Jolly Egg from Jolly Pets

hi I'm Andy from ttpm are you exasperated trying to find a great toy for your pooch are you exhausted watching Fido tear apart everything you give them in five minutes are you looking for an excellent way to exercise your canine companion then this is exactly the dog toy you've been searching for this is the jolly egg from jolly pets the jolly egg is made from a high-density polyethylene plastic that is just about indestructible its size and shape alone make it next to impossible for your curious canine to get it securely in its mouth and that means that this toy is difficult to chew on also the eggs texture makes this a fun and active toy for your dog because when they try to pounce on it it'll squirt out from under them and move away erratically and that will only make your dog want to go after it again and again this toy is designed with constant motion in mind and we think this will exhilarating for hours on land and in the water because the egg floats the jolly egg comes in two sizes for small and large breeds although we do believe that the large side will egg site small dogs as well for more pet toy reviews like this visit us anytime at ttpm or download our free app shopper kids by ttpm

8 thoughts on “Jolly Egg from Jolly Pets

  1. My chocolate Labs would not even touch this egg. Foolishly I bought two of them. I even smeared peanut butter on it. They licked the peanut butter off the toy, and then abandoned it. Fortunately I was able to sell them and recoup some of my loss.

  2. My Boxer absolutely LOVES his Jolly Egg. He is obsessed with it. He pushes it around the yard with his nose and feet and barks at it endlessly. We have to take it away because he gets so into it the barking drives us insane!

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