Keep your pets mentally active with these tips!

Ecch with you I am Ellen the dog trainer your resident dog trainer and today joining me is a reef bloom but everyone we are both certified professional dog trainers I am a certified professional dog trainer and a certified behavior assessment training instructor I'm also a parent prior Academy certifying training partner for work with cast as one of her species in that program and the reason why we call attention to the fact that we are certified professional dog trainers and I read also working with cats is that it's important when you do work with a trainer that they do have some sort of certification some qualification so that you know you're working with the best person in your area so today we are actually going to be talking about both dogs and cats and the importance of mental stimulation we all know how important it is for our dogs to get the physical exercise that they do when we take them out for walks and when we do take them out for walks if they get to sniff and smell and explore all of that is really important it's just as important as how fast there are four little legs move because when they take in information from the environment when they snow wear another dog if peed or where they they smell you know where another dog has been or another person has been or a rabbit or a cat or all sorts of creatures they take that information in through their nose and they process it and they learn all sorts of information about their environment would you agree I would absolutely agree and while cats don't often go and walk so some cats do cats also need enrichment in their lives they're naturally animals that want to go out and explore and check out a lot of different things and if we don't give them a good outlet for that energy then we'll tend to get a lot of problematic behaviors like attacking people's feet is sort of the most common one or you might get litter box issues or all kinds of different issues that come up when your cat isn't really mentally stimulated enough and same goes for our dogs yes so today in addition to thinking about that when your dog is out walking and allowing them to sniff and explore we've brought skittles our awesome demo dogs here today to show off some of the wonderful items that are out there in the marketplace that you can is to provide mental stimulation for your dog and your and for your cat sure so with Skittles we're going to start off with probably the one that most folks are familiar with and that's called the Kong this is typically what a Kong will look like you might see them in the color red the black seems to be the most durable but you don't just give them this toy what most dogs will find interesting about this is that when you put food inside of it for them to earn to get out that's going to be the best use of this Kong so what I do is I stick something that's usually super stinky at the very bottom of it so I just put in some shredded shredded cheddar cheese now people will ask us you know can our dogs get people food and our dogs can receive food that we eat because it's the same ingredients of cookie that's in there dry kibble so yes chicken turkey fish beef beef yeah yeah so when we are using high-value reinforcements go ahead and think outside in the box and use cut up chicken use cut up turkey you don't want anything that's super seasoned but that or a little bit of cheese not a whole lot of cheese but a little bit of cheese and that will go a long way towards helping them use their no you be careful to watch out for things that are toxic to dogs of course when you're getting into people's food and those are this is true forecast to a lot of things more things or toxic forecast and for dogs unfortunately but things like chocolate coffee they're not really good for them I don't know that your thing to put them in a Kong but don't grapes raisins macadamia nuts there's a whole variety of things so you know sort of sticks of things that you think Oh a carnivore would eat this those are the things you want to be using that's a great tip for me in fact on that note going back to stuffing our Kong so I've put a little bit of cheese just a little bit at the bottom still is going to smell that through that hole then I'm going to take some of his regular kibble I'm going to put that in there and then I'm going to top it off with a little bit of peanut butter but when Murray was talking about be careful about using products that can be toxic to your animals make sure you use a natural peanut butter that doesn't have the artificial sweetener to it and you can freeze your Kong so the peanut butter is frozen and then it becomes a little bit like a popsicle sometimes I'll use a stuffed banana in there sometimes I'll use yogurt any cream cheese you cheese is popular yeah so as you can see I bet skills to sit in a bed and hi I'm going to give this the skills and you can enjoy this well we talked a little bit more about toys and tricks and products that provide mental stimulation for your dog or cat sorry let's talk a little bit about cats down ok so since we were just talking about food toys for dogs I wanted to start with a food toys for cats I'm just going to put this up close to the camera so everyone can see it there's only a little bit of food in there just for demonstration purposes this is made by a company called cat it capi t like cat it and it's just a really simple food toy you can see there's a little opening here and look if I