40 thoughts on “John McCain's beloved dog dies in 'tragic accident'

  1. Meghan cry for a dog but not for the kids that are locked in cages haven't seen their parents in months. Awe!! Poor Meghan.

  2. The high amount of grammatical errors throughout this comment section points to Russian trolls…or the deplorable which would explain their inability to put a sentence together.

  3. He even had something to do with John's death. I'm hearing. A lot of people are saying. Believe me. Let me tell you folks.

  4. Lol she hopes mcain is in heaven he's burning in hell along side Regan and bush senior and his wife mr.crowleys daughter herself Barbara bush

  5. Wow!!!! The fake media cared so much more about that dog than all the babies being butchered everyday in this country!!!!!!!

  6. Ah yes!!!!! The "Red Hat Holligans" are out and about. I heard Mango Mussolini was going to offer free dentures to all his followers. Pretty hard to eat with only one tooth.

  7. John McCain is in Purgatory right now He is in light gray in Purgatory. Have a mass said for him. He needs at lest 3 masses to complete his atonement to Jesus. Then he will be with Jesus in heaven.

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