Keeping a LION as a PET

I think a lot of people who take these animals on as a pet they're really cute when they're babies and they're cuddly and they're very puppy like but then as you see they soon grow into like beccaria five hundred and ninety pound animal I don't think they realize what chain link costs would have what a proper habitat is going to cost it costs us here at lions tigers and bears anywhere from forty five thousand to two hundred and fifty thousand to build a proper habitat and then insurance you know if you're taking on one of these animals as a pet you no longer have homeowners insurance so I don't think they think of the basic he eats fifteen to seventeen pounds a day the cost of the habitat the cost of the insurance they don't make pets they just don't make pets well he's a male lion so as you can see they could be very food aggressive they're a wild animal you can't demit would take thousands of years to domesticate these animals hi I'm Bobby brink and this is Barbara cane at lions tigers and bears in Alpine California and this is Bakari Bakari is a four year old African lion he's been here with us since he was about 12 pounds three weeks old and he came from another sanctuary in Louisiana that we helped out a little bit they were in a lot of trouble with the state with their paperwork and their their caging and their fencing and they had 26 big cats at the time and being that we couldn't take their animals we needed to go and help them fix and repair their cages which were zip-tied and wired together and teach him how to shift and we got the female spayed because they weren't quite sure how to do the birth control right and they actually had baby lions being born and dropped on the ground and the other males were eating them so vasectomies don't always work on the Lions so we we help them to spay their females and Bakari Jillian in Surrey where littermates born at the time and they'll spend their life here with us at lions tigers and bears we every day we're actually feeding them a little bit of pork chicken and beef today with lots of supplements on it and we have feed them with a fork so we can get up close to them it builds a keeper relationship it makes it so as you can see we can check their feet their claws their chests see if they have any cuts make sure they're feeling good get a good look at their eyes the eyes tell all and I'm just keep good veterinary care here in animal maintenance these animals are considered generic big cats once they come out of our ACA zoos as surplus animals they no longer fall under the species survival plan so that's one of the things we're working on here at lions tigers and bears is to stop the unnecessary breeding that goes on in our country we have over 10,000 big cats outside of our 220 zoos so there's about 3,200 tigers in the wild where we've got at least 7 or 8,000 you know outside of our zoo systems as backyard pets and sanctuaries and can't hunt ranches just different things like that

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