can get it to slide you can slide it so that it's very easy to get the food out or so that it's a little more difficult to get the food out and you can also close it for transport and basically what the cat has to do once they notice that there's food in there this is assuming your cat is a little bit food motivated which not all cats are is they bat it around and as they bat it around hopefully there we go a piece of treats just fell on the ground so all they do is they roll it around bat it around they have to chase it down it gets out some of that energy that they use to chase things and they get their food too so you kind of get a two-for-one they get to eat and they get to have some fun doing it so that's what out of treat ball I like that it's very similar to what we know we know skills angela is enjoying this type of calm there's another product that's very similar to that and it's called a Kong wobbler looks like this has a little hole in it and this is how we oftentimes will feed skittles his dinner if not through that particular Kong so I put his dry kibble in and then I just screw this and turn it over and what happens here are the fiddles is very into this particular black paw but he liked the cat she was fastest around and sometimes food falls out sometimes it doesn't so it causes them to use their nose they'll smell it through this hole they'll use their paws they'll push it and move around and it allows them to explore and seek and give them some fun stuff to do while trying to earn get the food out of this con wobbler you can have a comment I know you're super familiar – product I love the Colin Walzer a lot of clients really love it the one thing I'll say about it is if you have hardwood floors and you're very sound sensitive you are sound sensitive you may find it kind of a loud toy that's the one thing you need to be warned about yes very good point good point in and and also your dog if your dog is a little sensitive if your dog is a little fearful of something new in fact if this applies across the board for our dogs and our cats if they are a little fearful or a little sensitive to something new being introduced into their environment particulars a bit like just think about that so that they don't become afraid or nervous of your toy make sure you do a really good job of introducing the food toy the interactive toy to your cat to your dog first and not just assume that they're going to love it like like skittles level right and then the other thing is the first time you use it you may want to use some really really high quality Melly the cat or dog absolutely love that something you know that the animal just absorbs so that you can keep them engaged that first time when they might be a little wary about what the story is doing and how it's moving and the noises it's making and then as they get used to it you can mix in stuff this a little less exciting and gradually switch over to more of their normal food oh let's not another let's mention another cat toys okay so now one thing that all of you cat people out there know is that a lot of tests aren't that crazy about food but most cats are really crazy about playing with things and chasing things and this is that would like fun this is actually a really fun toy I'm a lot of fun I'm forgetting the name of the manufacturer I feel terrible I'll come up with a no no it's called pet stages pet stages makes this is called a power and you can see there's three balls I'm just going to make them all rotate one two three you can actually have if you have a couple of cats who get along nicely you can have them both standing around batting this at each other oh what a cat who's really into play will start playing with it just on his own it's actually kind of more fun with two though so nice simple the balls don't come out see I can rotate it in all different directions and so the cats have sort of an impossible task but that's kind of fun for them honestly because it just they get to keep chasing it around and around Amanda in Houston says you have a recommendation to help keep my elderly cat stay mentally active just did you grab that out there perfect yeah so this is one suggestion and there's going to be another bunch of suggestions for you Amanda so hold tight look more to come go ahead Sean other one carry on so we're having a conversation here on the topic of play with food and you'll have to excuse me because this is a collapsible toy and it's not completely perfectly put together this is actually a dog curry it's a I'm gonna have to look up the proper name of it I'll look it up in just a moment but basically it's a windmill and if you look carefully I'm going to try I don't know if you'll be able to see there's treats in here and there are also two different kinds of lid one has these three little holes and one has one big hole you can there are actually 4 lids for each of these cylinders so you could make the degree of difficulty easier or harder or a mixture and what the cat needs to do or the dog is spin it around and you can see the food comes falling out as it spins assume your food is the correct size so I'll demo that one more time with the big hole in the small food it's just going to drop right out now you can put in enough and enough different sizes then it'll take a while for your cat to actually get through all of it and this is like I said this is technically a dog toy I'm going to go grab the name right now it's called the windmill but if by Trixie