Jun The Groomer Live Stream: Redesigning My Website

okay we're on okay pause this okay okay sure all right if anybody's actually watching this right now just bear with me for a second let me just share this on social media real quick so I'm going on Facebook to just share the fact that I am streaming live here okay post okay oops there we go um join my livestream as I read design my websites to now I'm probably helpful if I put the link there we go sure now okay uh-huh wait for that's post all righty sorry you got a text message coming in okay so it looks like the post is there join my livestream as I redesign my website okay perfect so now I'm gonna go to my WordPress site my website is through WordPress so that's why I'm going to WordPress and I'm going to be using their design tools that come with the website already whoa looks like five people are watching Lee what's up Lee and Betty what's up Betty okay Wow I see the comments coming in all right so I'm gonna go to my site I'm gonna go to design you just make sure you guys can see okay perfect you guys can see so going to goods design and then customize so it's loading the customizer so here's my own idea what I wanted to do is show a nacho I wanted to change my new process in Damali solely I already on comedic sense of humor sorry about that but anyways so my idea is to change my new client take in process because here's the deal I've always said that the first appointment the first grooming appointment is a lot like the first date and on the first date the last thing you want to do is you know buy the girl dinner take her out to a movie or whatever you know in advance drop her off at home invite yourself in get in bed with her you know whoa too much on the first date talk about your parents you don't talk about the rough childhood past relationships that didn't work out you don't want to do this on the first date right too much and so that's where I realized I was doing on my first the first visit check this out says all new clients must schedule an entire day six to eight hours or more and it's $275 per pet it's like what an entire day 6 to 8 hours over more yeah so I'm not only asking a lot from the dog because that's a lot for to ask for the dog as well right first time meeting and we're gonna spend about in the whole day you know doing grooming activities together I don't know right and then so it's a big ass from the dog and it's a big ass from the client as well $275 you know and my clients thank God they saw the value in it and they paid but I just feel like and I honestly didn't really feel comfortable charging that much either but I had to charge enough for the day because I'm I'm investing my entire day right so I just I just I just real was really thinking about this a lot you know and I've been meaning to do this for a while ever since I did the workshop and i stream live with david t we talked about doing this I just haven't had the time and honestly it's almost midnight but I mean I just have to make the time right so check this out so for the first meeting I was gonna do you know I do a meet and greet with the does build rapport sometimes I take him on a walk things like that just get them consul with me then I go through and Foley inspect their skin and go through every square inch with the comb and I even already here the first grooming session is like a first date like a first day I might try to take things slow not ask for too much from the dog too quickly that is why it usually takes three or four hours to thoroughly brush the dog and don't really brush the entire dog before they're ready to be washed and so I already even saying that in the new client process I mean yeah so here's what I'm gonna do I'm gonna change the new client taken process to where there's only three hours only three to four hours you know really three would probably be ideal and like a first day I'm gonna take it slow go through and comb them out and get them used to the grooming process and then that's it and then I'm gonna give the clients some homework things that they can do to prepare for the grooming the next grooming appointment that we'll do like a follow-up to the consultation that initial first visit will do a follow-up in two weeks so the dogs already gonna look and feel and smell a lot better just through the thorough comb out for three hours and for you know maybe two hours but still the total consultation will be three hours right and I'm gonna have the owners see what I'm doing show them the techniques show them which tools to use for their specific dog's coat and skin and then give them the homework to do schedule a follow-up appointment in two weeks where I come back and then we do the full groom the bath the haircut which won't take that long because the first visit I already spent a couple hours preparing the coat so I think that's what I'm gonna do it just stop it right there and so then the no bathing drying process no haircut no nothing because that first visit I don't want it to take too long and seeing is it says after the initial visit we'll set up a regular grooming schedule and agree upon a fair reasonable price their average price is 120 depending so what I'm thinking about doing is just charging 120 for those three hours for that for that first consultation so rather than paying $275 it'll be 120 you know a hundred and fifty five dollars less and and not only is it gonna be much more reasonable price but it's gonna be so much more pleasant for the dog you know so they don't have to you know go all day it was you know I feel like it was just too much you know and why does it take all day because it takes about a 2 3 hours to get the coat all combed out especially if no one's ever done it before it's gonna take a while but then you have to wash them the back takes about another hour to wash and dry completely dry them and then you got to do the haircut which takes about another hour so yeah it's a full day and I don't think that that's a good idea for the first visit for the first date right because that's what I was doing after I took them on a nice date you know showed them a good time I literally invited myself in you know pushed myself in got in their bed I said hey come on you ready on the first date and so no I'm gonna rework all of this so let me end it on this page how do I just pee okay edit right there so I'm gonna press edit hey what's up grace tee awesome sorry I gotta go back here to check the comments okay so I just clicked okay perfect so it's taking me to the page