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CompareQuotes is an independent company that hand selects the most reliable, professional and affordable businesses in the trade and service industries. The following business has consistently met our standards and they are a supplier that we can highly recommend. Hi, I’m Steve, the Managing Director of JetSet Pest Control. We’ve been around for 15 years now operating in the Perth region. We specialize treatments in residential and commercial areas. We treat from a range of pests starting from termites, spiders, ants, cockroaches all the way through to bed bugs. We use the safest chemicals and tools on the market. My name is Louie Kajmakoski and I’m Construction Site Manager for the Mirvac Group. We basically use JetSet for our termite treatments on the houses that we build on residential and commercial. They’re very good, they’re very reliable. When we organize them, they are always on time, do the job right and they have very good communication with the owners to keep going with their system and maintain their warranties. I started in Pest Control about seven years ago. We heard lots of cases where people would lose half of their roof due to a severe termite attack, so that’s the service that we’d like to provide. All of our technicians are trained and qualified by the department of health in Western Australia. I’m Marika Mazzucchelli and we’ve been using JetSet for the last six or seven years. We had ant problem about seven years ago. JetSet were recommended to us for our residential property. We used JetSet, amazing job, never had a problem with ants since, so we started using them across all our residential rental properties and now across our two commercial properties too. Professionalism is five star. They arrive on time, if it’s not on time, it’s five minutes early. And always very well presented and I would trust them to be in and around anything inside my house in any room and quite often when I’m not home. A lot of our work we do get these from repetitive work due to our quality of workmanship that we provide to our clients. The reason for this is because we follow the Australian standards in pest control. So give us a call at JetSet. Don’t wait till it’s too late. Call us now for a free quote. We treat every home like it’s our own. Work Guaranteed.

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