100 thoughts on “Judge James – Estranged Couple’s Dog Custody Battle

  1. Please remove your video titled " Something Happened Between Zac Efron & Madonna
    " Because jimmy said something like sex parade meeting in St Louise. Because that's just inappropriate

  2. 1. Doesn't have a place for dog 2. Wants to take dog away from its known home. You are right lady, that is fair.

  3. That dog is not happy to be with the guy. It's tail is tucked between its legs and it was looking at the lady as soon as it was entered the court.
    But then again, she doesn't even have a place to keep the dog.

    Yeah, I'm sitting on the fence on this one.

  4. Neither of these people deserve the dog if they are willing to chance losing him on the whim of a tv show host.

  5. Jimmy should have said to saw the dog in half so they each get a half and then whoever truly loves the dog would say to give it to the other person to save it’s life!

  6. These have been fun when most cases are a joke anyway but choosing who gets to keep the dog seems like something that should've required more thought. On the other hand they were fine with letting the dog's fate be decided by a TV show host, so they couldn't have cared THAT much.

  7. Thanks for removing your Cousin Sal from this segment. And to take the cases seriously while adding humour to it 🙂

  8. I am more a cat person than a dog person. But if people are picking up on that, the dog doesn't like his current owners and prefers the lady. This is a travesty! Jimmy Kimmel is also not an animal person to pick up on this. Dogs are happy even with homeless people. The thing about animals is, they are pure true love. They just love being able to be with you, they don't need a cushy house. Should've asked the girl if he awards the dog to her, how will she keep him?

  9. It seems like the dog really wanted to go over to the plaintiff. It kept looking towards her like it wanted to reunite. But I agree with the decision. The plaintiff doesn't seem to have her life together, moving from one place to another. Plus her place doesn't even allow pets. If she ended up getting the dog back she would have to move (again) or she might just ended up giving it up. Regardless I laughed my ass off on this one. Well done ??

  10. Am disappointed how Jimmy explain the arrest of Julian assuage it's shame u stand by the the British action start today I shut my TV not to see you show

  11. The one with the suit and the tailor, the guy who liked pastrami sandwiches is still HILARIOUS no matter how many times I watch it

  12. Jimmy you idiot. It doesn't matter she's not allowed the dog in the current apartment. The ruling could have stated that she can take the dog when and if she has such apartment. The messages and the other witnesses clearly prove the ex-boyfriend agreed to give HER the dog – dog that SHE wanted and bought.

  13. lowkey think the dog should have gone to the woman because the dog did not look happy with the guy plus she paid for the dog, but what do i know

  14. I was with the woman until she told him she wasn’t aloud to have the dog at her place. Plus her friend was a bit of a b*tch.

  15. That really sucks because that's her dog and he gets to keep her. She doesn't have a place for the dog so i feel like there should have been a third option. Maybe she gets visitation rights and if she gets a place in a certain amount of time the ownership goes back to her.

  16. Defendant is obviously guilty of being a chubby chaser! Nothing wrong with that, they need loving too!

  17. I need to watch this again.. How does the guy who is actually taking care of the dog owe the person who does not actually have the dog the expenses incurred while caring for said dog? Since many pet owners regard their pets like "children" I will make the following comparison: This ruling is akin to a judge ruling that the father, who has complete custody of a kid still owes the mother child support for that same kid even though she does not have physical custody. Like I said, I have to re-watch this because I must have missed some critical detail while I was laughing at the courtroom antics.

  18. That dog didn’t want to be with the guy. Look at her ears tucked back the entire time. Clearly she wanted to go to the girl. But the girl should’ve said she had someone else who would take care of Shasta until she found a place to live that allowed dogs

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