Kathy Bates Brought A Bird Back To Life: ‘I Can Heal Like Jesus’

– I have to tell you this story. So, I think having the double
mastectomy was the worst and the drains they put
in, not to get too graphic, I think it hit a nerve
so I was always fighting with my doctors for more pain medication. – [Kelly] Yeah. – Okay, so there was a
day that drains were out, gorgeous sunny day, feeling
free for the first time. I had these plate glass
windows onto this patio and wham, this little finch hit the window and fell on the bricks dead and I went, (deep exhale) “Great,
it’s always something.” So, I opened the door
and I put him in my hands and I sat out, you know how sometimes you think you can heal something? – Yeah like oh my God,
we’re the same person. – And then you think, oh it’s
blasphemy, it’s blasphemy. – Yes (laughing) ’cause
you grew up in church. – So, I’m sitting there
and all of a sudden, he flips over in my hand and I mean, his head was hanging off my hand before and he flips over and I could
feel his tiny little claws and then his wings were
fine, his beak was fine, and my niece was there and
she’s like the Francis of Assisi of our family so she just said,
“Oh, he wants some water.” And I thought, dude, go. And so we put a little cup of water and we put her there and she
said, “Now, leave him alone.” (laughing) ‘Cause she knows I wanna go mess with him, but then I couldn’t leave him alone and I went back and he
flew off and I told Linda. I said, “He flew away.” And she said, “Are you
getting the message?” And at first, I thought,
I can heal like Jesus. (audience laughing) – Gimme some water. – [Kathy] You know, right?
– Gimme some water. I’m gonna turn it into wine. – Totally and she said, “No,
you thought you were dead, “but now you can fly into a new life.” – Oh my gosh, I love your niece. – I do too. – [Kelly] Yeah, what
a beautiful sentiment. – I mean, after that I just thought, everything’s gonna be okay. – Yeah, those little moments man. – [Kathy] Huge, I still get chills. – They make huge impacts, yeah. – And it’s a moment of grace. – [Kelly] And humility.
– [Women] Yeah.

24 thoughts on “Kathy Bates Brought A Bird Back To Life: ‘I Can Heal Like Jesus’

  1. Well, Jim. Where I'm from there are two types of folk: those who ain't, and those who are knee-high on a grasshopper. Which type ain't you ain't? Ya'll come back now.

  2. Sometimes Kelly needs to listen to what her guest has to say instead of talking over her. It’s very frustrating to try to follow what her guest is saying or the story they are trying to tell. I love Kelly but she needs to learn to listen. Some guests it doesn’t matter but someone like Kathy Bates has many life lessons that are worth hearing.

  3. She looks amazing!!! So glad shes even nominated for another golden globe. She is one of Hollywood's greatest living actors

  4. I LOVE Kelly’s dress! Very astronomical.

    It’s good to see Kathy Bates, she’s a legendary actress. I loved her bird story.

  5. I love seeing Kelly in her new talk show, more so because you can tell that she is a very real person on the show AKA not fake. When I watch Ellen it seems like she can be very fake while interviewing guests. But to make my point I really don't see Kelly's talk show lasting for very long. It's nothing against her but with these type of shows for viewers to take a real interest in watching week after week and wanting to see it last they have to be wanting you to be a talk show host compared to someone in Hollywood saying we think you would be a great talk show host would you like to start one with our help. It was the same thing with RuPaul this year. No one was wanting or asking for him to start his own talk show and he got a trial run and failed at it.

  6. I love days like this.I usually do no watch this show but i HATED Kathy in the only movie I remembered seeing her in . She is a great actor.

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