The New World Order the Illuminati when I think about those boards we tend to imagine a very strong political influence in hands of one single person Not like the monarchy not like a dictatorship But will behind the Democratic curtain such power is of the picture in hands of a very powerful politician and of the preneur a one behind massive worldwide organizations like NATO European Union, Google Facebook and Microsoft or at least a very powerful banker Well, that’s not true. For our cases meet choo, choo, a far cry sire found this image with just picture Starting with the fact she wasn’t born in any of those traditional dozen families around the world She was born on 20 July 1873 from Jewish lineage the small city of ramírez currents at the mall. I Said in an antique prophecy some important figure should have been born there Oh too many points since the mall one of the great minds Behind an airplane as the one of the prophecy and I can assure you. It was referring to another citizen of Palmeiras Didn’t Forge issue couldn’t achieve her graduation she was always interested in politics philosophy and society as Most of people of her day and age she spent most of her time Working a textile industry through the early 20s taking part in several local work strikes Mid 1930s Did you have Travis to Nicaragua where she ended up role in the political movement against American occupation of the country? hanging out with some guy named Augusto Santino after finally getting Alkyl son out of Nicaragua and since Andina turn not to be in the night sky she lies She returns to Brazil John it with the integralists movement granting for himself a nice and comfortable chain in the Congress That until the fall of jungle art and the start of Brazil’s military dictatorship in March 31st 1964 after being back to zero entire love Brazil repressive government juju flees the United States *USE OUR VIDEO DESC ETH ADRESS* Trying some democracy. She meets Jimmy Carter and the Democratic Party Turning into main political sesor in the early 90s excited about Brazil’s Rea democratization She fly back to Brazil team from some guys can find I guess his name was Colin After that it was the first time did you had counted with the organization we know as the Illuminati? We seem to have quite an interest in her political trajectory Just after Carla’s impeachment two years later, the Illuminati grants her our diplomatic chair in the Islamic Republic of Iran From 1992 to 1995 where she leaves her cabinet did his lands pressure? Trying to scale the Middle East she gets evolving in some Island civil wars in the late 2000s Schieffelin gets back to Brazil again – from the campaign of Luiz Inacio Lula for president who keeps her as a stake until 2009 During the 2008 crisis Juju is very concerned about her earnings and treasures give me always an eye of what turn out to be the anarcho-capitalist movement She used this Chatelier about cryptocurrencies with the near fraggin and half our height getting more and more into the revolutionary idea She had to a lot from the four monarchies the rise of Republic’s losses coming ISM Faster the fears of cold warned and feelings of terrorism, but now she had Elijah needed to turn the table back in her favour in 2015 juju is someone to support the rebels in Yemen Civil War when she stays until 2016 the line seemed to turn dimmer and dimmer when Danielle’s missing report in 2017 later relocated to the European Union to work this political system until past week she never stopped reading alters like mazes and rough one and So she realized the world conspires against the people the freedom economic Dependency and most importantly you in 2020. There will be the next elections for the Illuminati leader However, she needs your help Not only make America great again But to make the word free and a better place leave at the freedom equality and true Did you count to one your donation any amount? And theory of Bitcoin will be very important to fund our campaing *USE OUR VIDEO DESC ETH ADRESS*

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