Keep Your Dog Safe with a Custom-Shape Wireless Dog Fence

Endless fence possibilities means more
safe space for your dog to roam and play. Featuring breakthrough, patented technology, the Havahart® Custom-Shape Wireless Dog Fence combines the customization benefits of an
underground wired fence with the convenience and economic
advantages of a wireless system. The revolutionary Havahart® Custom-Shape Wireless Dog Fence features superior technical sophistication, nanoLOC TRX 2.4 gigaHertz transceivers deliver precision event-stamped mapping to plot the
location of your boundary and use trilateration to continuously track
your dog, keeping him safe and secure inside the
Roaming Area. Four smart-tracking bases interact to
extend the range of the boundary, allowing you to create a custom
containment area of over thirteen hundred feet in any direction. A Custom-Shape boundary: shape it to
your yard. Unlike a circular fence, the Havahart® Custom-Shape Wireless Dog Fence allows you to fully customize your
boundary to the unique configuration of your property. Now you can optimize the Roaming Area
for your dog and fully utilize your yard from edge to edge. No other do-it-yourself
wireless fence system offers this powerful advantage. Expanded Trigger Zone: Our wider Trigger Zone is specifically
designed to keep your dog safe inside the Roaming Area and away from danger. Exclusion Zones: Our patented Exclusion Zones allow you
to keep your dog out of designated areas of your yard: A patio, a garden, a pool or a playset. The system lets you set up
to four Exclusion Zones to keep your dog safe and your yard looking pristine.
Simple Setup: total control is at your fingertips. Set, activate and customize your fence
using the intuitive touchscreen Controller. Moving? No problem. Just take the system with you — it is
totally portable. Only the Havahart® Custom-Shape Wireless Dog Fence delivers performance, protection and peace of mind for you and
your dog. No wires, no digging, no worries. Trust Havahart® Wireless: the leading innovator of digital wireless fence solutions.

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