which makes a lot of cat toys and I know a lot of cats that enjoy toys like this even though they're technically dog toys alright um if we have enough atonia do we have another question if we do Celeste rice says I'm trying to find a realistic-looking toy for my cat as he was a stray and doesn't play with toys I've tried ha realistic-looking toy that's a really great question I'm sure I can't think of a specific brand or product right now but what I would look for is things that are described like seriously just go to Amazon or Google look for something called a mouse toy look for one that looks realistic to you because your eyesight says a human is pretty good and if you can find one that stuff with catnip that can also help sometimes the thing remember about catnip is not all cats are into catnip there's actually a genetic factors whether or not they're interested in it but a mouse toy that has a catnip odor can be a good place to start other things to look for things that are actually natural toys like things that are made out of say the tail of an actual animal you can find things like this or you can find things that are replicas you can find sort of tales that are dangling from a string so hang on for like you know if every cat owner loves their string toy where you just wiggle this around and let the cat have fun with it where you can find ones that kind of look like this but instead of having this obviously fake blue Mouse they will have an actual animal tail hanging from it and you can whip that own the same way that you would whip around one of these toys another variation same theme look the one that has a realistic will see Mouse at the end and things with feathers numbered some QT some cats will really get into things with feathers because they were mined to a furnace so hopefully one of those suggestions will help hey while we are on the topic of food toys you know this skills is loving this particular Facebook lion like awesome I brought a number of yeah notice how he's getting into his bed because he does assist getting into his bed is a really great behavior that that we like for him to do at home he's like hey I'm going to go get my bed and see what might happen for me so these are some toys that he's already familiar with it again when you introduce this to your dog he or she may get it right away and they may not so make sure there's something extra smelly in there to start does that skip the skittles symbol in it and he's familiar with this so I'm gonna let you guys see how he finds a food in there this is also one of his favorites while he was talking he went ahead and took a stab at this one and he wasn't always this good at this point so that's to do with Express bag don't just plop it on the floor and walk out the door and get out to work you know introducing an interactive toy to your dog to your cat so you can see how they respond and and you may even need to encourage them at some point yeah so this is a pretty skillful set of behaviors here you know picking up the lid moving it off to the side and then getting to the kibble probably took a little time to learn so it'll take your pet a little time to learn to yes we haven't had a question yeah from Laura C in Los Angeles my dog has separation anxiety how can I pass a fire when I leave the that's a really big question yeah separation anxiety or isolation distress that's a pretty complex behavior so it would be really important for you to get with your veterinarian or one of we're very lucky Los Angeles Times three that became yeah that me here so it would be really important to get with with that professional a vet or the net behaviorist and discuss what's going on with your dogs yeah a lot of people do have the idea that well if I do leave them with a food toy an interactive food toy that that can help solve the problem yeah for some dogs it will help for some dogs it does nothing at all and there are also dogs that will eat the food toy but they're still in very great distress and they're still barking and howling much as day they're just sort of grabbing food in between so definitely veterinary behaviorist or another resource that we have in the area are there are now certified separation anxiety trainers who specialize in this problem and even if there isn't one right in your area they can do remote consult so again that certified separation anxiety trainer it's CSAT and you can find them on milena de Martini's website which is mal en a de ma RTI and I um Amanda right we'll forgive me if I Laura see all right forgive me Laura what we'll do is after our Facebook live will respond on the Facebook page and make sure you have the proper link I know we do have a couple here in Los Angeles who can help you out yeah so we'll make sure to give you some good resources for you skills going to demonstrate yet one more toy again and to wreak pointed out this one also this is a pretty advanced toy he is familiar with it already so we'll see how he does with it I'm going to set this down here so you can see how he thinking about how to remove that resident in order to get to the food now I've only put food in two of the slaw yeah you can see that took a lot of coordination which means it took a lot of thought and he had to do both his nose and his car which reminds me of a cat toilet there's also a dog version of this is made by a company called North mate it's called the catch the a TCH and you can see it has these little fingers that stick up and I've just put a