Joint Support Plus

A lot of people think that joint disease is simply a problem with larger dogs. And that is true that is a big issue with those guys. But dogs of all sizes need Joint Support. pawTree Joint Support is such an important product. It’s really one that’s very near and dear to my heart knowing that one in five adult dogs suffer with some form of joint problems. There’s nothing that we can do to prevent it but if there’s things that we can do to slow it down, all the better. It’s a combination of products that help keep all the musculoskeletal system healthy. We’ve got a little Yorkie. Um, it’s a well known thing that they can have issues with their knees or joints later in life and so the fact that we can offer her a product that improves that situation for her, is it’s comforting. Most joint supplements on the market only address the thickness and viscosity of the joint fluid and don’t address the role that that the soft tissue plays in joint health. pawTree product addresses both aspects.

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