Karlous Miller AKA (Ski Mask The Bird God) Gets Revenge On Nick Cannon ? | Wild ‘N Out | #Wildstyle

– DJ D-Wrek, drop the beat. (hip hop music playing) – Matter fact, I usually go
first, this is your show dog. I’ll let Carlos go first – I’m a bring some flavor in here then. Check this out. I said I’m coming off the top like that dude wearing that wig. – [All] Like that dude wearing the wig. – Coming off the top like that dude wearing that wig. I don’t have no sense but I came to do it big. I came to Wild’n out because I need to feed my kids. You tried to fire me but that just ain’t what it is. – Aint what it is, I see you all talk, everybody know the whole black squad lost, because of your captain
(bleep) what happened? How you get fired on your damn day off? (laughing) – What? Ha, ha. (buzzer) – The wildstyle need to
come with better rules I’m bout to do it bigger than
your little brother shoes. (crowd cheering) Than your little brother shoes I’m bout to do it bigger than
your little brother shoes. Nick what it do? You know I ain’t playing, I got your brother shoes and
you know that I be slaying. Look at these, these is his red boots. They bigger than hell and
you know he gon’ shoe. Like I said earlier, we play no games. That is your brother man
you should be ashamed to let him walk around like this boo, man you know this dude look
like he wear Shaq’s shoes. Boom, step, (ding) boom step boom, step, boom, step. – [Black Team] Do the Nick brother. – [Emmanuel Hudson] Chico stop
playing ain’t no need to amp. You know his little brother
is the kick ball champ. – I said the kick ball
champ, he be booting it long his brother boot so big you
know that you wrong, Go ‘head – Yo okay, Yo Chico Beans, you should
have leave me alone, his chain more costume
than them shoes you got on. – [Chico Bean] Oh no,
they didn’t feel that, but your shoes still look just like that. Okay (ding) yeah you heard what I said, and Nick said when you
was little you used to piss on the bed. (ding) – Okay that was funny, that
was funny, that was funny. I used to piss in the bed! – He used to piss in the bed. – Chico Beans, you do stand up, somebody should have reminded me but Nick wrote 85 South up
like the bulls in the ’90s. – Oh I don’t know. (ding) Okay. You sound like some (beep), when you run, it sound like this. Boom, boom, boom, boom (ding) boom, boom, boom, boom. – [Man] Ay Chico, hey. You know I be spittin’, imagine
gettin jumped and hearing “Nick tell your brother
get some kicks in!” (crowd laughing) (ding) – You’re on his team! – Yeah his shoes be booming, when he walk the devil be like “What
y’all up there doing?” (crowd laughing) (multiple dings) (airhorn) – [Nick] It’s okay man. I
love you bro, I love you. (cheering) DJ D-Wrek man, who won? – I gotta give that to the black squad. Make some noise for the black squad (cheering) – My brother is back man. – ♪ Wild out, we gon’ wild
out, we gon’ wild out. ♪

100 thoughts on “Karlous Miller AKA (Ski Mask The Bird God) Gets Revenge On Nick Cannon ? | Wild ‘N Out | #Wildstyle

  1. The last couple of years the Wildstyle has gotten, shall we say, excessively personal. 'Specially, when Justina and Conceited go at it. . .?

  2. Lmaooo DC the hype man ???????? Karlous and Chico got me screaming, nah Hitman ain’t shit how you going against your team player

  3. For once Nick didn't "Uh Uh clap yo hands yall" and yet he still trash on the mic.. Nick stay on Americas got talent catering to Squares, take your brother with you. 85 south show shits on Justina, Nick, and that other redundant ass dude always sayin'" cut the beat" fuck outta here

  4. sometimes my favorite part about Wildin Out is seeing the reactions to the joke, the look on Emmanuels face when Hitman says "tell you brother get some kicks in" is almost as good as the bars themselves lmao

  5. Chill on this man shoes this is why if you ever go o will n out dressed in sum crazy they on yo ass that whole day.

    Low key this would be fire if they made this a song.

  6. Nick first bar wasnt bad he just aint believe in it. And his brother “that chain more costume than the shoes you got on” didnt deserve a buzzer lol

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  8. It’s crazy because Nick brother really not good on the show, he’s arrogant asf but they be shutting him down with some funny ass lines all the time ?

  9. Dj D-wrek be buzzin some decent lines imo, Nick bro line wasnt bad to me… maybe he just dumb and buzz lines he dont understand lol

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