where I can edit so I'm just gonna take this all out or unable to accept new clients because you can always do like a consultation you know okay so anyways I think all new clients must schedule a consultation a consultation visit which will be 120 120 per pet and then okay so the meet-and-greet full inspection of dogs coat for first grooming session is like a first date okay so then I'm gonna take this out the drying product because I can tell them all of this stuff during the consultation when I meet them explain why the bat and the haircut has to be the next visit okay perfect so I'm gonna delete all that so now service is all new clients must schedule a consultation visit 120 per pet meet-and-greet full inspection dogs code specific games first grooming session is like a first date okay the first physic is I said a good starting point from which to work from and build upon its is about giving the dog a most pleasant experience possible at the same time doing what's necessary to help them feel less itchy and comfortable you want them to feel comfortable understanding that probably and okay it's kind of wordy right so I'm just gonna put experience possible BAM okay so the first physical is a good starting point to work and build upon it's about giving the dog the most pleasant experience possible after their so visit we will set up a regular green okay okay perfect I'll gonna leave everything the way it is from there easy that was a lot easier than I thought yeah I don't think I'm gonna update I thought I was gonna do a lot of typing and rewording but actually I did a pretty good job I just added too much I just put too much on that first visit okay so updated so then let me refresh this screen Oh what's up our favorite groomer patty patty Rogers is in the house what's up patty did you get to livestream your malt was it malty so Maltipoo that you were about to groan and you said your son was gonna help you with the live-streaming if it's up let me know I'll watch it okay see ya it updated services few things so when when somebody goes to my website I have to assume that they are not going to go any further oh whoops oh I thought that was gonna I thought that was gonna get that side this side screen out out of the way but actually just took me back to there this okay so what I was gonna say is I have just assumed that nobody's gonna scroll down past this right so what does it say here when they first go to my website Jun the groomer so lets them know okay this guy named June he's a groomer and it says private dog groomer in Atlanta Georgia okay so they know what I do we're on that and now it has here books available so they know that baked they can buy some books books available online you know what I'm gonna change that to my books my books are available online okay perfect when I say that because make it a little more specific my books are available online so there we go you have so people will know okay he wrote some books June the groomer on YouTube okay they can go to my YouTube channel here is a puppy cut videos like DIY that videos on YouTube and then right here I have a podcast the Dow Jairam I actually made me remove this let me see here because they don't really need to the Dow of June podcast really doesn't add anything to their dog you know I guess as my books are I just get older but one of my books perfect publish what are my books okay cuz I'm trying to I'm trying to keep it inside bars I'm gonna get rid of all that not this because it still has to do with my website but Marie Forleo that's her name Marie Forleo she is an expert on marketing and online you know marketing techniques and things like that she's like a coach but she made a really good point it's so difficult to get traffic to your website right people spend lots of money and lots of marketing hours and marketing time and budget to get people to try to get on their website from social media and other sites right she was saying why in the world would you get that hard-earned traffic that came to your website why in the world would you send them off back out into social media YouTube Facebook why would you send them back out there you'll lose them they'll get lost with all the other options so she was saying once you get someone on your website you want to keep them in your website in your little world there and you know they can navigate and you know go go through all the different content that's on your website but you're keeping them in your little website your little world there you know June the groomer so what I'm gonna do is get rid of this remove okay so because they don't need to see DIY dog grooming videos going table because that's gonna send them back out to youtube so in this one my new podcast the Donald June doesn't really add anything to the website as far as getting a potential client to order my services right to hire me as a groomer but these where somebody can go on my website and following Jim the groomer ok I'm gonna get rid of that too the follow button actually no because then they can click on it and follow me ok so I'm gonna leave that there keyword search cool because they can search keywords within my website you know deem adding you know nails whatever recent blog posts I'm gonna leave that there as well because then that keeps them in my website you know there's still reading different articles that I wrote on my website from the past so that it still keeps them on my website so that's what I'm gonna do there and you know what yeah I was just thinking I just said how you want to keep them on your website not send them out anywhere else like YouTube and I have this you know Jim the groomer on YouTube Teddy bread cut so yeah I'm gonna take that out because again that's sending them out into the social media universe and it's a big world out there it's social media Facebook Twitter Linkedin YouTube you know you got so many options once they go back out into social media good luck getting them back onto your website right so yeah I'm gonna take that out so DIY puppy cut take that out so the only thing that you don't have here okay so order my I'm gonna order my domain books from no yeah on Amazon there we go because I believe that takes them to my yeah Amazon author page yep so that's what we'll do because even though that link is gonna send them out to a different website it's not really social media it's my author website it's my author page on Amazon and from that page they can order either my art of grooming book or the four steps to a beautiful groom