Jerk Dog Brother Never Let His Sister Eat Food, But Why? | Kritter Klub

Older brother, Daehan Younger sister, Nara Sibling rivalry irl.. Mom! This useless bro’s hitting me Why are you doing that to your sister? Owner : Daehan won’t let Nara eat How dare you eat food +_+ ef you Owner : They play with each other well Usually, they’re lovey-dovey siblings a.k.a. an unrealistic sibling relationship Drinking out of one bowl But.. When it comes to food Who told ya to eat!!! HOW DARE YOU Omgah this psycho! It’s not yours. So why are you being like that! Daehan, eat yours You have yours bruh Not interested though.. Nara can’t touch her food Fml.. If it was due to a big appetite, he should eat one or the other But he doesn’t eat either During mealtime, doesn’t bother the other dog.. Grrrr….. Eat well man Eat dem all, aite? Peace out… But why won’t he let his sister eat Born on the same day But different in physique.. Owner : Nara, come here before Daehan gets here Quickly, over here, Nara Owner hides food for her What’s going on? Nara, where did you go? You better tell me now 🙂 Meanwhile, peaceful mealtime YUM Owner : Eat slowly, slowly What the.. Do I smell meat rn Are you eating meat..? As soon as she comes out Nara gets hit again Get lost you psyco! You are being too harsh!! Argh, this rascal! Leashed for 30 minutes I just can’t stand!! Owner : He gets even more sensitive when leashed out of worry that Nara will be fed again Bones, nom nom Wait for it… It’s not fair~ NOT FAIR Vet : 7,8 months after birth, the dogs reach puberty Daehan is very competitive about ranking Poongsan sibling going through puberty Butting heads while determining ranking However Owner takes care of Nara who’s lower in ranking I said, I was first.. Vet : If the ranking is not determined when they’re puppies They’ll get into a bigger fight when they grow up Move they way~ Expert enters There’s bones that dogs like The dogs’ fave snacks are everywhere.. Expert : You have to get rid of all these Because of the snacks in plain sight Daehan became obsessed over food Owner : I thought they would fight less if given the bones I really didn’t know this would be the cause Redirect attention through sound Gives food as usual When attacking Nara! Huh? What the fluff When fighting again.. Oopsy! Repeat! What the fluff was that In addition, Teach dem doggos patience.. Wait! Yep The result is..? Will there be peace during mealtime..? Wait.. Eat well, sis You gotta eat man Owner : Nara wasn’t able to eat, and would wander far away I can’t believe what I’m seeing No more fights please~

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  1. I'm not sure why the male dog seemed to hate his sister so much that he would try to harm her for eating food maybe a pen should be made between them just untell he learns to be nicer to her I do wonder why he goes that far in the first place?????

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  3. Я так и не поняла как сделали чтоб второй перестал бить младшую во время приёма пищи.???

  4. Every dog and cat, if not used in breeding, should be neutered. Calmer and healthier life for the animals and no unwanted abused abandoned pups and kittens.

  5. Isn this an old video? I have watched this before.. how come its here again in dec 2019? Dont tell me all other videos were all time fabricated?

  6. Mios fueran esos perros, le doy su par de cinchazos en las nalgas, para que deje de pegarle a la hermanita, para que se le quite lo pelionero

  7. This is interesting in all, but I hate it when dogs get aggressive and people start hitting them. It's not the way to go about things. You can't use your hands with dogs. Their behavior gets worse and it might make them scared of you ?

  8. Why would you do a stupid thing like putting one bowl down for dogs to eat from. They share water but not food. Get two separate bowl and seperate the bowls not to close together and water in the middle or chain them two separate areas untl feeding time is over this is easily rectified just using wisdom.

  9. 동물을 학대하면 더 상황이 안좋지 왜 손찌검부터 할까 답답하네 동물에 관한 책좀 사서 지식좀 익혀라 짜증난다 저런식으로 동물 키우는 놈들 키우지마 버리지도 말고 가족처럼 키워 집주변도 깨끗하게 신경좀 쓰자

  10. let's keep in mind that the owners were being violent towards him for following an evolutionary process amongst other dogs….there are hierarchies and if you want one animal to leave the other one alone, then you have to show both animals that they are both going to have the same treatment, same type of food, etc. and one way of ensuring the fighting goes away is to ensure that they both eat next to each other and no special treatment is shown towards one or another.

  11. They should have punished the dog for attacking like put it in a cage or hit it with a news paper putting a dog on a leash still gives them space to claim and attack

  12. What is wrong with the freakin camera man do something this is stupid i hate that dog i feel bad for the other one

  13. There was blood on her ear…do they not know how to discipline their dog? Hint: its not beating; because at this point thats what they would assume. AND LOOK WHAT HAPPENED…I WAS RIGHT FILTHY PEASANTS BEAT THE DOG, because they know no other way to discipline dog. Thank god there are dog behaviorialist who can show them properly how to train dogs and not to be a$$es to animals. People who dont know how to deal with animals should not have them.

  14. I found your channel just today, and honestly I’m already addicted.

    I’m an animal lover myself, which
    is more interesting for me to watch.
    But the way the subtitles are put literally makes my day lmAo.

  15. The Dogs Behaviour Is Partly The Owners Fault… And Sets A dangerous precedent especially if children are involved and got hurt.You Would never forgive yourself…You have to be on the ball with this ….clearly being bullied…This has to stop….The owners don't interact with the dogs enough…..Maybe the dogs are not getting enough nutrition etc maybe.

  16. Nunca había oído ése nombre gracias al Especialista ya la dueña puede estar tranquila. Me encanta en la forma en que ustedes enseñan a los animalitos y a uno mismo. Gracias Me encantó el vídeo en todo los sentido y porque ya la hermana no sufrirá más ataques por parte de su hermano. Saludos

  17. They should be separated at all times beings he keeps attacking her. That needs to stop. Separate kennels so she can be herself. If you know it's going to happen then why are you allowing it? Makes no sense.

  18. Lol they closed the door ? dog was like nahh I smell yo ass in there eating something it's on site next time I see you

  19. Lol they closed the door ? dog was like nahh I smell yo ass in there eating something it's on site next time I see you

  20. And so those peice of shit owners don't take control of the problematic dog?!?! They should work on becoming the pack leader…I can't beleive how fucking brain-dead stupid they are…honest to god some people should be kept away from animals in genereal

  21. I am convinced that both dog owners are slow as hell. WHY do y'all keep letting her get attacked you can hear her screaming old ugly thick glasses ass old lady done made me mad! Plus you can tell she dont eat hell he is bigger than her

  22. Sibling fights irl LOK
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  23. これ犬の飼い主がダメ過ぎでしょ!

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