couple of treats in by way of demonstration now if any of you have ever looked at your cat's face you know that your cat can't actually get a flat cat face into this spot so what they wind up having to deal which is why I thought about caps and if you pause and tones is they have to bat it outwards until they get to the point where they can reach the food with their tongue so if you have a cat that is motivated by food you can use this with a whole wide variety of food what I like about it you can put canned food in it you can put kibble in it you can put treats in it so whether using dry food wet food or your cat will only work for treats this is a toy that you can use with your cat and they just have to bat it out with their paws first and then they once they gotten it out they can actually reach for it and eat it so here is the dog version of that so skittles is going to go back to his his spot that earns him some really good stuff so I just put a little bit kibble in here wait [Applause] and you'll see skittles this is a great all of these actually food dispensing toys interactive toys if you have a dog that has a tendency to golf you know really inhale their food eat really really fast it's important to slow that eating down Oh No why won't you talk a little bit more about that or read oh I don't want to slow down there so there's a lot of reasons to slow down they're eating one which we've been talking about the whole time as mental stimulation if you've gulped down your meal this is true for humans too if you drop down your meal in five minutes you'll really appreciate your meal so we want them to appreciate their food we want them to get a little time thinking about their food and then also for dogs there's a health concern if they eat too quickly they swallow a lot of air and you can wind up with a very serious condition called bloat or gastric torsion depending on what name you've heard it under and you really don't want that to happen so it does help to slow them down also some dogs and cats if they eat too fast still vomit afterwards so you do want to slow them down and this can be really helpful what they wanted to know the name of the green and pink play again so the green one is called the green feeder nice easy to remember name green feeder and this plan is titled north made yeah north made have the company that makes it and the pink one is called catch so they're both made by North mate the green feeder also comes in a bigger size for larger dogs and then the pink version that you saw earlier right here also by North mate is the cat version so you can see they're really actually very similar but they've designed the cat version slightly differently because cat paws are smaller and more delicate I don't mean that offensively yeah this time is to another catch away okay so it's passed toys where it's like getting really fairly basic this is just a do you remember those weevils I don't know who's my generation weebles wobble but we don't down this is basically a waffle toy I put it down and I don't know if you can hear I'm trying to make the squeak audible to the microphone and the cat just pass it around and again if you have to cast it's even more fun what's really cool I don't know if you can see this is even when it falls down it doesn't really fall down it brings itself right back to upright and I know it looks like a mouse I doubt cats really think this looks like a mouse but it's fun and they interact with it and it makes noises and noises can be really helpful Oh for the person who was asking earlier about realistic cat toys if it squeaks or make some kind of noise that can also really help so this is just fun and this is made by a company called our pet and I literally just found it in a random pad store I love it I'll hold up the tag and I just think it's kind of fun garden be in Santa Fe as my cat rolls with you iPad games designed specifically for cats yeah and our iPad games designed for dogs too actually now that you mention that and that's great thank you so much for sharing that that was Gordon right thank you so much for sharing that that's a great point and it could definitely be fun awesome when you have a lot of our more let's do a couple more and it will show the maybe the type to your mode talk a little bit about basic obedience and then we'll show a good trick okay so other things that have balls that roll around in them this is by a company called either Bergen or coastal you'll find it everywhere it's at pet stores everywhere and again it's got a bald it's stuck in the track which is a good thing not a bad thing it also comes with a package of catnip which if your cat is into it you can sprinkle in here and this is supposed to be a scratching board not all cats use it as a scratching board but if you put catnip you know that will help and either way I know so many taps who just entertain themselves endlessly with this ball it's so simple and yet so effective and let me show you one other point that have a ball in it so this is also by cat it ca ti-ti showed their treat ball at the beginning I don't know if you can see there's a ball right here and the captain stick a paw in make the ball move some areas that move slowly some areas it moves quickly and I just randomly put it in this configuration but I'm just going to show everyone really quickly I have a bag full of more segments and you can take it apart and put it back together and make it any shape you want you could make it a circle and a Hot