Jonathan Cahn on America's Spiritual Condition

is President Trump really going to be able to make America great again or is a destined to frustration and defeat is it really possible for our nation to be great again or have we passed the point of no return these and other crucial questions about the destiny of America are going to be discussed today as we interview one of God's prophetic voices to this nation messianic rabbi Jonathan Cahn stay cute lamb and lion ministries presents Christ in prophecy a program that focuses on the fundamentals of Bible prophecy showing how current events in the news relate to biblical predictions of end time events and the soon return of Jesus now here's your host dr. David Reagan greetings in the name of Jesus Our Blessed hope and welcome to Christ in prophecy my colleague Tim Moore and I have a very special guest in the studio with us today he is Jonathan Cahn who is the author of the best-selling book the Harbinger and a new wonderful book titled the book of mysteries welcome to our program job and we're really glad to have you 85 days Jonathan is the spiritual leader of Beth Israel Worship Center in Wayne New Jersey in one of all the issues of our magazine in 2013 we featured Jonathan on the cover as one of the prophetic voices God has anointed to warn our nation of impending judgment and Jonathan that is exactly what we want to do today we want to speak you to speak to our viewers prophetically about the future of our nation about the spiritual condition and that lies in the future but before we get that I want to first of all take a look at the legacy that Obama left us the legacy that President Trump inherited and I want to get into that by playing a brief video clip of you speaking at the presidential breakfast this year inaugural prayer be a normal trip on the day of the inauguration in Washington DC a okay let's take a look at that video President Obama with all respect attitude as you approach the last hour of the president you are shocked by the outcome of the election and now it appears that your legacy will largely be undone you came to the presidency claiming as a Christian you could not support the ending of marriage as it has been known and then you need everything in your power to in that very thing and then you saw some horse believers to take part in that very thing you said a believers of the Nazi Party if one believe that God is real how can one do such things you gave to the president speaking of tolerance and you showed no tolerance for the life of the unborn you definitely fall to the best eggs airing out of there and expanded around the world and you went farther you saw some forth God's people to fund their killings president mom on the day when marriage as we know it ordained by God was with your help struck down in his land you celebrated by lighting up the White House in the colours of the reef oh did you not know that the rainbow does not belong to man or to any movements the rainbow belongs to God it is a sacred sign of God's covenant is a sacred holders of his throne if you believe that God is real how can use the sign of God to celebrate the striking down of the Word of God if you overturn the edicts of God should you be surprised that your own eating will be overturned if you strike down the precepts of God will you not your own precepts we've drunk down you will just use nations against the leader of Israel in a way you have never done to any leader of any enemy nation you took part in isolating condemning Israel before the world and advancing a resolution from waiting is going on right to Jerusalem if one has ever read the Bible how can one foster such a thing did you miss what the Word of God says concerning Jerusalem there is only one who has authority over Jerusalem and it is not the United Nations it is not the European Union it is not you there is only one gate with the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and only one of you brutal please the worst us the United Nations or United States recommendations that happens both the Lord issued his own resolution concerning Jerusalem and no law no executive order no us go will ever overturn it and concerning that UN resolution the Almighty has issued his own response he vetoes it 4,000 years ago godliness covenant with Abraham that takes whatever you do to Israel shall be done to you President Obama you thought things are being in an election held within the borders of a sovereign nation Israel there 42 now be surprised with God intervenes in the election of your own nation you thought through Israel's election to vilify the stands and legacy of its leader Benjamin Netanyahu so should you now be surprised if God intervenes now to nullify your own legacy despite how you treated the name of God the Word of God in the ways of God the hand of God this is the inconvenient truth God is real his word is true his ways are eternal that is mighty you think of it without end and the darkness shall not overcome it mr. president here to report you good news the God of Israel is alive and well and is the heart and soul to the washing up and casting down a king to Kingdom and go remain for the administration's if you don't think he can to paraphrase your old words yes he can Jonathan thank you for a very powerful summary of the Obama legacy but how would you summarize America's condition today critical dangerous and yet with this little surprise right now you know we have we've watched in the last eight years an acceleration of America's wall didn't start with Obama but it's accelerated we you know one of the things in the Bible that before judgment comes there's often an act of desecration like in Babylon when they took the cups of a temple and they they used it for the gods of death of the nation's they put the handwriting on the wall comes at the same time so the night of judgment of judgment and desecration in America are not so long ago since I was last year we crossed a line you know this is right here very data that we this was an act of desecration