48 thoughts on “Jimmy Fallon Messes Up Donald Trump's Hair

  1. It's no contest. After that debate last time he has shown that he obviously has 0 credibility for presidency let alone paying his own bills. Even illegal immigrants contribute to society more than he does. He will fall as the biggest embarrassment in practically everything. He was never a good person even as a child.

  2. I wonder how Jimmy's mostly black band felt being forced to play comedy cymbals for a king amongst white supremacists.

  3. Fuck American government they are going to pay compensation 4 what they have done in the Middle East and rest of the world

  4. to be honest trump/clinton should not be on any of these shows,this election is serious+shouldnt be taken lite'lay.tbh if any is to be elected will things change Really? we are always optimistic that things can get better,bt I personally dnt thnk it will happen,wish it would though.people die to fight this cause why?because u put ur faith in sum1else's propaganda etc, Trust ur own instincts,if it doesnt feel right dnt do it,u are ur own enemy.peace.love&acceptance.

  5. The most stupid candidates for president,him and Hillary.They will do everything to become the president.Embarrass!

  6. If you wrote a flow chart for what would happen if you voted for Trump or Hillary, they would both terminate in the same eventuality.

    The fall of America and WW3.

  7. dear Americans:
    if trump gets into power he will start ww3 and millions will die. he is insane towards Muslims just like Hitler was to Jews. you may think that he will never do the these things he says but he will and the world will pay. over here in Britain we joke about him getting into power because he's so crazy and we never think he will actually do it , but he has got this far already. on this occasion I think Hilary is the lesser of 2 evils. thank you for reading
    PS. this is a serious matter

  8. OMG! this is a clown – not a presidential candidate
    Shame on you who gonna vote for him!
    DT will smash the USA…..and your freedom

  9. all you people who believe trump should be present should build a wall and jump off it your letting a god damn moronic psychopath run a nation because he has payed for every single one of your votes. You're either really clever or really stupid too think trump will guide your country.

    The World is Fucked.
    Prepare for World War 3 Ladies and Gentlemen ??

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