Jom buka Catit 2.0 Self Groomer [catit self groomer]

Hi, I'm Kak Azza from CnDpets Today, we are going to unwrap Catit Senses 2.0 Self Groomer We are going to peek what's inside Let's go! Here we can see the directions We can place it onto the corner or flat surface This is how it looks and… there will be one catnip pack this is catit card for you to register at… catit website there will be double-sided tape to stick self groomer onto corner or flat surface So, if you want to stick it onto corner just stick the tape onto here… and stick it onto any corner just like this So, your cat can groom themselself Just like this picture Seems like fun For flat surface… just open this up just stick onto any wall stick it there will be holes for nail/screw screw will make it last longer here is the catnip placements when there's catnip inside your cat should be attracted to it to groom themself here but not all cats love to… to use this…depends on your cat my cats don't prefer this too much i have to… train them to… groom themselves here So, that's it Thank you to those watching Bye!

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