to strike down strike down the order of God on marriage and then the president does this this is the rainbow this is another desecration this is the sign of God it's not does it belong to man it belongs to God and it made the White House a sign of desecration so that was a major thing and one other thing about that because I know we're going to move from where we are but another thing is that you know David and there is a day on the Hebrew calendar called the ninth of Tom Lewis on that day it's a day of judgments when the Babylonians they breached the the protective walls of Jerusalem that they first did that and that opened the the nation to judgment well that's been a mourning day for 2,000 years or more than a thousand years and that is a day where the hedge is removed well that day fell on June 26 2015 the day that the Supreme Court is that right down the edge of married Mays was the 9th of Amma's of John was the day of the removing the hex so this has been a dangerous thing we have watched good call it would be called evil evil called good you mentioned the hedge there reminds me of Romans chapter 1 where it says that when a nation sets its jaw against God and began to rebel and shake its fist at God God steps back and lowers the hedge of protection allows evil to multiply and it is a sexual revolution of her right and it says if they refuse he steps back a second time lowers the hedge and perversion sexual perversion that is right homosexual and then the third time he steps back he delivers the nation to a depraved mind I think that's where we are that is right it is crazy what we are watching we are seeing things we can never have imagined before I mean we you know I mean and I'm not going to go with a detail but even children's programming Disney and other things pushing this and and destroying gender and so these are signs of apostasy and also the last days of Israel the template of a Harbinger is in the last days of Israel they turned away from God and they then they went to they promoted immorality and they worshiped bail they offered up their children well where we have done all those things we have driven God out of our public squares we have called good evil and evil good we have begun to persecute the believers Christians and we have we have promoted immorality at the same time and I'll show you something else this is something that I don't know if everybody knows this but but a sign you know what were they worshipping when judgment game they were worshipping the god Baal or Bale and the sonic with the sign of bale actually appeared in America well it did in this of this last September in New York City they erected the arch unveil this is the arch that literally led to worshippers of Vail to the temple of Vail I was there Dave I witnessed it firsthand and they have to have this big unveiling they played Middle Eastern music they had the deputy mayor of New York proclaiming we're doing this as an act of defiance just like the harbingers you know the harmonies have not stopped and so here we have this sign of a nation that has known God but has turned away from God so we have been seeing this rapidly happening so it's and this is this is the tempo of Armiger but we have now have this kind of surprise but even the surprise of what happened this election is also part of the template which we can get into I tell you it's an amazing thing what has happened in this country we've had the most ungodly presidency in the history of our nation for eight years and yet he left office with a 60 percent approval rating his designated heir got three million more votes than Trump and the Millennials supported a socialist and when he didn't get the nomination they supported Hillary overwhelming the heart of the nation has shifted we no longer have a Christian consensus event it's not just it's not just the leader that's exactly right the leader is representing the people it's the people as well and if there's not revival we are heading we are having rapidly one of the templates of the harbinger of the last days of Israel people don't realize God gave them reprieves he gave them moments of grace to come back to him what we are watching is you know we already get to it I believe is a reprieve a window of time but that's but the overall progression has not stopped and if we don't it's not we're not going to be saved by politics politics I hope can open a window at best but it without revival without the changing and you said it the Millennials if that doesn't change then our future is not going to change and so the harbingers have not stopped that template has not stopped but we have a window right now and we're going to talk about it what do we do I've been doing a lot of research recently into the writings of Francis Schaeffer and in his book the communists I mean the accomplishment the Christian manifesto he makes an interesting observation is written in 1981 right after the election of Ron and he said I believe God has given us a window of opportunity and he said if we don't take full advantage of it this nation has really no hope left and he pointed out even prophetically he said you got to understand that just because he won the election things are not over he said the humanists are entrenched they are entrenched they will fight and there is no toleration on their part there is a only want surrender and he said I would say that if we don't take full advantage of this what's going to happen is that this nation will continue to disintegrate through decisions by the courts that's real interesting that's exactly what what is it what's that because I knew what happened I mean there you know we cannot put our trust in man or in politics but God will give windows and now we're at an even more extreme point than that I remember that Dave I just came to the Lord when that happened oh and I remember he remember you know America was in big trouble you know we had hostages in Iran you had in America falling apart you had inflation you had you had gas lines card air all that and