oh by the way I actually made a speech tonight at my Toastmasters meeting about this book here okay can you see it and so I even took it out there used as a prop anyway so my speech tonight at the Toastmasters meeting was how to self publish a book but it wasn't I I didn't talk about like the technicalities like how to set the margins or or what website to use I didn't get into that I actually talked about how to actually get yourself to write the book you know because we all have an idea to write a book but most of us dismiss it because we think to ourselves it's probably not a good idea I came up with it you know so literally I started off the speech by letting people know you literally have to just make a decision for yourself you have to choose you have to decide for yourself mine I have a message worth sharing my voice is worth sharing using you know I have a voice and it's it's worth it you know I I have a message that is valuable and it's worth sharing you just got to decide that for yourself and then share it our favor girl no I didn't the client ended up rescheduling for Friday okay but I will be streaming a 22 month old st. Bernard Bernese Mountain Dog whoo sounds big and matted and he never been groomed before on Thursday goodness Wow well Patti good luck with that seriously because you're dealing with a 22 month old st. Bernard so he's already almost two years old so he's full grown you know he's a big dog now it's not a puppy in st. Bernard slash Bernese Mountain Dog they're both big breeds and he's matted and he's never been groomed before in two years so he's already going to be feeling uncomfortable because these gnats are pulling out his skin so when you go to you know brush it it's gonna cause more irritation more pain more discomfort for the moment until you get it out but because he that he's never been grooming for he's not really gonna know what you're doing he just knows that you what you're doing is causing him more pain so he's gonna react you know you just have to be calm and let make it very clear to him it's like working with the autistic child you just have to be very clear with your be with your body language make it very obvious to him that you are supposed to be doing what you're doing you know what you're doing and you want to help him with your body language you have in your attentions what you're thinking in your mind you have to just keep you know reminding yourself of that and making it clear to him and good luck Patti that's something like that is not for the faint of heart okay so yeah there is my website okay perfect so yeah I think that's it that's what I'm gonna do so there it is order of my growing books on Amazon it shows that I'm a groomer here that Lana Georgia private dog groomer all new clients my schedule consultation visit $120 yeah perfect oh you know what I forgot to mention that it's gonna take three hours okay that's why it usually takes three or four hours it's right there but I'm gonna make it a little bit more clear because they say you can never be too clear you want to be crystal clear and even then you might lose some people so because you a lot of times what we do is we expect other people to care as much as we do and that's just unfair nobody's gonna care about your business as much as you do and it's really unfair to ask them to so what you want to do is just take all of the thinking part out of it so they don't even have to think about it you know make it as easy as possible for people to do business with you so I'm gonna put a hundred twenty dollars per pet three hours no consultation visit in parentheses three to four hours there we go $120 per pet there we go and we'll update that all right so now my website is updated okay it's updated now perfect all right so now I'm gonna go back and let's visit the site let's see what it looks like in real time there's its site okay gene the groomer comm so when someone goes on my web site this is what they're gonna see if you just have to assume that they're not gonna scroll down any further than what's right here so what does it say Jun the groomer okay they know what the company the business is called Jun the Germer private dog groomer and lana georgia they can order my grooming books online here oh I clicked it by accident oh my goodness sorry all right so they can order my books there and it shows that I've been author by putting that link there not only does it give them the option to order my books online if they want it from Amazon but by not even having to mention it it implies that I'm an author that I wrote books on grooming so right there I want them to know that because you don't write a book about a topic unless you actually care about it you're right so I want people to know this is how much I care about the topic of grooming the subject of grooming this is my passion you know so without Stu having to say all that it says it right there with that little clink with that link clink I was trying to say click and link at the same time clink anyways so let's just say they're not gonna scroll down like that this is all they see now they see the services that I offer all new clients must schedule a consultation visit three to four hours $120 per pet now right there that's gonna cause most people to maybe click off or go away because $120 per pet for a consultation not even a groom it's not really gonna appeal to many people because it's so different it's so new it so it's not like what it's not it's not the status quo right it's different very different and so most people when they see something so different you know most people want to want to hold off you know it's like I don't know but the people who who are open-minded and who are looking for new ways because they're tired of the old grooming shops that they've been going to and you know just the whole you know splash and – get them out of here that kind of time is money speed speed speed shave them down you know that kind of service that's just rampant in our industry for people who have had unpleasant experiences and they want something different this hopefully will attract them they're gonna say oh wow there's a consultation visit that takes three to four hours as 120 dollars per pet ok for 3-4 hours consultation 120 dollars that's actually a great deal you know because if you're gonna pay for a consultation but up you know a consultation with the lawyer I mean they charge 275 No 175 I paid 175 to sit down for one hour with the lawyer so for three to four hours $120 you know I mean and of