Wheels track it's like a Hot Wheel a track for the ball and actually you can make it a complete circuit oh and the Hat will just chase the ball around the circuit which is really fun that is awesome everything happy Jill brown asked about the one with the round lid I believe it yeah we're talking about her here all right I kept an outward-bound but let me double-check and I'm so sorry I didn't uh didn't write this down but I will make sure that we have the products for you on the facebook like page we'll write those down now this is a very very fancy a really wonderful wonderful training tool called the pet tutor alright and every I'm going to have you demonstrate skittles are still going after the cone here so I'm in a so give me just a second to get the pet tutor up and running because it automatically turns itself off if you don't interact with it for long enough which is great because it means you don't lose the whole battery so also real quick fetch chef Cara says here's a list of all the brands mentioned in today's Facebook live great thank you thank you catch so this is called the pet tutor and it's a very very versatile tool so the simplest thing I can do with it hang on whoops sorry just a second let me just flip wait a minute I disconnected for some reason give me just a moment please connect me tell me the battery did not if the battery if the battery died I'll show you all how to take out the battery it is turn on opacity son on why are you not well I thought okay you know what hang on a second let me just start over and well I'm going to talk a little bit about basic obedience all you yet like I had well I close this out so I skills who's been a great demonstration dog here today but it's certainly been handsomely rewarded you saw him a number of times moved to his bed you know always like ordered food over there on your back there's a whole lot going on in this year's show you and we're actually doing a you know real training and our dogs are real dogs and how the power of food can be used to influence their behavior so what I'm going to do here with skittles now so some of you if your dog is having a hard time paying attention to you like skittles is with me because he's very fascinated with the food that's in their stead of just jerking on the leash notice how I'm just kind of doing this and notice how I just turned over and look at me thank you feel a vibration going through the leash very how awesome someone over thank you on your bed awesome thank you so when we teach our dog some very basic obedience behavior is like sick little thing thank you good job thank you some rewarding skills with a little bit of shredded cheese here because it's important that he performs these behaviors in this setting there's people walking by there was a bus there's cars or Reed's working on that so there's a lot of distractions so taking into consideration all that he could be paying attention to I'm going to reward him with shredded cheese for staying in his bed that's the behavior he's learned for sitting you saw him do touch I'm going to ask him to watch me thank you so get with the professional defied professional trainer for cats and dogs in your area and if they don't work with you one-on-one sign up for a for a clack because when our dogs can learn some behaviors that actually make life a little bit easier for both of us it just it helps to make your have a cohesive family unit but it also makes them think it gives them something to do and that's important it's important for them to have the kind of mental mental stimulation that we're talking about today in addition to the interactive food toys so again we are up and running so the narrator is a pretty cool device now Skilton is not familiar with this device like he's been familiar with the interactive food toys so a REIT is going to demonstrate how to use the pet shooter with Skittles so the first thing I'm going to do is I'm just going to let them get used to it makes a little noise when it feeds and I'm running it from my app from my an app on my phone this happens to be an iPhone but they do have an app for basically you know Google phones as well and so on and you can see there's a big button that says feed and I can just hit that button and out came some food now the first few times I do this I'm going to just feed for nothing in particular because skittles might be startled by the noise that it makes could go doot-doot before it feeds or he might be startled by the sudden appearance of treats because they kind of fire out of there a little quickly so I'm going to wait until he comes back in this direction and for those of you who were with us last month and we talked a lot about canine body language watch skills when the the treats because when three dispenses the tree says there's kibble over here he'll food again so so like no to my language he actually didn't even walk up to it again yeah he's a little bit like a little startled by it the first time so I'm not even going to try we don't she goes up and interact ago and now I descended it and together go did you see he startled a little and he's doing that thing where his back end he's like not quite committing to moving forward but he looked interesting so I'm going to fire it again so the first thing I would do is I would introduce him to it and make sure that he's really comfortable with it let me wait until he backs away a little I don't want the treats to fall right on his nose and they do come out slightly