believers gathered in Washington I was there it was called Washington for Jesus say on if my people who are called by my name and we prayed if my people could God release this and do this well what happened is that there then came this election that surprised everybody actually at me at that time was still amazing and the thing is that Reagan changed the place where he had the the inauguration always was for over a century moved it to the western terrace which is basing this which is the same place where we prayed and we were all put our hands toward that terrorists saying God put who you want in power well he came in power and on that day the hostages were released I was the other prayer and on his he had a Bible when it when everything changed I would put a Bible that's had and it was on the scripture if my people are called on it God still His grace is bigger than our sins but your we cannot downplay the state of where we are right now absolutely right okay let's come back and talk about the future welcome back to Christ in prophecy in our interview of messianic rabbi jonathan cahn Jonathan I'd like to start off this segment going back to a question that posed at the very beginning and that is do you think President Trump can make America great again cause if this is a this is a great question I mean let me tell you something that people don't realize I wrote the Harbinger a few years ago be long before this in the Harbinger I was led to put in Donald Trump he's in the Harbinger really really but yes I don't realize it I don't realize that as well I won't say where Excel Sates in a chapter called the tower he's in there and the thing is that so he's part of this mission people don't realize it but here's the thing Dave remember remember with the Harbinger the people of Israel they had been chastised they've been warned and what do they respond they said we will come back stronger will be will be greater than before we'll be great only for well listen it's fine to be greater than before but not without God so the first thing is if Donald Trump if the thing about this is we're going to be great by our own power because we're America then we're going to be doing exactly what's in the template of the Harbinger and then you and again if you look at hard you'll be a little shocked what what is there about with Donald Trump but the thing is that we cannot the only way America could be great again is of America returns to the God who made America great in the first place if we don't we are repeating that so the big thing is here we have this window and the question is what are we going to do with it as believers are we going to just say okay great now we have a little relief if we don't have reliable in this land it's finished revival it so we need to be praying for revival working for the only way we'll be great is by return seems like a lot of people are waiting for Trump or other leaders to lead us in a direction but really you're saying it is our culture and it is Christians who have to impact our society and drive the culture under God actually we have to have revival I mean this could never have happened if you know Jesus said we you are the salt of the earth you're the light of the world well it could never have gotten this dark in America or this rotten in America if we were fully if the church was fully doing what it should have done now you're taking the position that one of the reasons you think God gave us this window of opportunity is because of the way in which Obama treated Israel and Jewish people and he got back at he you know yes the Abrahamic covenant it's an absolute thing and that is whatever you do to Israel gets up to you just a year before the election some people remember that some people don't Obama tried to defeat he intervened in a sovereign election he intervened he into he interrupted it tried to to defeat Netanyahu and he remember every thought Daniel was finished everybody did everybody was celebrating CNN was celebrating and then they went dead they went blacked-out because they don't want to cover it finally Netanyahu said well nobody's gonna do it I would announce I just want it was like this election so what happened is if you intervene in the election of Israel God will intervene in your election and give you a surprise and and your legacy so absolutely let me suggest to you another thing that I think is responsible for this window of opportunity and I certainly agree with what you just said but I think there's another reason that God gave us this window of opportunity and that's because Franklin Graham said we're going to go to every Capitol in the United States and get honor and race try and pray for a spiritual revival in this nation and the speech that he gave over and over was one in which he said we cannot be saved by Democrats we cannot be saved by Republicans that's right our only hope is Jesus Christ and we need to turn back to him or this nation's no it's a powerful speech and prayer gathering in Frankfort Kentucky in our Capitol I can guarantee you that absolutely and Franklin Graham and also all over the nation there were believers who took this very seriously I mean we started when the hard you came out we started getting things all over saying we're starting a pyramid we got to pray for America but they were all over on top on the Capitol lawn there's been a tent set up for over a year I preached there they've been praying all the time it's been a little bit so even you say well it hasn't been the majority no it's a remnant but even God is so gracious that he will take the prayers of his people even if it's a partial revival he'll give a partial answer orally right so yes I agree you know I'm very concerned about president Trump in several regard first of all is his whole background concerns me but one thing that concerns me is that he is probably the most egotistical man that I have ever encountered in my entire life and I know from reading the Word of God that two things that God really hates is idolatry and pride and anyone