course we're not offering you know the services of a lawyer you know so I understand we're dog groomers but still I see the value in it and I want to do business with other people who see the value in it you don't want to twist someone's arm to get them to you know see the value and your pricing and your work because less Brown says a man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still if you have to twist their arm in the beginning you're gonna twist their arm all throughout the relationship and it gets old and also they start getting stronger it starts getting harder and harder to twist their arm so our favorite groomer thanks he sounds like a nightmare lol but we'll take a while I'm sure and also patty what I would suggest is right from the beginning before they even bring the dog let them know your dog may not get groomed that visit you know because he's never been groomed for almost two years of his life and he's matted and he's in pain he's uncomfortable and he doesn't know you he doesn't know me like he doesn't know the process of grooming so let them know this may be a project several session project and it may be three or four visits before we can actually get him washed and groomed we might be doing a lot of behavioral work you know to get him used to us tugging and pulling and you know untangling all the mats or if you have to shave them down still shaving a big dog like that getting all those mats out it could become very dangerous very quickly so I would let them know and that you you're not like you know just make sure that they're okay with paying you for your time and your work and your service even if they don't get the complete grooming that they want why because their dog is a living creature with real feelings and emotions that must be honored in order to it's it's an investment in your making for future visits because if it's bad if this first visit in 22 months is bad then you can guarantee you it's gonna be a uphill battle from then on for the rest of his life and it's gonna take a groomer who is psychotic like me who's not even gonna charge those people four seven eight hours of work for that day you know because I didn't get the service done I charge for my service not my time I really got to rethink that as well because my time is valuable it's priceless but I still have to figure out a way to charge for my time even if I didn't get dog rune I think it's more of a pride issue it's like no I didn't get it I didn't I didn't complete the job so I'm not gonna take the payment I got a rework that I got to rethink my own policy because yeah it's if I if I push the dog too hard too far and he has you know he rubs we get in the red zone he starts getting a bit civet starts biting and snot and I start you know restraining him and I get him calm down but then I finish the job anyways the next time he comes he's gonna look at me like mm-hmm all right you know it's so long it's all I'm like Donkey Kong baby round two right it's gonna be a battle I see he's gonna literally gear up for war every time he comes in he's gonna start breathing harder he's literally gonna start preparing himself for war and I don't want that and so yeah I would tell that Oh paddy says they also told me they don't have a vet so he's not neutered or have his shots Oh see more and more they're starting to sound like deadbeat parents yeah deadbeat dog parents and I don't want to make that might be an unfair judgment accusation assumption of these I don't know these people but just judging and just going from what I'm seeing here that it's a dog that's almost two years old matted probably smelly and dirty as well doesn't have a vet doesn't have his shots is not neutered it kind of sounds like a backyard dog right and sometimes the best thing we could do for these people is to let them know like this is how it's gonna go you're gonna bring them in and I will work with him for about three to four hours we may not even get him grown like washed or anything you know we might just be doing a lot of behavioral work for 3-4 hours but you have to pay me $120 or $100 or $90 whatever your price is for per hour if you charge $30 an hour $90 and make sure before they even bring the dog in are you okay with that and then I would even call them the day of you know just to reconfirm hey I just want to remind you it's gonna I'm gonna be working on your dog for three hours and no more because I want your dog to have a pleasant experience and a good memory and we may just be doing a lot of behavioral work and building rapport but I still need you to pay me than $90 for that time and I need you to bring him in regularly at least once every two weeks so we can continue build upon our work and it doesn't he doesn't get too dirty or matted between the time that I and I would really say weekly every week bring him in there for three hours every week in $90 a week but you know judging it just it just seems like if if they don't even have a vet or shots or anything like that it might be a budgeting issue it might be that their finances aren't really it doesn't allow for them to spend a lot of money on their dogs so that's why I'm saying maybe you just tell ask them bring them in every two weeks but let them know I don't want to go past two weeks because he's already matted and whatever mats I get untangled and whatever all you know whatever work I do it's gonna pretty much be gone well all washed away after two weeks you know so we want him to come in at least every two weeks so I can build upon the work I did the previous session and then we'll finally get to the point where we can have him mat free clean and then it'll just be more maintaining that you know every month monthly visits rather than bi-weekly and the thing is if they say no that sounds too much you're asking too much i we can't do that I hope you find a groomer that I was giving earlier um he was a kid chocolate Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Jasper anyways just lots of shedding because it's that time of year so it started to push me back push me back and now I'm drying him he's not drying well because all the dead hair even after the two hours of all the just a big trash bag full of dead hair that I got out even after that in the bath more hair was just pouring out and then while I was drying him more hair poured out so then I was supposed to be at my next appointment by three o'clock but it was already like 2:30 3 o'clock when I was finishing him and so I was like I felt this anxiety like oh my god