Jo Swinson accuses Boris Johnson of ‘dog-whistle’ attacks on migrants

His dog whistle comments over the
last few days have let that mask slip. It is clear when he says and he talks
about EU nationals in our country being a threat to our jobs, bringing in criminals
and being a drain on our public services, what his message is, is not to be thinking
of fellow EU citizens as our neighbours, as our colleagues, as our friends; not to be thinking of them as part
of our community, despite the fact that they are the people
who look after our children, who treat our elderly relatives when they
are sick, who work in our bars, in our farms, who keep our economy going. No, he would have us treat those people
as our enemies. This is a fight for the soul of our country. Are we open or closed?
Are we generous or selfish? Do we reach out and work with others or do we pull up the drawbridge? And whether it is guaranteeing our prosperity
or our security or tackling the climate emergency, we know we can do that so much better by
working with our closest neighbours.

64 thoughts on “Jo Swinson accuses Boris Johnson of ‘dog-whistle’ attacks on migrants

  1. The Hospitals are overflowing with free loading refugees as it is now , enough is enough this fool is just trying to Import 3rd World Votes

  2. Jo Swinson isn't "thick", she's curvy, and she ain't as stupid as Bo Jo, so she 'll get more seats than you can imagine 🙂 ha ha

  3. They propped up the Tories and voted for austerity. We all knew the Tories were racist. Now what? Labour needs a few more points in the polls and we'll have another hung Parliament and no Brexshit.

  4. Jo's gone from I'M GOING TO BE NEXT PRIME MINISTER to I'll CO GOVERNMENT with anyone


    Lib Dems vastly lowering their expectations now They've worked out Nobody likes Jo Swinson

  5. she should spend some time in the rougher neighbourhoods in North London, she'd probably quickly change her view on immigration.

  6. Typical "celebrity" talk, lot of trash and emotive moments. No one hate Europeans, people voted to LEAVE dictatorship in Brussel, that all…..She twisting the facts as usual.

  7. Does she not care about the poor,many who were immgrants,when she embraced Tory ideology by voting for austerity.sadly many of these people longer with us.where is the money coming from when trident is being replaced. As she is eager to show her nuclear credential by pressing the nuclear button i thought the lib dems were green…typical right wing demagogue

  8. Well done Jo Swinson, the only reason the Tories go on about Brexit and Immigration is that their activists know they would lose every election if they stood on their real reason for going into politics, which is vile snobbery against the lower missle class, working class, and poor. Viote Lib Dem, Labour Plaid and SNP

  9. When she whines on about all these things and tries to claim the moral high ground its as though she has totally forgotten her voting record….

  10. I don't see the problem, dog whistles are great. I go outside and blow on one and all the puppies in my neighborhood coming running. Who doesn't want a herd of puppies?

  11. The Libdems are embarking on the same cliched path as Labour with all this identity politics and calling everyone they disagree with as sexist and misogynist.

  12. You look at the likes of that dipstick behind her right shoulder and you understand what this shower of dickheads are all about. I TRULY hope this demented cow loses her seat.

  13. The fact is the UK has to cater/build infrastructure of the size of the city of Birmingham every 3 years. It's not sustainable. UK is overpopulated, polluted and has a housing crisis. It can't accept kept up with high immigration from the EU AND THE REST OF THE WORLD. Plus the north has high unemployment and underemployment. So all the dots for high immigration don't add up. Here's a thought….pick your own bloody strawberries!!!!

  14. Jo SWINSON Election strategy

    Promise everything to everyone

    Say you'll bring everything into legislation

    Then when Jo is questioned about it


  15. 'Empathy bypass': Jo Swinson attacks PM in tactical voting call ►

  16. Boris the puppet, he doesn't have a lucky screw ( cockney talk ) and he rambles on so many words but the other crew we will eventually the 4th Brexit
    till about 2024-2026 ~ Boris the snail, absolute farce ?? ….

  17. We even can have a brexit between Boris Johnson or Jeremy Corbin but to get things straight they never get a brexit deal when they voted on it. I voted leave and I would like too say don't matter now I am not instrested in brexit if it had too go on for years so let's vote for Jo Swinson and bing new ideas too UK economy and forget about brexit or leaving it cost lots of money descussing about it so let's talk something what UK can offer the UK. I will vote Jo Swinson Richard Bealey Exeter

  18. The Libal Undemocrats !! You will be destroyed at the polls because of your views towards the Democratic working people of this country, LOSER"S !!!

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