who is proud is going to be humbled by the Lord and from the moment here now it's I'm going to do this I'm going to do that I'm going to do this and look what I've done I'm rich powerful I'm famous I've got right businesses I focus on self yes and that's very dangerous it is dangerous and that is that is the thing here you know one hand you have you have two days almost like we have a choice are we going to go with self and pride not just with him but saying you know we're going to do it or are we going to go with repentance and you've got this this kind of conflict over Donald Trump you also the same time I agree with you same time we have you have God is put believers around a lot of relationship people who have prayed with him now if they said they pray he prayed to the Lord that we don't know what it was in his heart but so we got this we're in the balance right now Dave we're in the bout you know what you want to send Donald Trump I'll give you something uh look at Jay who Jay who was a man who was used to end Jezebel and that whole thing give a window give a reprieve yet Jay who was a critic we didn't know what you know that even the commentaries say the guy he was violent he was full of himself he boasted he was he was he was even they said even the word in Hebrew is sugar the way he drove he said he was crazy the race was crazy the rest of the throne was crazy and that was Trump so you want to sell it and but God is also sovereign that we know he uses even people who don't know him to do his will so the question is again we're in the balance Dave this is exactly it none of the Trump with our whole nation yes well I just I just fear that many Americans have the same attitude that the people of Judah had when Jeremiah went and said if you don't repent God is going to destroy this nation I mean he told them in no uncertain terms and their response always was the temple example that's right I will never touch that task he will narrow rule out any but that is his Shekinah glory there he will never allow we are safe and I think there are very American Christians who think God sits on the throne wrapped an American flag and he would never ever allow anyone to touch a structure that is right and if we if we go with hey it's America and America first America of America has been used by God awesomely we got to pray for America with our heart but it then it becomes an idol and then you put gonig on say no no I don't need the flag I don't need that absolute dis temple this temple I don't need that that's exactly right I think the culture is so important is we impact the whole world that's why I say even with the picture we have up some people have blamed Obama I have a friend who said well I'm so horrified what Obama did but I said do you realize that the culture had already shifted for instance on the whole same-sex issue because look at our fortune 500 companies they had already adopted policies to embrace this abomination long before it became the law of the land you have a bomber nation and yet most Christians were unaware and we need to be aware we need to be interacting yes we know I'm interceding the president said Obama said oh I'm wrestling was issue well everybody knew that he already was on one side of that issue but the thing is he didn't announce it until 2012 when the pole shifted that it became the majority and so you're exactly right that's exactly the case some Christian did an impact that culture revival or judgments you know many years ago when Billy Graham was still active yes he often would say if God doesn't judge San Francisco soon he's going to have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah well actually yeah and the original thing was absolutely Ruth in the 1970s said to him if God doesn't judge America he owes an apology yes some more well Billy Graham about a year ago or so something came from his ministry from saying that listen I that was said in the nineteen seven look at where we are now Ashley we're now so absolutely well it reminds me of this statement here in them a jealous and avenging God is the Lord the Lord is avenging and wrathful the Lord takes vengeance on his adversaries he reserves wrath for his enemies the Lord is slow to anger and great in power but he will by no means leave the guilty unpunished that's right and how here we are and people sometimes say well we'll hate Jonathan when you're comparing ancient Israel and America how can do it they say they they offer up their children's available yeah they offered up thousands we have offered up million victims and their blood is on our hands how can we go forward without judgment it's all about of choice what I keep saying to people how can you expect America to become great again when we're murdering 4,000 babies a day when we are the world's greatest supplier of pornography when everywhere I go in the world if I turn on the TV said I know I'm going to see the most despicable American movies America we are the moral polluter of planet Earth with our movies and television programs that are blasphemous and violent and evil and and we're the world's number one user of illegal drugs it just goes on and on you know this is this is you know at the very beginning of America you know John Winthrop came over here and he's the one who penned that famous thing we got city on a hill from him this year he said if we follow God the god of a he said will be a new Israel we will become a city on a hill all nations are looking on us but but they ignore the next part he gave a warning to a very beginning and he said but if we turn away from our God and if we turn to our prophets the god of prophets and our lusts our art which is exactly what we've done then the curses that came upon Israel will come upon us and the same because we've been so blessed well too much is given much is required the Harbinger and all these things are saying that that's exactly what's happening and it's exactly the case you cannot escape the laws of history I have discovered that as I've spoken out on these issues