I have to finish this but I can't I mean I should be done with this but I can't you know like and then I felt that anxiety but then finally I just I just called my next client I was like hey listen this is a situation you know just took a lot longer and it doesn't look like I'm gonna get there in a reasonable time can we reschedule it's just like you know us of course so we rescheduled it and I initially was gonna cancel my speech tonight at Toastmasters you know how to put self-published book because it looked like I wasn't gonna make it by seven but I realize like I don't have to do anything I I don't know you know I like I don't have to I have to but I can't no I don't have to and I I don't I don't I won't you know and so yeah I just it worked out so now I was able to finish my first appointment without the pressure anymore of Hattin needing to get done sooner then I could and then after that I was able to you know get ready for my speech I went to Toastmasters gave my speech and hey the appointment I was supposed to be today I'm still gonna groom them on Thursday you know no big deal right so yeah I'm learning more and more not to not to force myself to do anything don't force anything you know just just be more in flow state you know and just catch yourself every time you get go down that path where you start feeling like I have to do this but I can't remind yourself I don't have to do shit especially if it's impossible especially if it seems like it's not really gonna work out I don't have to do it you know just take the pressure off Patty says they say he is also infested with fleas in the mats oh my goodness I just hope he's not mad at head to toe exactly I will brief them when I call them to confirm planning tomorrow perfect and you know Dolores um Dolores Park cooler than the collar she would actually refuse to take that dog seriously if there was already infested with fleas and everything she would tell that she would demand that they take him to the vet first get that treated get the flea preventative get them you know get the cat star you know get because that's not acceptable to be infested with fleas right so if it was Dolores she would tell them take them to the vet first get them updated on his shots get you take care of those fleas you know and if you have to have the vet sedate them so they can shave them down so we can start over it's clean slate you know and then set an appointment with me you know you make the rules for your business do not let your clients dictate your policies for your business you write your policy and stick with them and a good thing about having policies written down is when someone complains you just point to your policy you see it's just my policy you know I'm sorry what do you know we rally says yes you still did the work you should be paid also it shows the client that you are professional and you have valuable skills exactly Leroy I don't have to such a powerful statement exactly I don't have to write I don't have to do anything that I don't want to do you know um yes there are consequences so you have to be careful with that right as you can't just say I'm not gonna go into work because I don't want to you know that because okay it's true you don't have to go into work if you don't want to but you just have to understand that there there are consequences right and so are you what are you willing to deal with consequences but in this situation by saying I don't want to groom your dog because he's huge he's matted he's infested with fleas and he's never even had any shots from the vet so I don't want to groom your dog so what is the consequence you lose that business it's okay right do you really need to risk your safety because the dog dog that big you know what was it again was it the great st. Bernard and a Bernese Mountain Dog I mean I have actually had a Bernese Mountain Dog you know come back and try to bite me when I was working on his hind area before I can tell you from firsthand experience it is intimidating it is very intimidating and I'm a big guy I'm a big strong guy it was still very intimidating for me Patti says this is what I was considering on doing because uh because on my website it clearly states all dogs must be updated on their vaccines and the client stated she looked over my website exactly so if your client already told you she saw your website and on your website it clearly states that they must be updated on their vaccinations by letting them slide on that you're already kind of setting precedents you know it sets precedent and so then they start to think to themselves well you know she let a slide on that you can let her slide on this you can let her slide on that no no these are my policies and this keeps me and my other clients dogs safe right so yes that's what I mean that's all I got really and I redid my website now oh you know what I'm gonna do I'm going to share my website okay so I'm not sure I can do it from here but we can just go on Facebook so what I'm gonna do now is go on Facebook and just announce that I have a new policy or new procedure I guess for new clients and to check it out because I really feel like it makes more sense to treat the grooming you know grooming a dog as a relationship because that's really what it is in nature in nature dogs use grooming as a way to bond as a way to strengthen relationships social static gain social status sometimes I'm also mating when when two dogs are about to mate they'll groom each other they'll start looking into the ears showing affection it's showing the person or you know the dog that you're grooming that you care about them that you you love them and you care about them you want them to feel better and you're doing in a way that they understand you're speaking their language which is body language you know by talking to them in English you know by the human language I love you I love you so much Oh who's a good boy good boy I love you that's great I mean it's cool I'm not I'm not doubting that but I'm just saying that by rolling your sleeves up and be willing to sweat and putting the effort in the time to groom your dog comb them out and get provide them with relief with comfort this says to them loud and clear in a way that they will obviously understand clearly understand because you're speaking their language you're telling them I love you buddy I care about you I think I'm like yeah I know I can see it that feels great what you're doing you know it's like brush me right there you missed a spot you know okay so