Joe Exotic for President! 2016

I'm Jill exotic and today this is not going out to any kind of a presidential candidate or any politician of the purpose of this video today you should let you know who I am first thing is I am NOT cutting my hair I'm not changing the way I dress I refuse to wear a suit I am gay I've had two boyfriends most of my life I currently got legally married thank god it's finally legal in America I've had some kinky sex I have tried drugs through the younger years of my life I'm broke as shit I have a judgment against me from some bitch down there in Florida but I can tell you I paid a fine with the USGA and that is nothing but a civil five ladies and gentlemen that does not mean that I was accused or convicted of any kind of animal cruelty Fay I built one of the biggest facilities in the novice facility for exotic animals in this country as far as a private individual goes I'm Jill exotic and don't forget I am now steppin my foot and ring to run for president and then she's all paid for by the committee of jal exotic speaks for America

26 thoughts on “Joe Exotic for President! 2016

  1. Can’t be a president while in prison. 🙂 Enjoy your conviction , dick-weed! I hope you die in prison! 😀

  2. Won't wear a suit and hates politicians: Check for Conservative votes
    Openly Gay, has done drugs and has had kinky sex: Check for Progressive votes
    Working Class and won't bow to special interests or PACs: Check for the far left vote
    Works with animals/Nature: Check for the environmentalist vote


  3. He strikes me as a man completely and proudly incapable of lying. The exact opposite of Trump. Joe Exotic for 2020.

  4. The craziest thing about this video is that the least crazy thing about it is the tigers just in the background

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