I've gotten a lot of hate mail whereas some Christians who say we all you know years back and on and on oh I can begin to get a sense of what it must have been like with Jeremiah that's right and and how people came trying to kill him are you getting this kind of reaction I've gotten quite a lot and in fact when I started being called to Washington because the Lord open the door in Washington speak to leaders I started becoming they put me in the bull's eye all these kind of left-wing hate hate anything with conservative or Christians and from that moment on whatever I do if I say anything at your moment yeah of course of course yeah of course if you say you don't agree with something but it's evil as good and good as evil we got to be like Jeremiah we have to be like Isaac and we think there's a song that you know it's sung in the church these are the days of Elijah well the days of Elijah or days of apostasy and if these are the days of Elijah we have to start becoming the Elijah's of it well and one of my heroes of the faith is nan Wellman yeah yeah one day a van of God and he has often said over and over the biggest problem with America is 300,000 silent pulpits when people will not speak about the issues of this nation for fear they're going to step on somebody we tolerate everything but truth in our society and we cannot be timid if we are timid we're giving up if we are not with there was a time that we are if the dark is getting darker for the lights to become brighter I was on Capitol Hill and one of the famous or candidate for president took showed us a room and where they pray where the revenant on Capitol Hill pray for American you know what they pray for so we pray that the pastor's will preach the Word of God I'll do that in Kentucky we do that in Kentucky on a regular basis we have a prayer caucus and we are constantly looking for the Lord's direction for our state and for the nation as a whole yeah God looks for the remnants yes folks you may not know but Tim is a member of the Kentucky State Legislature and one of the most outstanding conservative spokesmen there we're very proud to have him associated with our ministry and keep speaking out I know thank you get a lot of flex yes sir I do get that but speaking truth there's no there's no limit on doing that that's what we're called to do this is what kind of song work this is a biblical hour and it's the time to rise we always talked about it now we got it welcome back to Christ in prophecy and our interview of messianic rabbi Jonathan Cahn you've heard of the Rasik on today we've received the blessing of time and so Jonathan we painted a pretty dire picture of America and our state today but leave us with a blessing on a positive note of what we can look forward to and hope for as American cricket is dire but that's the reality but the bigger reality is gone and whenever there's God there's always hope God is never finished ever and his gospel will go on forever so we have to be light to this generation the thing we should ask help me over you we got to pray for revival but don't just pray for revival start living in revival when you start doing that the revival begins let's go full blast these are the days that God has put us in our mother's womb amens a shine so we revival begins with Lily tell us Jonathan how would we get in touch with your ministry for a follow-up or information yeah the ministry is called hope of the world so just go online hope of the world or we send free gifts prophetic updates well you'll be blessed it's hopeless org and if you're Facebook it's Facebook Jonathan hi and folks I want to strongly encourage you to get a copy of his latest book The Book of mysteries it is just absolutely profound it'll bless your socks off as we say in Texas and you will be able to put it there well folks that's our program for this week I hope it's been a blessing to you and I hope the Lord willing you'll be back with us next week until then this is Dave Reagan speaking for Lamb & lion ministries saying look up be watchful for our redemption is drawing near if you would like to get a copy of Jonathan Cahn's phenomenal new book called the book of mysteries we can supply you one for a donation of $20 or more including the cost of shipping you know folks I just cannot recommend this book to 32 it's it's informative it's fascinating it's spiritually enriching from start to finish it contains a one-page devotional for every day of the year but I found it so spiritually beneficial that I read the whole book in one month by reading 10 pages each morning I have never underline a book so much in all my life it's this one and I I took a total of 140 notes more notes than I've ever taken from any other books that I had ever written I want you to be blessed by this book so we are including the cost of shipping with and to get a copy just call the number you see on the screen between Monday and Friday and between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. central tech or go to our website at the address you see on the screen and place your order there this book is just full of insights that are drawn from the meaning of Hebrew words and the customs of first century Hebrew society you will just be amazed and how will open up a whole new horizon of understanding of the scriptures when I finished the book I wrote these words on the title page I wrote this book has been a spiritual feast and I want to share that feast with you so once again if you would like to order a copy we can supply to you for a gift of $20 or more including the cost of shipping just give us a call at the number you see on the screen between Monday and Friday in between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. central time or place your order through our website at the address on the screen thank you for joining us on today's Christ in prophecy a presentation of lamb and lion ministries a non-denominational ministry dedicated to teaching the fundamentals of Biblical prophecy and proclaiming the soon return of Jesus