I'm gonna put here on my doing the gormer page check my new client my new process for taking no for accepting new clients you don't either Jumana dot-com check out my new process for accepting new clients and share alright perfect so they can check click on June the groomer calm it'll take them to the see if they click that it'll take them to my website and then boom I like it especially with all those social media tabs gone now very just simple and concise Joomla grimmer private dog groomer in Atlanta they see that I'm an author they can order my books on Amazon here are the services all new client uh-huh ok I'm thinking about changing that word services to something different maybe like you know what okay I'm just gonna take that out and that way it'll push more the information up you know assuming that no one's gonna scroll down I'm just going to take that out see if see if it'll let me can I just have no title update will allow me to okay now let's preview see what it looks like okay perfect look at that alright so let me just visit the site to see what this looks like in real time I like it so yeah order Mike books online it doesn't say anything right there just has a picture all new clients must schedule a consultation visit perfect alright and that's it so alright see leer le vaccine requirements are pretty standard aren't they I don't really ask for vaccination records because I don't have other clients dogs mingling with each other I would if I actually had a retail store spit what space where people were bringing me their dogs and dogs you know you know maybe not interacting but still in the same space together I would require at least rabies you know but because I've been grooming each dog individually in their own home I don't really find it necessary to ask for vaccinations but yeah there are pretty standard at most Army establishments patty says exactly and that's what I'm afraid of because then owners would expect the same now then others would expect the same exactly in my area I am the only groomer who requires vaccines mm-hmm you know I mean and the thing is it's your it's your decision and you know and I think it's a good decision you made a decision to require vaccinations at least it shows you that you have a parent that cares enough to get their dogs vaccinated you know on a regular basis but I don't actually I want to be careful with that because it's not about caring or not I personally don't get my dogs vaccinated I get them rabies because that's what's required but yeah I don't vaccinate my dogs because you know anyway it's just a personal decision I used to though I used to do the bordetella distemper and all that stuff but yeah they're okay though they're fine I mean anyways you're on it I didn't think of that oh yeah okay okay yeah because I'm grooming one dog at a time yeah but yeah so basically you just have to come up with your your own policy is what is gonna work for you and your business and then stick to it you know don't don't make exceptions you know two minutes I mean each case is different but you know you want to be consistent and that way you're treating everyone fairly patty says I'm also the owner groomer in my area who does house call grooming uh-huh not even a mobile grooming around here wow that's interesting so you kind of have like control of the market they're here yeah and here's here's the good thing about being first to market there might be another groomer that opens up in your area you know somewhere locked down the road even if they do because you were first in your area you know even if other groomers do open up they're just gonna remind that market of you the people who live there you know the new grooming shops are only gonna remind them of you because you are first to market that's the advantage of being first to market exactly yeah so yeah I mean I have to be I have to be completely honest my other youtube channel the one that has like over 20,000 subscribers and all that really there's really nothing special about it I mean it's just you know I mean put my screen since we're done with all that really um I have to admit that I got lucky I was I was first to market I don't mean first to market like I was the first Ruben channel on YouTube I wasn't I looked I mean there's lots of growing channels on YouTube but I was the first channel where I was just myself and I streamed the whole room you know I shared the entire group not just a little you know snippets and not just little quick tips but the whole thing with the dog did it behave where I we know I even got bit I fell off the table I showed all of it you know I was I was the first grooming channel that I know of that I'm aware of that was just real and honest and I made myself vulnerable but also the the underlying theme though was I was trying to be helpful I was genuinely trying to help you know not just other groomers but dog owners who didn't have access to a groomer or maybe didn't have the resources to pay a groomer but they desperately needed their dogs groomed and they didn't know how I wanted to help these people I genuinely wanted to help and I think that's what came across in all my videos and that because people come up to me and they say like oh my god I'm a fan I love your video and at first I used to ask that was I was genuinely curious I was really kid is this fast thing I was like why do you watch my videos like well that's like I can't even sit through one of my videos how can why how do you watch my videos and they would every single person would tell me because I could tell you're being sincere you're being genuine you know that I can tell you're real and I was like wow that's interesting you know like so my point is I I don't credit the growth of my past by other YouTube channel I don't credit it to production value nice videography sound quality none of that you know even the setting was just you know homemade kinda you know and I was using my phone even sometimes so I don't credit the success of my YouTube channel to anything that I did it was all the generosity of people like you Lee and have you guys not PR you people all of you guys it was it was you sharing my videos with with people that you knew you know it was all of that but why was it well and after me there's a lot of it in YouTube not a lot but there's a lot so there are more youtubers now who are doing what I was doing you know just streaming the whole you know but here's the thing the advantage of being first to market now even though they have better quality