K-9 attacks golden doodle at vet

new at 4:30 terrifying moments when a veterinary staff tries to break up a dog attack Lake Mary police say one of its police dogs attacked a goldendoodle News 6 as Amanda Castro explains what went wrong and how that dog is doing tonight and we do want to warn you some of the video may be hard to watch News 6 obtained surveillance video from last Sunday at the lake EMA Animal Hospital in Lake Mary in this video you can see Milo a golden doodle is outside in a gated area a couple minutes later staff brought out k9 Rex a 1 and a half year old German Shepherd and Lake Mary police dog a staff member then walks over to Milo’s cage to let him out that’s when according to a Lake Mary police report Rex got out of his unsecured cage unlatching the lock and running over to Milo you can see in the video Rex attacks Milo the staff member trying to pull the Goldendoodle into the cage and Rex follows them police say Rex bit Milo latching on and not letting go even as the staff member tried to pull Milo into the building from an inside camera we see the hospital staff struggling to separate the two dogs according to a report from the Animal Hospital obtained by new 6 at the time staff didn’t see any injuries until the next day when they found a puncture wound on Milo’s neck and treated it staff wrote in the report this was the first time they boarded Rex and they didn’t know he knew how to open gates Lake Mary police tell us rex joined the force a month ago and is still in training he was left at the boarding facility while his handler was out of town it’s unclear if Milo’s owners are going to press any charges or file a lawsuit when we spoke to him today he told us he had no comment now we asked the animal hospital if the staff broke any protocols if they’re going to review any policies in light of what happened or if they’re covering any medical expenses for the injured dog we were told they have nothing else to say regarding this story reporting in Lake Mary Amanda Castro news six [Music]

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