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  1. Just a small question, Is the statement? In 2nd, Thessalonian 2: 3-6 referring to PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP, AS THE PERSONAGE HOLDING EVERY THING BACK ; Until he is removed from his position, after eight years in power ; Allowing the ANTICHRIST IN WHICH WILL BRING AN END TOO THE USA, AND GREAT BRITAIN!!!!!!!!.

  2. We need more men and women of God to stand up not one person cannot do it we need to be group together as a team to stand up and be bold and strong in our faith in God

  3. You forgot that he, Trump said, he will be the best President to Christians. . .
    Hilary said , Deep rooted Christian values must be changed. …who will I vote for?
    Priest O'Neil of S. Boston died for 48 min. Came back and said God told him Trump is an Angel of the highest order. …HIS ARCHBISHOP is TRYING TO SHUT HIM DOWN. ..
    Trump represents us , our voice, but we have a responsibility also, it's not just Trump. …
    Our Shepard's bicker, etc.
    We all must do our part.

  4. Jews For Judaism: Isaiah 53 Verse by Verse; with Commentary by G-d’s Righteous Servant of Isaiah 53 the Teacher of Righteousness Keith Ellis McCarty, Priest of the G-d of Israel

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    The man described is G-d’s anointed king upon whom the spirit of G-d and the person of the spirit of the Holy G-d alights upon in Isaiah 11 and he is the teacher of righteousness who is Elijah.

    Elijah arrives with the angel of the covenant of sin forgiveness and reconciles the sons to the fathers and the fathers to the sons through the teachings of the L-rd given to Moses at Horeb.

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    Isaiah 53 describes a human being not an animal. G-d’s laws of animal sacrifice were just that. Animal sacrifice.

    The Christians also use the animal sacrificial laws for a human being. Jesus. Rabbi Singer uses six million Holocaust victims for his interpretation of Isaiah 53 as guilt-offerings. A guilt offering (Hebrew: asham “guilt, trespass”) is a sacrifice made as a compensation payment for unintentional transgressions.

    The transgressor furnished an unblemished ram for sacrifice at the Temple in Jerusalem, as well as (in cases of sins against holy items, theft, commission of fraud or false oaths) monetary compensation to the victim for their loss, plus a mark-up of 20% of the value to cover the priest’s earnings.

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  5. It is written:
    Prayer for the Government, Leadership​! So that they have peace and joy and not depression. Trump we Apologise! For all that. You are BLESSED! we need You!

  6. Who is not fear by talking about Trump in such way? our job is to Prayer for him with the pure heart ?. ONLY GOD ALMIGHTY IS JUDGS! BUT HE IS NOT JUDG HIM. THOUGHS HE KNOW ALL THINGS STILL HE IS NOT JUDG. WHAT IN THE WORLD THEY HAVE NO FEAR!.

  7. Glad to finally hear a voice of reason on your panel…we have all fallen short of the glory of our Father. Speak the truth & stop the blame game. We are all guilty of turning our backs on the Creator of the universe.

  8. "Whatever you do to Israel will be done to you"…which god are you talking about…it is so obvious to me that you are indeed from the den of Satan!

  9. How is it that the 1st modern day "black president" is held responsible for all the ills that plaque mankind? This is so ominous. You are the perpetrators of lies & all illnesses that plague humanity! It is your forefathers hands that have brought humanity to this apostasy!

  10. Thank you for keeping us updated. I love your sermons. You're exactly right on everything you say. God help us all..

  11. America is the modern day Babylon, the Hollywood movies, rock music, and infiltrates the whole world with their evil, the media lies, and also USA allowing their food industry to allow poison in their foods to feed to all the people. It's sick. It's disgusting!!

  12. Great & sound conversation. Though I don't believe the Divided States of America will ever be 1 nation under God again – the world is too far gone. And so it has been written. Never-the-less: if the darkness gets darker, the light should shine brighter.