videos they have better quality sound they have better production value they even have better content and they even have better presentation skills they present the information better even though everything about their channel is better than mock it reminds the viewer of my channel even though because I was first to market they came after me so that's the advantage being first to market um patty says my down part of my downfall recording or streaming my grooming is I forget to talk to the audience I catch myself talking to the dog it takes practice it really does it takes practice I remember my wife what she was helping me a video at the stop and everything she reminded me like honey what are you doing I explain what you're doing talk to me you know so yes it just takes practice Lea Rowley I'm not a groomer and right now don't have a pet but I learn a lot about life watching you like I don't have to uh-huh very nice well Lea thank you so much for your support and for watching the YouTube videos I really I mean we're starting to quickly become friends now aren't we you're friends with me on my personal Facebook page and that can get dangerously I just have to be honest with you I have no filter especially when it comes to my personal Facebook page so you know your opinion of me may start to change now that you get to know me better but anyways thank you guys so much for your time I'm gonna go ahead and end this and I hope this was helpful you know I hope this was helpful just to see you know how I do the process how I do though on my website and things like that also some of the tips about decluttering your website making it a little bit more concise and simple for potential clients who are surfing that what you know surfing the net so anybody that comes and moves here to Atlanta they have a dog and they want something different they want another option than just dropping their dog off somewhere picking them up at the end of the day and they probably shaved you know and like the ones they want something different I want you know I want to beat them to be able to find my website and not waste a lot of their time or confuse them and so they can deceive okay he's in Atlanta Georgia he's private okay and there's if I want to schedule you know I'm a new client okay decided to schedule a consultation takes three hours $120 okay this is what's gonna happen during the consultation okay there's a contact during the groomer at gmail.com all right you know I want to make it as simple as possible that way they they know exactly what they need to do if they wanted to contact me and schedule a consultation grace T says I have always enjoyed watching your videos just like that you are real Wow I just like that you are real thank you so much grace T that's also um Lee Riley Lee Raleigh filters aren't important be who you are that's what I do Yeah right and here's the thing about dr. Malcolm Maltz he wrote the book psycho-cybernetics he he repeats it several times in the book but he says why are we always trying so hard to be somebody when you already are somebody you're you and the best thing about being you is you don't even have to try because you already are you just be you right and he was saying no matter how hard someone else tries they cannot be you and no matter how hard you try you cannot be them so stop trying to be like them you know and stop wishing other people were like you just let them be them and you be you you know stop trying to become somebody because you already are somebody and you are enough remember that you're already somebody you are you and you are enough patty says very helpful as always Jim thank you awesome well it's kind of what I do right okay I'm kidding anyways I got that from Will Smith baby I'll add have you guys seen the new Aladdin I just watched it with my daughters and okay I'm gonna I'm gonna end it with this but anyways I really enjoyed it uh actually I was a little hesitant because I didn't know if I was gonna enjoy it or not I just I was like you know they already ruined Beauty and the Beast the live version of Beauty and the Beast in my opinion they ruined it I was like they really should have just left that alone right why why did they do that right so this one especially with Will Smith as a genie I love Will Smith but I'll just like I don't know cuz Robin Williams I just couldn't see Will Smith doing that character you know but here's the genius here's the genius of Will Smith or Guy Ritchie maybe or maybe it was a director's call but I thought it was such a good decision that Will Smith completely redid the Jeannie character and made it his own made it his own version he didn't try to copy or mimic Robin Williams genie I mean it just ties back to what I said stop trying to be like someone else and just be you right because you are enough Will Smith by embracing his personality and you know the Will Smith style right the cool you know charismatic lovable charming Will Smith he was just that he was himself as a genie and I loved it I thought literally I really enjoyed the movie except at the end there's there's one part at the end where you know I don't want to give away any spoilers but it got a little bit weird and then like just people were disappearing and I was like this must be the Thanos snap you know anymore thatõs snaps and half the population disappears I was like where's Thanos is he hiding behind the curtain or something did he just snap because anyways it got a little bit weird but still I enjoyed it I loved it all the parts that I loved about the old Aladdin were genie sings in the cave the Cave of Wonders he sings to Latin I love the way they read that when he comes in to Agrabah and genies singing Prince Ali you know I loved it I loved it they did a really good job if you haven't seen a lot in the Will Smith version I highly recommend it my girls and I had a great time watching it my younger daughters saying it blew my mind it's like wow anyways let's see it's Will Smith Lee says this Will Smith how could it go wrong right oh my goodness I'm really convinced at this point that Will Smith can do no wrong I'm sure that's not true but man it just seems like that no not that you knows oh man you know Thanos though I mean I can I relate to that character you know and I have to sometimes try to catch myself and ask myself am I being too zealous you know am I am I being overzealous about things sometimes because I sometimes I can you know I feel like sometimes I'm so convinced that what I'm doing is right and my way is