Just adorable puppies learning about WATER

you are just max Amendola huh so it's been hanging it's really important that puppies understand water at this age and they're not afraid of water so I like that introduced my part they said of water that's puppies good job good good just let's take it slow take it slow it's good slightly better just practice all right yeah you got it right just took it slow turn into a pro that's how we do it could you give me a tow oh cool all right so this is come yeah he's pretty bad just hope Sun yeah probably helps big something right away to the front like this is a big dog if you can't see it takes two people to pick up you get Photoshop the video now no all right hey this is no we got my kids do it what's to get my he's really big Jackson seems like you really died this is a really big don't know how the heavens

21 thoughts on “Just adorable puppies learning about WATER

  1. I am so glad I found your account! ❤️ I’m 14 almost 15, but when I’m 18 I’m planning on getting a dog that can keep me safe, and I can keep him/her safe. Do you guys adopt your dogs out after they’re trained, or if need be I can adopt a dog from a shelter, and depending on their past… would you be able to train him/her for personal protection? If so, how much would it cost so I can start saving up, and how would all of that work? It’d be amazing if you answered me. Thank you! ☺️

  2. Man owning a dog like those is half responsibility and half privilege. What I wouldn’t give to have a one of the dogs you’ve bred

  3. Don't leave the water so high up, the puppies have to get used to the water and not be afraid to drown and paddle for their lives.

  4. SO PRECIOUS!! Thanks for the video!! ?❤️?
    Also if any1 wants to be YT friends I have cute funny dog videos ?❤️?

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