John Berthnal Has a Dog at E3 2019 – Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint

[Applause] the only test for May is worth its battle those rounds come screaming past your head you're gonna learn if you're hungry enough hungry enough to take that victory we're gonna battle with the soldiers that we used to be ghosts and you better believe that they are hungry too once upon a time some of these ghosts they may have been your friends and there is brotherhood but then there is what the world needs these ghosts they over the past they still serve the machine that we left behind and right now for the future the world needs us tell my honor I'm honored to be here with you tonight and as you head in the battle with that mean look in your eye those bad intentions in your mind remember this you are the few with the courage to make history you had the desire to take victory you will be on a battlefield full of ghosts but only you that makes you lose what's going on everybody hey I'm John good to be here this is bambam the dog thank you it's a real honor to be here with you guys today thank you I love you too this is awesome this has been really great and exciting and I'm really I'm really honored to be here I'm I'm enormous ly proud to be part of the development of this game it was a pleasure to work with the Ubisoft team you know I've had the chance to play some pretty strong tough men over the years I've played a Deputy fighting zombies special Special Forces soldier who lost everything and now I get to play Col Dee Walker he's a skilled former Special Operations soldier with his own sense of responsibility his own moral code he knows how things should be run he loves his brothers his fellow soldiers but he is willing to do whatever it takes to complete his mission and take control of aroa there is no briefing there's no backup you will not face a group of bad guys or a criminal organization you will face an entire army my army the wolves we got the numbers we've got the organization and remember we trained alongside you the weaponry of a fully operational special ops detachment trust me there's an unparalleled arsenal of high-tech weapons in aroa so if you think you have what it takes strap on your boots and you get ready to take on the wolves and take on me see you in a row we'll be waiting [Applause]

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