Join Us for Animal Care Expo 2015

Animal Care Expo is the largest animal care training and education conference in the world and we're so excited to have so many people here from all across the globe oh I love it I love it the workshops are great it's just such a great networking opportunity every time I come I learn a lot there are so many choices from the educational standpoint that in every time slot that were probably two or three things that I really wanted to sign up for but I can't do it so we'll have to come back year after you people ask it often you know if I could recommend one conference for the year that they should come to and i always say excellent because of the incredible networking I've recommended to animal lovers friends co-workers family I definitely will be coming back next year whether it's with my company or just for my personal needs but it was very very excited if I could bring my entire staff every year I would because I think it is one of the best and most informative and educational experiences that anybody in the animal welfare in the street and experience you

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