100 thoughts on “Kardashians in Bird Box

  1. Music playing in the background is our Nicki Minaj Spoof song Do the Shot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFdAigbzDUE

  2. Kylie: Bangs head on glass door and starts to break it

    Kim: "..What are you doing?..

    Kylie: "..Scratching my head, it itches.."

    Khloe: "..Use your hands you stupid b***h!.."

  3. “We can use those birds as an alert system”

    shows an empty birdcage.

    “What the hell,? Where are the birds?

    where do you think that fried chicken come from last night?

  4. Random girl:.Hits head at the door glass.
    Khloe:what are u doing
    Random girl:my head is itching

  5. "It's so beautiful!"

    "Thank you , i've been using moisturizer…"

    "She's not talking to you"

    oH mY gOd i'M dYiNg!

  6. Kourtney: you been on the phone forever what are you doing?

    Khloe: tweeting about my sponsorship with bootybootypopjuice

    Kim: your doing promo for bootybootypopjuice but NOT FOR MY GLOW GLOW GLOW

    Khloe: make a better product than I will

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