in random amounts you do want to use something that's solid and not too crumbly in the pet tutor because of the way it dispenses the treats otherwise the sensor gets blocked if you use something wet or very crumbly and also to keep in mind that when you you're going to be using it inside your home and not in a park setting right so I wouldn't typically introduce it this way but skilled is a piece of pretty good demo dog for us today so taking that into consideration is probably often two ways a little like whoa what's that so now the other thing you can do with the pet tutor which is and I'm only scratching the surface is you can set it up to dispense automatically every certain number of seconds and then you can do things like you can set it for maybe on average every five seconds instead of exactly every five seconds and you can tell it I only want you to do that until a hundred seconds have passed and then I want you to stop you can make all these different settings so you have an interval how often it does it how many times it should do it and whether that interval is exactly every five seconds or about every five seconds now this can be really handy when you're working with an animal who you want to for instance get to stay lying down you can put this right in front of them and as long as they stay lying down it continues to dispense it also has a bark prevention mode where it dispenses food when the dog is quiet and stops dispensing food when the dog has made noise so it's really a very versatile tool I can't even begin to like you need like an hour to even scratch the surface on this product I will warn you all it's not inexpensive but it's really really very good and you can see right now hang on I'm not sure if I'll be able to do this while I'm holding it this base is a separate piece for those of you who have dogs it also comes with a mount that puts it onto I sorry I keep doing that wrong there we go a mountain you can put on a crate and if I can find this quickly there's also a really associate is where is it oh I'm not sure if I have it in here or not there's a cool associated piece with it which I don't think I have right here called a smart clicker and it's like a little clicker booking thing that you can put it inside a toy and it has a giant remember metric sensor in it so it knows when the dog rolls it and it will dispense when the dog touches it the right way or shifts something over you can set it in a variety of different ways there is lots of cool things you can do with the pet shooter some of you with cats might be able to use it with taps but because tests tend to be a lot more wary of those things I'd be super careful introducing it and you really do want to prove motivated patent I think we have a motivated dog here some time also puts up speed and I'm going to put this down at your level skittles so you can enjoy it watch your head little sweet experience mark be in San Francisco sorry to ask what's a creative way I can keep my dogs busy in the car during their a trip good question it will be on the base now can use a pet tutor for that you're framing your perfect mark home so you can absolutely use a pet tutor for that if you don't want to go quite that high tech you can take PVC piping and Jimmy up something that goes over your shoulder as you're driving and shoots into the back where the dogs are Eskander that drop treats in periodically so low-tech highly effective as long as you're handy enough to put the PVC pipe together yeah definitely and you know going back we've recovered certainly one of the most complex you know toys that are out that's not even a toy interactive a food dispensing item so that's next to most complex this I would say is probably one of the most basic so right you can freeze a calm and have your dog enjoy the Kong in the backseat and have that graphically I'll add one more thing about the path tutor which is this is something where I can set it and forget it so to speak I can set up remember we were looking at this crazy screen here I can set this up with a really law number of repeats I can leave the house and just have the pet food or dispense a treat to my dog every five minutes or so and then my dog has something to think about all day in between your visits from your fetch pet sitter exactly I just had a fight and it went away oh well so um yeah one more question what are some health benefits of brain training for dogs and cats aside computing them active busy or other so what I'll say is reduced stress yet an increased joy and when I say reduce stress a lot of our pets whether they are dogs or cats are under a great deal of stress because as much as we've domesticated them a lot of their life is not really completely natural to them they have to learn to live with our rules and our way of doing things between walls with windows and gadgets that make beeping noises and what a lot of these toys can do is they can give them a place to focus their energy and get out some of that nervousness so that in the end they're less stressed it's kind of like for us as humans the difference between you know when you're sitting on a plane you're really usually not very happy but if the plane happens to be one that has a movie screen and you can watch television or movies and you have something to occupy yourself the flight goes by a lot faster it's kind of the same thing for our pets and if we can give them something to occupy themselves with in between those visits from vets vets