welcome to the Armand Wiggins show where is a lot going on we discussed music drama celebrity gussa pop culture and everything in the entertainment world that's how we already know stay tuned right here as we spill the tea sits on the seat offer your enjoyment and now grab your cup and buckle up don't a snicker only what the care I don't wanna give them the whole of fake-ass bitches hey didn't where you slid that hiss around me you go get touch hey don't a snicker earlier the care I don't wanna get them NOLA snake ass bitches and when you said that a survivor you go get touch period okay Castle okay can we drop some other fucking bombs for cash all make sure you are make sure somebody's sitting this to cash dog okay make sure y'all stood mister we're gonna drop some bombs for Castro dog ass nigga only what the kid I don't wanna give him no Lola hey snake ass bitches head everywhere you said hits ever help me you go get touch yeah that's all I know for right now cuz I have the lyrics right here but let me tell you something – okay so how y'all hi oh I'm just so I'm just don't height about this record so listen Castro has dropped a new single quark it in featuring Lil Wayne and it's late Late Late Late okay it's fired and you know for months I've been saying cashed are as dull as out she does not have it I don't think I still don't I'm still don't think that cash dollars up next will be the next mega mega star okay but I don't want to take anything away from this record this record is a motherfucking Bop I love the sound I like the vibe she switched the flow I like the singing tone she went on this record and blessed her Lil Wayne did his thing on this record cash draw this is the Bob this is the record I'm here for and listen girl I'm here for the show go ahead and shut me up cashed off go ahead and make me a make me a believer bitch that's what I'm here for I like you I just gotta call it like I see now if you make me a believer I'm gonna give you your rose this shit is fire I like this cash star I love this record you guys haven't listened to this record you need to listen to this record cash draw you got something here stay focus so you know it took a little while now that she's out of her management contract and she can make some more music so if this is delaying and this is the direction that you're going cashed off I'm here for it it sounds like you got a better it sounds like you got a better producer better engineer I don't know if you're riding or whoever's riding but better riders because that bitch here I go that shit made me feel like popping out like you know it'd be like this her G bitch was looking for me bitch here I go you know me bitch you just prepping it I'd like that I felt goofy like a goofball but this one I feel like a you know I bear my effect you know Anna period you know what I'm saying like um what so talking about so I'm talking about yes girl yes yes yes yes yes guys this is absolutely it you look phenomenal in this motherfucking cover this cover looks awesome you look fucking great yes cash doll I'm here for this you look good so listen I'm excited to see what you do next Castro because if this is if this is the new character era I'm here for it I'm here for it to record sound freakin amazing right and another record that is really really really good to me that's out right now is the Cyn Santana record that just dropped it's called real life I know a lot of people didn't realize that sin Santana did music if you don't know who since antenna is it's Joe buttons ex-girlfriend or baby mama however whatever they're doing right now but she dropped a record called real life it's a banger it's a bob I like it it's a little vibe she's got a nice pretty voice you know I'm here for saying getting her look in her body back so check this out – the only thing I did not like about this record was the artwork on it it looks like a bunch of Photoshop gone wrong and it looks like this is a mature Photoshop I don't know if she did it herself and I'm not really feeling the random bathtub in the middle of nowhere you're just kind of laying out in the middle of nothing with two of her on the side of a bathtub out in the middle of nowhere and then is that like a a UFO up and like this is just all over the place I don't know what that means it's just like a lot of thoughts and a lot of random ideas I think that the artwork should have could have been a lot better a lot more creative this looks like she was trying to be just let's just put something together let's just be colorful fun I don't know if this was the intern a friend she could have put a little bit more money behind that I did like that but however I do like since Atena and I like the record so sin go ahead do your thing shout-out to Cyn Santana shout-out to cash star let me get these two growth records up so you guys can know where to go and stream these to Queens okay because Castro is coming won't quite say for a spot yet because I think she's already has a spot but she's definitely she doesn't want to be out of the race and I'm here for I'm here for it's ok cast off I'm here for pitch dog ethnic 11 hey all right Castro so listen make sure you guys like share subscribe make sure you guys go stream these records we got some good music for the summer we definitely got some good music to listen to for the summer and yes until next time I'll see you soon I'm looking for my Drake and Chris Brown collaboration review I got some thoughts on that but we'll talk alright y'all until next time I love you and I'll see you


  1. You should've played pieces of the songs so we wouldn't have to leave and rtn. But I haven't heard anything from Cash Doll anyway and prob not gonna go listen. Sooooo, yeah. I don't care for most of these new female rappers after Cardi anyway…Have a great day!

  2. I'm a Kashdoll fan but THIS Kitten song? Is a 100% FLOP. Badly mixed sound, nusery rhyme lyrics. Lil Wayne sounded like he was rapping in his sleep. They put this together in two seconds and people are eating this up. Shit sounds terrible. She went from going hard to this bullshit?? Issa strong no for me on the Kitten song dawg?

  3. Not interested in supporting Cyn in any form or fashion. Let the men who “cater” to her support her music.

  4. Detroit in the house 313 ..I love kash that's my girl her and my cousin tiff use to be good friends back in the day.

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