Journey to Enlightenment | THE RABBIT HOLE with Deepak Chopra

[music] What we experience as reality is totally dependent
on our state of consciousness. Consciousness conceives, governs, constructs, and becomes
the world you experience. Consciousness makes experience possible. This experience could
be mental such as thoughts, feelings, emotions, images, and imagination or it could be perceptual
as in experiencing in the world and our relationships. On a fundamental level, the mechanisms of
mental and perceptual experience are identical in consciousness. You only experience that
which you are aware of and you are aware of only that which you pay attention to. To create reality as an experience, we use
our brain. And the biology is different in different states of consciousness. Lets take
the three levels of consciousness familiar to all of us: deep sleep, dreams, and waking
state. When we are fast asleep, even though we may
not be consciously aware, awareness remains. If someone pinches you or makes a loud noise,
or screams that your house is burning, you respond. A mother can remain aware of her
babies needs even when she’s fast asleep. Deep sleep creates its own biology and its
own reality. Similarly the dream state creates its own
reality. If I dreamt last night that I was playing golf at pebble beach with Clint Eastwood,
that state was real to me when I was dreaming. Only after waking up did I realize that it
was just a dream and pebble peach or Clint Eastwood were projections of my own consciousness. Now as you sit in front of your computer and
watch this, I presume you are in the waking state of consciousness and I presume that
you assume that this is the real reality. However, I will say to you that it seems real
because you are in it, just like the dream was real when you were in the dream. The 4th state of consciousness is known in
wisdom traditions as soul consciousness. When in the midst of the observation, you become
aware of yourself as the observer. Right now as you are listening and observing
me on your screen, turn your attention to observing. Who is listening? Who is watching?
And as you do that right now you will become aware of a presence or silent witness which
is your core consciousness, referred to in spiritual traditions as your soul. As you
cultivate awareness of awareness, reality will shift for you through the opening of
the doors of intuition, insight, creativity, and synchronicity. The fifth state of consciousness is known
as cosmic consciousness. In spiritual traditions, this is to be in the world, but not of it.
The silent witnessing awareness that you previously knew as your soul wakes up in waking, dreaming,
and sleeping. So even as your body and mind are in the dream and sleep state, you observe
them as a silent witness from a non-local perspective and there is the deep insight
that your body and mind are roles you play, but you are not your body-mind. You are the
alert witness whose destiny it is to play an infinity of roles. The sixth state of consciousness is divine
consciousness in which you observe the universal in the particular. There is the story of Buddha’s
disciple Ananda who was looking at a rose and he smiled at the Buddha and the Buddha
smiled back. And that was the end of the sermon and all of the disciples went to Ananda and
said “We saw a rose, what did you see?” And Ananda said “I saw a rose, but I also saw
sunshine and water and earth and rainbows and stars and galaxies and the infinite void.
I saw the whole universe, stopping along the way pretending to be a flower.” This is universal
consciousness in a local object of perception. And finally there is the state of consciousness
referred to as unity consciousness where there is a merging of the personal witness with
the universal witness. When you see the whole universe including all of nature, stars and
galaxies as your own extended body. You realize then that you have a personal body and a universal
body and they both are equally yours. This is the state of enlightenment where your
inner being radiates passion, love, and ecstasy. Would you like to go there with me?

46 thoughts on “Journey to Enlightenment | THE RABBIT HOLE with Deepak Chopra

  1. Typical strategy of so called spiritualists. Start their argument in a logical context ( here deep sleep, dreams etc.) Use some technical jargons and then shift the arguments to something completely illogical ( cosmic reality, soul etc.). The only use of such videos is to test whether your logical mind is powerful enough to identify this deception.

  2. Why is cosmic reality, soul etc not logical? Because you haven't
    experienced it? The earth is round, yet we don't experience it as round and our logic tells us its flat.. but it isn't. Deception is what your brain is projecting as reality to your eyes. For example the deception of colours, as in the natural world there are no colours, only light. You have to open your mind to possibilities. You're not using logic when dismissing such possibilities vice versa. Logic is asking WHY?

  3. There is an element of "Transcendentalness" in going from one level of consciousness to the next. One has to go through this experientially to get that quantum jump of realization to the next level. This is where both scientific logical thinking and lectures and videos such as this fall short 🙂

  4. I think that its easy for someone to step into the realm or enlightenment for a short period of time, but to truly control when you go there, you have to practice endlessly. I'm at the level where when alone,I can at will access the ability to see myself through a birds eye view. I can control myself when I have emotional thoughts or feelings and understand that they are animal-human qualities.It's harder to do in public but I can do it when I need to. It makes meeting new people amazingly easy!

