hey everyone we are getting a late start today
but Kayla and I have decided that were going to head out and go to pet smart to pick up
some supplies and Tyler he is just being silly he’s making weird noises you are just going
to hang back and chill while we go run some errands and then when we get back we are all
going to go swimming and we are going to see Tyler’s skills at the pool were going to see
his skills and Shawn I think he has been out doing some gardening so we will catch up with
him so let’s head out I am we Tyler is doing one arm push-ups he’s trying to keep his strength
up anyway he can mom is pretending like she’s doing all the work I feel the pain I feel
the pain I am feeling that pain I am feeling that burn I feel the burn no pain no gain
yes no pain no gain all right so heading out now let’s go so we are going to the pet store
to get some to toys and then were gonna just get some more stuff because all his old stuff
just got dirty because it would just go into his bedding and then I had to clean out his
bedding so some of the toys got lost in the bedding and some of them I just wanted to
kind of throw out because they were getting old and dirty so were going to get him some
new ones because he doesn’t have very many anymore so working to see what we can get
him and then we will be right back all my gosh they are so pretty look at him hi little
guy they are cute that’s what Tyler wants to get look it he’s like come play with me
look up biggest one is who that’s a big one look it’s a chameleon a chameleon mommy it’s
hard to see it because the glasses, fog up there I think of what the natural stuff where
are the chew sticks chew sticks this has chew sticks on them yeah we have to have something
like that here they are here he’ll just bury those mommy that’s what he needs look at this
guy he’s just working out on his treadmill he’s got that treadmill going so I have these
little chew blocks and chew sticks for chewy to play with chewies for chewy okay so we
also got one more thing that I forgot to show and we almost forgot to check it out we got
this cute little hat with bunny ears on it and were gonna stick it on chewy and I’m so
excited to do it it’s good to be so so funny okay we just pulled up to Michael’s we are
going to go check it out and see if we can get some art supplies so we can do some fun
challenges or art art what artsy things artsy things that maybe we will blog get that bling
bling after show it up a little bit I cant see this is a little dog from a movie that
is coming out the secret life of pets cute I’m excited to see that and this is the main
character and this is also in it this little bunny okay so were picking out some paint
because we want to get crafty so we got ourselves some canvases and I were getting ourselves
some paint I picked out my paint and it’s in the cart now we gotta try to figure out
what paint Tyler wants the kids want to decorate something for their room because the walls
still are bare we got some paintbrushes and we got our paint and we got our canvases and
we are out here we are still running our errands and we are starving to death so we have to
make a pitstop here at one of these restaurants and get some food yummy we are at Newk’s we
haven’t been here before it looks like a really good restaurant I picked out a solid and Kayla
got a grilled cheese with chips I can’t wait we are so hungry is that good yeah it’s good
.my chips to all my God it’s like really really really good all right were trying to get home
and there were to see what the boys are up to and hopefully will have some time to get
to the pool still and then we’ll barbecue please help me hi chewy he’s like what have
you done to me you look so cute hey little Chew Chew you’re getting all sleepy you go
sleep sleep ha you go sleepy he says oh yeah he gets a scratchy scratch he loves getting
scratchy he loves it he says all thank you so much yes all right Chew will see you later
so are we ready to go to the pool let’s go to the swimming pool were to go swimming or
go when swimming let’s do this yeah looks like the pool is pretty crowded I wonder what
the water to PP ratio is right now probably really high I found treasure he found treasure
what did you find one buck a dollar a fake dollar perfect you know how to turn it on
right no I think I have used it before but I forgot you just hit that red button right
there okay okay Kayla is doing the waterslide go Kayla go here she comes I don’t think we
can leave why because it’s nice out I know this is awesome this is actually the best
I felt I think in a long time I found out that if you eat broccoli you die you are so
funny if you eat broccoli you die is that what he said that’s why kids don’t eat broccoli
because of their fear of dying I like rock Lee and cauliflower I didn’t know broccoli
was so fatal yeah I know it’s crazy it’s a good thing we don’t eat broccoli around here
I know I was thinking about getting some to don’t they give you the stinkies to know that
is a asparagus it’s smelly asparagus is deadly to others when you eat it and broccoli is
deadly to you so avoid it why does it smell I don’t know that sounds like a topic for
another blog though why is it smelly in the pool right now I don’t know someone must have
eaten some asparagus all right here had asparagus razor in we are back home Tyler is playing
with his uncle Glenn on the computer Shawn is barbecuing everybody’s getting changed
and there were to do some dinner are oh my gosh I’m so hungry I can’t wait were going
to have ribs tonight it’s so good Shawn does such a good job cooking these things I can’t
wait my mouth is watering and then there’s beans and then there’s potatoes so pick what
you want and have at it girl oh baked potatoes we are so blessed as you can see we are busy
eating our dinner right now so were going to go wrap up our blog it was an awesome day
we got some work done around the house Shawn did an awesome job with the ribs we can’t
stop eating them so do you have a joke for the day I do a test came up with a pretty
funny one I thought anyways what do you call a cow with no legs ground beef you got it
baby oh my goodness we got a smarty-pants over here I knew that to I saw that and I
was cracking up this morning so thank you a debt if you have any other jokes after that
you want to hear send them our way we’ll see if we can get them in the rotation here little
shout out anyways you guys have a wonderful day thank you please like subscribe and we
will see you next time goodbye

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