Jurnee Smollett-Bell Took Shots With ‘Birds Of Prey’ Cast In Rosie Perez’s Trailer

– First of all, I’m in love with your outfit, your body, your hair, – Thank you!
your face, everything. – [Kelly] You’re so awesome! – I love you too. – I want a picture of you by my treadmill. (laughing loudly) Just to get me to do it, because it looks so fun, the role you got to play. You’re just like, kicking everyone’s behinds. – We just kicked everyone’s butt. I mean, that was just
what we did all day long. – Oh my God, but what’s funny in the film is I heard that you didn’t actually, you’ve never sang on camera
before this film, right? – No, no. – Was that scary? – Terrifying! Oh my God.
– I bet you were awesome. That’s how I feel with acting. – [Jurnee] Really? – I’m like, why am I here? (laughter) I actually hate doing this. Was it fun though, to play a superhero? – It was so much fun to play Black Canary, I’m so in love with her. I mean, she required
that I do so many things I’d never done before like singing or, you know, I trained for over five months to learn martial arts. – Oh, there, you lost me. (laughter) That’s a lot of working out. – Listen, I mean, it was like I had to change my diet and really put on a lot of muscle, and I lived in a constant state of pain. – [Kelly] No! – I mean, everything hurt. Sitting down hurt, walking hurt, going to the bathroom hurt. (audience laughing softly) – But that’s awesome, though. It’s a female cast, that’s what I love about the
movie it’s this female cast, you’re all just kicking butt. Did y’all get really close? – [Jurnee] Oh, we had so
much fun it was incredible because we were all in the thick of it and training and hurting and just having fun and Rosie, for some reason Rosie Perez, she was kind of like
the center of the fun. You know, she would do things like… – She seems like she would be. – Oh, she knows how to have a good time. We often times ended up in
her trailer just taking shots. (audience laughing loudly) – Did the director know? That’s amazing!
– I don’t think so. – That’s amazing! You tell these things after. – She would, to start training, she would bring this
drink that she would make. She would just come with like, a backpack. And out of the backpack would
just be sticking this bottle. And like the top, you could see this top and it was a drink that she would make, a concoction. I think it’s called like, Coquito? – Coquito. – Yeah, does anybody know? – It sound like that would
– Yeah, you know it. just put you on the floor.
– Yeah that’s good. It’s good. (everybody laughing loudly) – Oh my gosh, I want her to come on my show and make that drink. – Oh you have to have her. – If she comes on my show, she better make me that drink. – [Jurnee] It’s pretty amazing. – I can’t kick anyone’s butt and I don’t want to work
out for five months, but I want the drink. (laughing loudly) I want to earn it in some other way. You were actually a superhero
too, in another project. – Yes! By the way, that sounds
like a Hangover sequel, what you were shooting. I didn’t know what that was. Yeah we’re kicking ass, taking names, drinking shots. And The Masked Singer, I trained too. I ate carbs and that was fun. – You did, you ate carbs? – Yeah I had a lot of training, sitting and eating. But no, Rosie Perez, she is an institution. – She’s a legend.
She’s a legend. I met her once and she’s just, she’s Rosie. You know what I mean? She’s just an icon. – She sounds fun as hell. – [Jurnee] She is fun. She’s a good time. – Rosie, come on my show. Make me a coquito. Okay, I don’t know if that’s the name of it but it sounds cool. – [Jurnee] It sounded
cool when you said it. – [Kelly] I tried
– Hangover:Coquito. to sound cool when I said it. – [Kelly] Coquito. So, is it true, I found this out, that Margot Robbie she
tattoos people on set. – She does. – She tattoos the people she works with. Did you let her tattoo your body? – I planned to. – Okay, that’s a no. (everybody laughing) – I have the intentions. – I have an appointment, I think it’s around Thursday. – No, here’s the thing. In fairness, we talked about this recently and she said I have to
come up with a tattoo that is very simple and maybe we put it on a place that is hidden, just in case she messes it up. – That is not who I
want tattooing my body. (laughing loudly) Somebody that leads with, just in case I mess this up, we should hide it. I have like, 15 tattoos. Yeah, they’re hidden. A lot of them are hidden. They’re very addictive. – I don’t have any tattoos . – [Kelly] Well you will once you start. It’s very addictive. But it’s kind of cool to
get a tattoo from her. Maybe it’s like your, you know, initials of
somebody or something. – Yeah I was thinking
maybe my son or something. – Yeah, that’d be cool. You’re always gonna love him. Maybe stick with that one. – That’s the one person in my
life I’m always gonna love. (everybody laughing loudly) – I always feel sorry for
those people that get divorced and it’s like, on them. Like, well it’s there forever. But Jurnee started acting when
she was around her sons age. In fact, we have a headshot
from when she was two years old. – [Ken] Oh snap.
– [Kelly] You better stop it. That is the most adora… Do you remember this at all? I don’t remember when I was that young. Do you? – I remember vaguely, certain things. Cause I was still nursing
while I was working on set. – [Kelly] Oh my gosh! – Yes girl. My mother nursed me until
I was five years old. (audience gasping)
– [Kelly] Oh my gosh! – I told my family when
they’re old enough to ask, they’re old enough to get it on their own. (everybody laughing loudly) – [Kelly] Nope! – But my mom, she’s like a hippie. – No, it’s actually healthy too. I know a lot of women that do that because it is seriously healthy for you too. – And also, I went on a
hunger strike when she tried to wean me when I was two so, she was like you know what, I’ll just let her nurse – That’s scary.
as long as she wants to. – Oh my God, okay. That said a lot about
your spirit early on. – I’m very determined. I’m so determined
– [Kelly] I like it. I don’t like any other kind of woman.

27 thoughts on “Jurnee Smollett-Bell Took Shots With ‘Birds Of Prey’ Cast In Rosie Perez’s Trailer

  1. I love it how they keep talking about coquito since the first time💀🤣🤣🤣
    Coquito is a famous drink we all Puertoricans drink on Xmas

  2. Jurnee is very talented and super beautiful!! Birds of Prey is a great movie overall, but even so Jurnee still stood out in it!

  3. Jurner, you been singing your whole life. First saw her sing on a talk show. Blew my mind. She may have been a preteen! Rme!

  4. I love Ken, but I love Jurnee and Kelly hitting it off and letting everything around them disappear while they talk even more. __ Kelly is SUCH a good host and Jurnee is INCREDIBLE both on and off screen and this makes me so happy!!

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