28 thoughts on “Jordan Peterson on taking responsibility for your life

  1. Simple question : True answer please. How much of mind emerges from neuro chemistry, and does any of it come from other minds with a physical or metaphysical connection?

  2. Finally an interviewer doing there job without trying to bait Jordan. Proper interview with thoughtful questions.

  3. Lol it looks like when Peterson was finally getting warmed up that they realised that they had to cut it up right there; "WE HAVE TO AVOID A NEW CATHY NEWMAN SCENE" Jordan Peterson, thank you very much for coming

  4. Good interview. It was nice to see that she didn't attack him. And she seemed to listen properly. Didn't expect this from the ABC.

  5. Even this interviewer just doesn't get how wrong it is to put into legislation the compelling of someones speech.

  6. 'Dr Peterson, what’s your favorite color?”
    “Well, that depends on what you mean by favorite. And it also depends on what you mean by color. This is a very complex question…
    One must acknowledge the underlying verisimilitude that is irrevocably nested within a multi-layered metaphysical substrate which many people fundamentally conflate with their ideological presuppositions with no uncertain irregularity, causing the inadvertent dismissal of Jung's archetypal extrapolation of the quintessential axiomatic juxtaposition required to achieve Raskolnikov's magnitude of Neo-Marxist existential nihilism…” credit to /user/barakkitos1

  7. Love Leigh Sales, top 3 interviewers (and a damn fine journalist in general) in the country. JP is good too.

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