I’m getting plants and stuff like that

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    i think you should go more of a silver/lavender.
    just my 2 cents

  15. Did Kim steal your ass? If you say yes, I would like to be the judge cuz I studied every inch of it:)

  16. I see lots of fake flowers/plants at the thrift store, if you make sure to wash them really well could you use that in an enclosure? Or do you need special "aquarium" or "enclosure" grade fake plants?

  17. Excuse me miss, you may not know to much about orchid mantises, but I have a few questions needing answering. Where do I get flys for my mantises and where do I get a orchid mantis?

  18. Jesus christ your editing skills are terrible. ADHD induced sayin the same shit twice like just cut to the second sentence lmao

  19. I remember when I was in preschool I saw a giant green mantis in the playground and accidentally hit it with a ball. As soon as it looked at me I ran. I’m still trying to get use to mantises to this very day

  20. I had a orchard mantis named mrs.keisha i named her that cause I’m ghetto and black anywase I let her out of her cage I was on YouTube and she was on my desk and my sister dropped a text book on her on accident these are the exact words I said mrs.keshia mrs.keisha oh my fucking god you killed her rip mrs Keshia

  21. You're pray mantis does not have enough ventilation in its cage and should have a mesh lid and a mesh side for maximum ventilation so therefore you are praying mantis will probably die because of this

  22. Girlfriend don’t worry about the nails! If someone has nothing better to do they can go away. You’re sweet and beautiful and you’re amazing ? you like praying mantises

  23. seems rude to keep a creature built to roam the world in a fucking cup so you can look at them. seems that pet people are misguided in their possessive love.

  24. I'm in organic Gardener in Connecticut. Because my garden is organic I have the benefit of beneficial insects flourishing on my property. One of those insects is praying mantises of which I have quite a large number. This time of year there biggest food preference are the Crickets that are plentiful. There are plenty of flies months grasshoppers an unknown number of other insects available to them, however crickets seem to be their food of choice and they are not the easiest to catch so they must really like them. I don't know where you got your comment about don't feed them crickets they can't digest them but apparently the praying mantises do not know that because they thrive on them and seek them out despite a large number of other options. Can you provide a link or document that states that they can't Digest crickets? First off I would never keep a praying mantis in an enclosure that limits them from living the way they are designed. Based on your Siri a human can be kept in a enclosure twice its width and three times its height. Oh wait that's called prison but no one wants to be there well it's not any different for a praying mantis. Mine spread across Acres and you walked one to live in something only three times its height, that's just sad and in Connecticut the praying mantis is our state insect and you can actually be arrested for capturing or confining one.

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