professionals and from us you know from other or a better professional trainer or or their people you know during those long stretches of day even if it's three hours three hours is a lot of time to have nothing to do so you given the option of something to do yeah what a reset and right on target and we first started talking about when our dogs are out walking and the occasional get on they go for a walk and when we don't allow our dogs to and explore the environment I say it's kind of like taking your kid to Disneyland and not letting them go on the ride I love that analogy important because it allows them then when they do come home from the walk that's why these fetch walks are so important when they do come home and they have had the opportunity to learn about their environment check their pee mail I'm sure you guys have heard that saying before then it gives em something to just kind of process and de-stress and relax and and hopefully take a little nap yeah yeah so it's the mental simulation as much as it is the physical exercise yeah absolutely yeah thank you so much for your questions today guys yeah great question great question there's regular regularly dispensing treats make them treat obsessed as a general way of being a question Paul man I would say no I would also say you know it all depends on there being a structure to how the treats are dispensed so you know if you're on your own and you're playing with your Kong wobbler and the Collin wobbler gives you food then you know what the rules are you have to play with the Collin wobbler to get food and that's not going to turn into I'm going to beg to get food from Ellen there are two very different things our animals learn contextually yeah and so if you were to feed your dog while you're sitting at the dinner table then your dog is going to start or your cat is going to start to think oh when you sit down at the dinner table that means you know you give me food so I think that you using these well let's let them I interrupt myself look at skittles some skittles has been very mentally satisfied and as appetite and pretty much as a hat is dinner here tonight with our Facebook live he's not begging yeah I mean he seems pretty chill now so I would not I would not let that deter you from investigating and from trying out and from using these interactive food toys so we are going to end our Facebook live with one of the most simple little behaviors that gilds knows this behavior he loves this behavior I believe it's a behavior that cats about to ask announcer we learn this by know where you're going yeah and that is what we call find it and whenever you know our dogs are comfortable sniffing and exploring the ground and then boom they also get to find food that is really enriching and really goes a long way towards making them happy joyful love the word is very insightful so first part and this you can do you can feed your dog dinner this way you might be able to feed your cat dinner this way or for breakfast if you are out walking around and you need your dog to maybe start sipping the ground instead of you know staring at some scary thing across the street it's a great little game so again I've got some high values here again a little bit of shredded cheese and some treats mixed in I'm just going to toss it on the ground I'm not going to say anything and you're going to use his nose to find that if you have a senior dog or if you have a puppy or you have just you know and healthy adult dog this is a great way for them to spend some time Joanne what just come real natural to them and that is using their nose finding some food exploring and let me give you sort of the cat analog with this so people underestimate how well their cats smell they'll smell as well as dogs but they smell very very well and one thing you can do and you can also do this with the food toys with stone side away is you can create a little kitten food maze right or your pet where you take whatever it is they eat and you put it in different places and they have to you know depending on how you you people with cats you know this is totally doable you can put it in a drawer and they have to pull out the drawer to get to the food or you can put it up on a shelf and they have to climb all the way to the top of the bookshelf to get it there's a lot of ways to make it more interesting now some of these food toys are going to be better off on the ground and for those who have dogs or a food toy that needs to stay on the ground you can just find them in different parts of your house where you don't mind your dogs getting to eat as well and then what your dog or cat does is they get to explore during the day while they're waiting for their visit from their fetch dog walker to come and spend some time with them they get to wander around and their breakfast takes them an hour of exploring and then they get to snooze til their walk yeah I think we I love this behavior and it's just really fun notice I'm not even saying it's saying anything but skittles watches my hand and he sees food fall to the ground and he's going for it then you can add what we we call it too and that's find it thank you so much for joining us today thank you very much and a lot of fun spending time with you and we will look forward to speaking with you again I am Ellen the dog trainer and I'm Yuri bloom the dog and cat and other animal trainer thanks again we'll see you again thanks so much bye

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