  13. wow great conversation. i wonder if pence is a hidden tool for God : if
    and when trump is on his knees eating the grass of the field with the
    dew of a new york summer on his back.

  14. God may be speaking to you. Heed His Word. What you think is not what you hear. It is only a direction of thought. The Word of God is not a thought. It is conviction within individual souls that lead to His Will. Prophecy is of no use if overthought and overwrought. Certainly prophecy has importance, has pointed direction, and has urged eyes to open, but the state of the world is as it is. It is the individual souls that God speaks to that will make a difference and He speaks to all souls. Certain things must happen and all are in accord with God's Will. What we want does not always agree with what He needs of us. It is more than obedience or even reverence. He only asks for acceptance by each individual soul that He exists, that He is the Creator of us all and that He loves us even when we fight and disagree among ourselves. Acceptance with no doubt is what God wants of us. Until that happens, prophecy is only provoking a thought of could be.

  15. you remind me of why I love God and help me when I feel like I have lost all. you remind me to not worry for my GOD and love is always in control. God bless your ministry.

  16. We're simply not going to have all this technology anymore nor have any need for it when Hashem takes over. I would rather live in the mountains again without all this TV stuff. and garbage that's in it and the peace of mind for all eternity

  17. Some people have also noted that June 26, 2015 was EXACTLY 6 years, in the 6th month, on the 6th day of the week since Obama (the little goat horn of Daniel 8; read it closely) took office. Looks like God is pointing His finger at Obama for us all to see just what he was…

    So many people do not understand EXACTLY what Jesus taught.

    Jesus taught that YOU are to REVIVE (RE-NEW, bring it back to LIFE) the COVENANT, not replace it with this nonsense that God's LAWS expired!

    We must ALL unite under the BANNER (Ensign) of ELIJAH and REVIVE THE COVENANT!



    4:1 For, behold, the Day cometh, that shall burn like an oven; and all the proud, yea, and all that do wickedly, shall be stubble: and the day that cometh shall burn them up, saith the "I AM" Lord of hosts, that it shall leave of them neither root nor branch (nothing).
    4:2 But unto you that fear My name shall the Sun of Righteousness arise with healing in his wings; and ye shall go forth, and grow up as calves of the stall.
    4:3 And ye shall tread down the wicked; for they shall be ashes under the soles of your feet in The Day that I shall do [this], saith the "I AM" Lord of hosts.
    4:4 Remember ye and return to The Law of Moses My servant, which I commanded unto him in Horeb for all Israel, [with] the Statutes and Judgments.
    4:5 Behold, I will send you ELIJAH the Prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful Day of the "I AM" (See also Sura 43:61):
    4:6 And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.

    Israel means: GOD'S CHAMPION. Or ANYONE that champions God's cause.
    The nation of Israel was to be God's champion and to show how wonderful life can be living AS ONE NATION, UNDER GOD's authority.

  18. Many Christians (elect) are deceived more than ever today. The American church of today is literally killing the modern day prophets of Jeremiah or Elijah. They raise up rainbow flags outside their churches above the cross and They deny or don't even recognize the Holy Spirit anymore. Pray for our country and for those in Holy Spirit truth and power to be strong and courageous but wise in these end times.

  19. President Trump said that he will make America great again. It will NOT happen. Read Revelation chapter 18 and you will see what God is about to do. Due to all wickedness in high government places. Democrats are for fighting their EVIL ways. God will BURN the USA in one day, in one hour. just read chapter 18 in the book of revelation. I have seen the burning several years ago. all across the nation from New York to Nevada. Right through the middle, all was burned. Herm

  20. GREAT PREACHING AT THE PRAYER BREAKFAST, PASTOR JONATHAN. PREACHING OF THE WORD IS YOUR CALLING. Jonathan Cahn, you are a great Messianic Christian Preacher. My hearing
    of the voice of the Holy Spirit tells me that you continue and focus on
    preaching the WORD OF GOD, NOT ON PROPHECY. The 911 event and the past

  21. Not a thing has changed; He gave space to repent & the act's of these actor's that made possible well:] And you left out the Chief Cornerstone "JESUS" there. I hear God' God but God is Jesus; That's His name, Have a good one:]

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