right that sometimes I am blinded to anyone elses opinions or you know and I guess sometimes it's a good thing sometimes it's not though because with Thanos I honestly believe that he believes that he's the hero and the Avengers are the bad guys that's good that means he really believes that you know and he's almost frustrated that he's the only one that sees you know the justice in what he's doing you know like the the noble noble the nobility you know he's doing the honorable thing the more difficult thing right and you know like I used to say this you know I said this several times usually the more difficult thing to do and the right thing to do are the same thing and that's what they knows the saying he's like he even told Gamora cuz he was like you know I had like I have to put the universe back in balance this is this is my you know this is I'm the only one that can do this I'm the only one that sees the answer you know and she anymore I was like you don't know that and he he just sighs he says I'm the only one that knows that and he says or maybe I'm the only one with the will to act on it but yeah he's he literally is a hero in his own mind that is against the entire universe it's him it you know and it's like he he he believes that he's the only one that can yeah and so I kind of I kind of get his character he doesn't lie you know he he abhors people who lie look at the way he treated that uh the collector you know and he was like why would I when he was stepping on his chest he was like why would I lie and they notice says I imagine it's like breathing for you he disgusts him people who lie and he can't he it's so it's so far from his understanding that he even uses the word imagine I imagine it's like breathing for you cuz he can't even fathom it he can't even understand why somebody would lie you know so yeah I mean he's got high morals and just you know like yes I I kind of feel for Thanos but he's just he's just so zealot overzealous and he's so just I guess like headstrong you know he's just so he cannot see any other possibilities or anyone else's perspective but his own and I really think that I've been thinking about this with me perhaps I'm acting like danos you know with my wife and I our situation yeah and I'm now like you know starting to rethink my decision because I was so single-minded thank you Lee that's the word I was trying to so single-minded I was literally convinced that like my wife and daughters just don't see what I see you know I was like I'm the only one that seems to see this you know I'm doing what's right it's the more difficult thing to do but it's right I have to end this marriage you know like it's it's just not we're not compatible anymore and we're not working well together and I have different views now and I'm the different / 14 years of course in 14 years I'm a completely different person and so is she I mean and so like I was so single-minded and yeah I was just not considering other points of view I even asked my daughter my older daughter Ava because she's so mad at me but and she puts she's so wise for her age and I asked her what do you think I should do Eva I was like I'm open to hearing your suggestions I was like you know I always consider your advice what do you think I should do and Averell she said like I don't know it she was like if you really don't want to live with mom you shouldn't have to but she was I just know that I'm always gonna stay with mom no matter what and I told her I think you're I think you're right you're you know I think that's right you know you're making I think you're making the right choice you know probably is best for you to stay with mom you know I was like but you know just know that I love you and I I think I'm doing what's right you know I was like I really really believe that I'm doing what's right even though it's so hard and difficult you know and I was like but I'm not sure you know I believe I'm doing what's right but I can't be 100% for sure and so you know I'm just considering the the Kapinos character and seeing how dangerous it can be to be so single-minded to be so convinced that you're right you know when you could be terribly wrong you know I'm starting to reconsider everything maybe it's not maybe it's not a good idea to end our marriage you know because like with the snap of a finger I'm destroying four lives not just mine and my wife my two daughters right with just a snap of a finger so yeah because my wife was telling me like Ava's starting to become introverted more quiet movies or she's you know just not not really you know her usual talkative you know outgoing bubbly self you know I was like wow it really hurt me to hear that because my older daughter Ava has always been so happy and just she always made everyone laugh and she was just you know so outgoing and positive and you know just laughing all the time and joking and to hear that she's changing like that it almost makes me feel like am i am i destroying that that child that innocence you know but then another party was thinking well having having a life of ease is not good either you know like maybe it's a good thing that she you know goes through some difficult times you know but it's like wow really like that though I'm not sure maybe maybe I'm being cold a little too harsh you know so yeah man I don't even know how I got to your I don't need with how I got to talk because of Danis everything but yeah yeah I guess because I was talking about Latin there and then we started talking about they know it's a snap because in Atlanta and people started disappearing at the end then and so we started talking about Thanos and now I started talking about this Wow interesting I don't know how I get from one place to another sometimes I'm just I just start talking and then finally I just I snap at him for a second I'm like how did I get here where whatever anyways yeah thank you guys so much for your time I'm not going to take any more of this already have to midnight but I really appreciate you guys at least allowing me to talk out my feelings you know just kind of talk out loud and just reconsider reconsider my actions reconsider my decisions you know not all decisions have to be final right and I don't have to be so single-minded so yeah I'm I'm very appreciative of you guys allowing me to share my thoughts it really does help it does anyways thank you so much for your time for your attention and I honor the light in you that's also in me namaste

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