  5. XXX Thought is Precious XXX
    Thinking in it’s most part is Behavioral Activity. Behavioral Activity can be programmed. Using language as a mind software we permanently are repeating our desired goals through spoken words, just like a mantra. This way we are establishing a specific pattern of information and literally downloading as well as programming the subconscious mind, which in response will trigger the programmed action. Our subconscious mind works like a computer. It turns commands..

  6. there is witnessing of thought and wonder in how to manifest the shift from soul consciousness to cosmic consciousness. it seems to be the clearing away of enough stains so that enough emptiness remains for the full letting go of that which binds awareness at that level. If this is the case, then can it be said that some stains hold more weight than others? If so, could one then seek out the primary attachments to target the thickest attachments thereby crashing the house from the foundation?

  7. Blessings to Deepak Chopra and to the many people who are listening to this, and to people who leave wonderful thoughts and information in the comment section. This spirit of awakening continues to grow : )

  8. You seem very very wise. I want to be completely enlightened, I just need to find out where to start the journey. Please respond. Where do I start? I have been meditating for a while now I imagine a swirling power within me and I try to visualize my minds eye opening up but I don't know where to go from here…I feel like my minds eye is open but I don't know what to feel to be honest…

  9. If you are seeking a new and different explanation of the truth that makes sense, search for "Truth Contest" in Google and click the 1st result, then click on "The Present" and read what it says. This is truth you can check.

  10. Just "Embedid" on the Voice of Vexillology January 18, 2014 …. The Synchronicity Illustrated Master and Vexillologist! 

  11. When I meditate, when I am totally in it, my whole body begins to vibrate. Legs, arms, chest even the fingers, teeth, tounge, lips and everything inside me together. Sounds funny but kinda like a superorgasm for the rest of the meditating time. Never watched me when I meditate, but it feels kinda like flying. Experience of being endlessly, being all together at the same time.

    After I meditated really for the first time, I was amazed about this.
    Is this experience for you similar or the same?
    If yes, everybody should do it, nobody would ever do lsd or other drugs.

  12. see but thats the problem with this, "which state have you attained" i think is the wrong attitude, also i think enlightened people should talk more over TEACH about it, either way it doesnt hurt that Mr/Dr Chopra is doing what he is doing. much love 🙂 (i wont say namaste, seems cheesy lol)

  13. The comfort zone is one of a human's worst enemies. It is the opposite of cognitive dissonance (pathway out of belief in things you don't understand).

    If you want to know the fundamental TRUTH about LIFE and become truly awakened, go and open " The Present " at T r u t h C o n t e s t ─ C o m

  14. i love this. I want to mention that just because you are enlightened, doesn't mean you're better than anyone else. Notice ego identification as i do. We are all one. I am you, you are me. The moment I put this into words i sound crazy, but you cannot explain enlightenment without sounding crazy. It needs to be experienced. I love this community, hopefully i meet some of you all one day.

  15. A helpful tip, don't try to understand this with your mind. Don't turn in into knowledge because that will take you further away from the truth. 

  16. Deepak you are a good man but you are quickly descending into the path you strive to fight against : drop your ego please and be humble. with love from god.

  17. There doesn't have to be an action to create a reaction. Many times the reaction precedes the action. At the very moment creation came into being. Creation always was.
    There aren't any paradoxes. The Universe simply cannot allow it.

    To me God equals the underlying principles of which the universe is built. Because the rules of which were either there initially or had to be learned. Either scenario is scientifical. The universe that is, God the creator.

  18. Mostly all of these videos talking about enlightenment are bullshit. these videos are put here to send you all on a wild goose chase, leading you all nowhere, if you want to have a deep and meaningful spiritual experience, than psychedelics are your absolute guaranteed answer (literally).RIGHT NOW YOU MUST LOOK UP AND RESEARCH THE FOLLOWING "ON YOUTUBE" (DMT, AYAHUASCA, IBOGAIN, Terance McKenna and SENSORY DEPRIVATION). You must watch The documentaries and lectures, the first four are the most important.

  19. Which stage of consciousness have I reached?
    I am at the waking state.
    Gurudev if I could at least reach the soul consciousness level

  20. On religion question I will say to watch Fierce Grace by Ramdass.
    When a Westerner ask an Guru( Hindu god worshipper) how to meditate? Guru replied like Jesus. We hindus are hated as attackers on other religion but in reality we never attack but attacked by others, we faced brutality of highest level like ISIS doing but no media that time.
    Please don't misunderstood, Jesus, Bush, Krishna all came on earth to teach same thing that can be achieve through meditation also. Many ways but same destination.

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